Twin Toddlers’ Brand New Tricks

Here is my problem….

Here is the problem in action…

Ahhh…isn’t it cute what kids can learn?
Yes, all rooms are fair game now!

When Isabelle was this age, we lived in a house with the knob-type door handles. You know, the ones with the ‘child proof’ cap that you can buy for them! I put that phrase in ” because she caught on very quickly, but it still provided a deterrent for me, as I heard what she was trying to do.
Our current house has these nifty ‘new’ handles on every single door – with nothing invented to ‘child proof’ it! They are way to easy to quickly open.

Also, when Isabelle was a toddler, she would get into the bathroom or bedroom, look around for a total of one minute and leave. She was almost bored with the whole thing.
Not the Twins!!
Nope, these two are little devils!

Sophia is the only one who can actually open a door {watch it be another story tomorrow}, but since my Twins travel in packs – they both easily get into a lot of trouble together. They have their own language…Katie will be at a closed door and make a strange almost grunting sound, and Sophia will run across the room and open the door for her…yep, partners in crime!

Like I said, they love to explore where they should not be. And, they even know how to work together to pull open heavy dresser drawers too.

Are you kidding me???

Oh, that reminds me….here’s another new ‘trick’….

Wanna guess how many times my dishwasher was started – stopped, started – stopped, just today alone? If I don’t close it all the way, it can’t be started…but, it won’t be too long before they put their minds together {literally} and learn how to shut it completely or open the door.

Life at this chaotic house has now been stepped up a notch.


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