Watching and Waiting


Recently the kids and I went bowling, the first time for my twins. All was good, they loved it.

Yet, the twins couldn’t throw oops, I mean roll the ball hard enough to make it to the pins in a timely manner. Actually, they both ended up sitting down and watching it roll down the alley, waiting for it to reach the end. Sometimes it took forever!

Yet, it was adorable!!

Bowling and Ball



  1. We went New Year’s Eve (day) bowling with the kids and I was amazed how much they liked it. Yes, ours too, took forever to roll down the alley but the kids watched and cheered and fist pumped the whole time.

    1. It was a lot of fun, but more expensive than I thought it would be. Why did I assume bowling was a cheap form of entertainment…? Regardless, we’ll have to go again, we all had fun!

  2. That picture is absolutely adorable! I’m so happy they had fun! That’s the important part!

  3. My girls love to go bowling. My oldest (6) is really good at it and my youngest (2) gets bored with it quickly cause she needs help doing it. Glad your girls had fun.

    1. We tried using the ramp the first ball, but they didn’t like it, so they ended up bowling themselves. I think one of my twins is a natural, she had a pretty high score!

    1. Funny you should mention that, Sophia threw it backwards once. And, I was sitting right there and looked up just in time to see a ball coming toward me. No harm done and I don’t think the staff noticed, it was funny!

  4. It’s always fun to take the little ones bowling, but I admit, it can be almost painful to watch that ball S-L-O-W-L-Y rolling down the lane.

    1. At times, I didn’t think it would make it. And, it didn’t once, we had to get someone to fetch it from the middle of the lane! ha!

  5. That’s sweet! Isaak was the same way when we went in the fall. Get this, my Dad AKA “Grandpa” bowled for the first time with them. He kept spreading his legs apart, and swinging the ball between his legs. It was pretty funny seeing a grown man bowl for the first time. 😉

    1. Ha, that is cute!! I did it a couple times, to show them. Felt like a goof doing it. We adults are so paranoid, lol

  6. Awww. I remember those days with my girls! One of them is a pretty awesome league bowler now! (the youngest league bowled for 2 years then gave it up for dance/skating/glee/etc)

  7. That is one great shot. I love the perspective and also the soft feel to it. You did an awesome job! Thanks for the linky love and Happy WW to all! 🙂

  8. Really nice picture! Bowling can be difficult at first – no doubt about that, but whats more fun than knocking things down 😉

  9. Sounds like you had lots of fun. We love family games, but we haven’t been bowling in ages. In New Zealand they have little ramps the young kids can use to get speed for the balls.

  10. Kids bowling is so cute! We had a bowling party for M’s 6th bday last year & I made more than one sort-of-discreet dash down the lane to deal with a dead ball 🙂

  11. Oh to be a kid again and to sit and wait for that ball to hit those pins. So fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Bowling is great fun. Last time i went bowling some kids ball from the lane next to me came over in my lane and actually hit some of my pins down..

  13. my girls loved bowling, were we any good no but we enjoyed it just the same. we always went during the week where it was cheaper (in summer) so they could play numerous of games. special treat was a slushie and a bag of chips. miss those days

  14. Fun and cute picture. Haven’t been bowling in a long time, my kids use to enjoy it.

  15. Fun! My daughter went bowling for the first time with her pre-school.. it was cute =)

  16. I am looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to take her bowling for the first time – her bent over at the line with the ball between her legs and pushing it two feet! 🙂

  17. I’m so glad I came across this, The wife and I were talking about cosmic bowling for my 3 year olds birthday party, he’s got quite the arm so i’m hoping he’ll be able to roll/throw it the way he does a baseball!

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