My Twins are Six!

This past weekend we did some celebrating – my twins turned Six!

Six is a pretty big number, it’s like overnight they turn into school-age children. Taller, stronger, more independent and mature … Hold me!

A little girl looking at the camera

I’ll post more about their birthday soon, yet truth is, I haven’t even had time to even go through their photos yet.

*someone* {me} decided it would be a good week to do an impromptu bedroom renovation. You know, in my spare time. Ugh!




  1. Happy Birthday to your girls! Here is New Zealand, they kids start school when they turn five (on their birthday, all year long). Wonderful shot, they are growing up.

  2. Six! It all happens so fast! I have a child entering the 1st grade this year, and I’m in awe of how quick time has passed.

  3. happy birthday to the girls, time does fly by mine were 9 and 6 and now they are 24 and 21 wah

  4. I have a six-yr.-old and you’re right, they do seem magically bigger, older, stronger. There’s a lot of growing going on between 5 and 6! Happy Birthday to your girls, and good luck w/the renovation. 🙂

  5. aw, beautiful shot!
    and it does go by quick for sure — my 7 year old girl is all legs and poses these days. I cannot imagine the teen years at this point. 🙂

  6. Wow time flies , I just realised how long I have been following your blog lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY girls

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