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twin sense book review: When I found out (half-way though my pregnancy) that I was carrying twins, I was on one massive information hunt. I quickly got out the ‘how to’ pregnancy books that I bought when expecting my first, and realized that they contained little to no information on multiples. The Internet was a source for gathering knowledge, but I wanted to have all the information at my fingertips, all in one place. I bought two books on multiples (written by doctors) and soon realized that half of the books were information on how to conceive multipes and why it happened! Then, the other half of the books were somewhat beneficial, but it was almost too technical. I wanted first-hand, real-life advice.

I was contacted to review a book called ‘twin sense; a sanity-saving guide to raising twins from pregnancy through the first year’. Of course I was interested! Not only could I compare it to the other books I had, but I also wanted to spread some information to my readers with multiples.

twin sense is written by Dagma Scalise, a twin-mom herself. The first thing I noticed about the book, is that it written by a mom, for mom’s. Just like sitting down and talking to another mother of twins, you get no-nonsense advice. I loved that Dagma included everything and anything helpful in getting through your twin pregnancy and beyond. The book starts with “Welcome to the club”, which made me smile. So often people are told that they are expecting twins, and get into a state of panic. This initial line, to me, is a positive and encouraging way to approach parenting multiples.

This book is organized by task, rather than age or topic. This makes the hunt for information less daunting (For example, sections on ‘to prepare’ and ‘getting through the night’). Dagma suggests borrowing what you can and stocking up early. (This is the fabulous advice, and lessens the financial strain that having multiples can cause). The books iterates practical and wise approaches to things such as leaving the house and the basics such as bathing and feeding. After having gone through pregnancy to the first 7 months, all the information presented in this book has applied to me and is the honest truth. The tips and suggestions the author has included are ones that have saved my sanity, like getting that sound machine! I read so many wonderful suggestions that I had learned the hard way. Dagma even lists product brands that are best for multiples. Like I said, it’s a practical, no-nonsense approach.

twin sense has a great section on “Responding to dumb or probing questions about having twins”. For us, it started the day we left the hospital, just on the walk out to the car. The comments started coming and they haven’t stopped. Sure some people are nice and offer heartfelt congratulations, but others are intrusive and just plain rude. Sometimes I don’t know how to respond to the things some people say. twin sense offers some answers; some honest, some sarcastic and funny. For instance,
Q: “Are you breastfeeding” A: “Why, Are you hungry?”
Yes, this book contains witty humor too, which made it fun to read.

I relate and agree to so much in this book. I find it extremely helpful and has been the best how-to book on raising multiples. And, I even learned a few things. The sections on ‘Twin Travel’ and ‘Air Travel’, I have bookmarked for a later date.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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