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I had the wonderful opportunity to review a book called Twins 101; 50 Must-Have Tips for pregnancy through early childhood from Doctor M.O.M. It is written by Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, M.D and M.O.M. I know I have referred to M.O.M before, it’s ‘Mother Of Multiples’ for those out of the loop. This book is a how-to guide and more, offering so much information on twin pregnancy and beyond. I have many Twin books, so there are a few particular things that I adore from this one:
Well Written: The book is brilliantly broken down by topic and very easy to find the information you are seeking. Twins 101 is written in a friendly, practical and helpful way. Really, it’s like having a friend to turn to, in print!
Very Useful: It’s written by a Doctor and a Mom! Therefore, you get a little bit of medical advice, but really it’s the street-sense knowledge that you really need. And, there is plenty of fabulous information that you can actually apply to real life. I know this because I’ve been there, and learned some of this stuff the hard way.
It’s the perfect size:a small, compact book. Which may not seem that important until you realize just how much you’ll need a book like this, and at any given time too. Like going to a doctors appointment (cause you’ll have so many of these!), just throw it in the purse! I am the one that was pregnant and had a twin book that was about as big as the medical dictionary itself. It wasn’t convenient and thus, hardly used. So, this would have been much appreciated.
Now, I didn’t just skim through this book, I read it. Even the pregnancy part, which I had no real reason to read – but did because it was interesting. I chuckled and giggled through it all, knowing all to well that the truth was spoken. Even the ‘bad parts’ like, “Don’t be afraid to use a motorized chair to move”. I felt so big with the twins, I should have done that! Funny, yes…but sooo very realistic!
I like the ‘Crucial Survival Tips’ the best. I thought they were bang-on. For example, it is suggested that at my twins’ age, a piano is the best best bet for a toy. This is the honest truth, as that is their favorite right now, and they love it so much they wore it out. (not the batteries, they actually used it to death, literally. RIP, poor piano)
I love that Twins 101 is also an inspiration. It mentions cherishing the bonuses of having multiples, like twice the hugs. (And, the power of ‘keeping each other occupied’). Any M.O.M needs reassurance of this at the toughest of times.
There are many helpful links to Twin Websites which I myself frequent, and recommend as well. The ‘Tip’ boxes throughout the book are full of facts like, “Women aged 50-54 have a 50% chance of having multiples”(Yikes!) and, did you know Mary Kate and Ashley are NOT identical twins? (I can’t tell them apart!).
Needless to say, I learned so much from this book. Practical, as well as fun facts.
Twins 101 is highly recommended by this M.O.M!~ Get your copy of Twins 101 at And, if you know someone who is expecting (or has) Twins -the gift of insight is the best kind of gift (next to a babysitting voucher)!!
**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 


  1. wow having twins fun lol it was once they got older..but being born 5 1/2 weeks premie and not sleeping through the night til 15 months IT was hard BUT would not change it EXCEPT for my son to not have severe life threatening special needs

  2. It is definitely chaos with twins. My boy and girl twins are 12 now and even more handful than before. Now there are other worries to consider lol

  3. I am married to a twin and even now when they get together they are a handful and their 55 lol

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