Twin Talk: Diapering & Lasting Memories

There is common twin talk among parents when you have a baby, and this is multiplied when you have twins {pun intended}. Sleeping, eating, diaper changes etc. Even though my twins are almost preschoolers, these conversations never stop. I still get emails and messages all the time from expecting or new parents, asking me about twin pregnancy and raising twins. It’s a great little M.O.M group to be apart of!

Recall the time I blogged about poo, sharing a shocking and hilarious incident with the twins and their ‘curiosity’ with taking their diapers off? If you haven’t read that post yet, please do. It’s still providing chuckles online and off. Go ahead and read, I’ll wait….

Just like their older sister, my husband was the first to change the twins’ diapers at the hospital. I always pouted that I always got the ‘bum end’ of the messy diaper stories while he always changed the girls without incident. Needless to say, he’s never experienced a huge diaper accident yet does laugh about the time one of the girls ‘went’ in the tub. That evening was followed by a trip to the store the next day, for a new pasta strainer. Ahh, good times!

It’s true, these days I don’t have to carry around a twin-sized diaper bag and can pretty much leave the house without packing up a large sampling of our entire belongings. Yet I still have one of each size of diaper that the girls wore, stacked neatly in their closet. Adorable little things, I cannot believe that they were once that tiny. I like the reminder, the commemorative milestone of growing. Yet, it’s also a precious token that I carried and gave birth to twins, and survived! {I even survived that incredible poo-fight}.

My twins turned 4 recently, and having newborn twins seem like a lifetime ago:

A baby

Having twin-toddlers seems like forever ago:


Yet, accidents still happen {and that’s OK}, which is why I still have ‘night-night-panties’ on hand for my twins. The Huggies Overnights Diapers protect against leaks for 12 hours. Like they sleep longer than that, right? #iwish

The Overnights feature Leak Lock® to help ‘keep baby dry’ all night long, cause life is too chaotic on its own for added laundry. And yes, I adore that the brand still calls my babies, babies on even the older kid packaging. To me, they will always be my babies. And that it itself, is precious.


What is your precious diapering memory?




  1. I don’t think I have precious diaper memories but I too still look at the newborn diapers and can’t believe either my kids were that small. Oh I got a funny. Tobei was the one always getting peed on by Big Brother. I thought it was great. Around 10 months he finally got me with the pee. I screamed, dropped the diaper like a girl who saw a spider and Tobei could not stop laughing at me.

    1. Ha!!! That’s epic!
      Hubby and I had always mentioned, “good thing we have girls so we can’t get ambushed when we change diapers”. Yet, I have many nephews and did a lot of babysitting, so I know all to well. It’s like they wait until change-time to get you! lol
      And the newborn diapers?! Aweeeee! One of the cutest little things ever!

      1. They totally do wait for an ambush. I have changed a warm diaper and had that thing start standing up on me.

        1. Hahahha!!!
          Like the Huggies commercial where the flow takes picture frames down with it? Yep, so true!!

  2. aww!! this is soo precious! My little guy is turning one soon and him being small seems like such a long time ago but to have that love (and who can forget sleepless nights) times two I couldnt begin to imagine! how very blessed all mothers are.

  3. You will have a lifetime of memories, that is for sure! I am a sister of twins and my mom swears that she only remembers to good things about rasing all of us!

  4. While this is not exactly related to diapering, I suppose you could link it to me not diapering fast enough! My then-16 month old twins were taking a bath together when one of them decided to poop in the tub. The other happened to be at the opposite end, drinking water from the tub! Being home alone with the two, I rushed to get the drinking twin out of the tub, wrapped her in her towel and dropped her on the other side of the gate in their room. Rushing to get back to the other (i had pulled the drain), I found him picking up the poop, squishing it in his hands, and dropping it over the side. After quickly removing him from the tub and returning to their room I find the other twin standing in a pool of pee saying ‘uh oh!’ Uh oh was right. So much for that bath!

    1. Oh no Jessica!!
      I’ve been there before, sometimes it was back and forth, but almost like you were going backwards! That’s twin-trouble right there, mischievous little ones, aren’t they?

  5. We are still working on our diaper memories! With 6-month twin boys, we get the pee down the wall quite a bit! Once, one of them peed on his face. He laid there blinking with a really confused expression on his face!

    1. That is too hilarious! Enjoy the 6 month age, oh I’d love to have just one day with baby twins again!!!

  6. I’ve never tried these – my daughter is starting to want to use the potty but not for nighttime – the drier she is the long she sleeps.

  7. Hi, I read some of your blogs and I can totally relate to you. I myself have twin girls along with a 4yr old daughter. I just want to say you are such a great mom and your kids are beautiful. May God bless your family always. I enjou reading your blogs because it really makes me feel “im not alone”, LOL!

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