TV Tip-Over Prevention from Best Buy

When you child-proof your home, please don’t stop at the socket plugs and hiding of the cords. Children are curious and they climb, and pretty much anything is fair game to be explored.

I learned this the hard way when my oldest daughter tried to climb her tall dresser to reach something at the top. The dresser came forward and would have crushed her, if she had not pulled out a lower drawer to stand on, which stopped it from fall over entirely. That was one very close call! Since then, I’ve secured anything and everything to walls, to protect from tipping. 

Now that TVs are lighter and thinner, they also come with a great chance to tip over and cause injuries. Securing your TV for safety is a really easy fix thanks to Best Buy. They have a variety of product options to secure all kinds of TV’s and even offer professional installation through the Best Buy Geek Squad.

Even though I’m a pretty handy gal around the home, I wouldn’t hesitate to get professional installation to give 100% confidence that the job is done right.

Best Buy Canada’s top TV mount products and installation services:

  • Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap
  • Sanus Wall Mounts
  • Geek Squad TV Installation Services
  • Do you have the TV’s in your home safety secured?




Disclosure: I received compensation for this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. No, I’m afraid that my TV isn’t secured and really it should be considering what it cost 🙂

  2. We live on the west coast…so a secure T.V. is very important for earthquakes as well.

  3. I have a toddler. We have one TV hung already but for safety issues need to do the other!

  4. I would like to win so I know my TV is secured safely. Right now, our TV is on a stand.

  5. I thought my tv’s were secured safely but apparently they are not. I would like to win so that I would peace of mind that my tv could fall on anybody.

  6. I’d want to win because I’ve got a toddler and a baby on the way, and our TV isn’t overly secure

  7. I’d like to win because we’re doing some remodeling and we’re looking at buying one. Two of our TVs are secured but one isn’t.

  8. Wow! I would love to win. My temperamental tv is a very old, bulky box-style unit. It is taking up a ton of room. I moved and downsized and am feeling very cramped among dated furniture and kids toys. Currently it is housed inside of a huge hutch which is consuming valuable space in my main living area. I would be so grateful to have a new tv professionally installed and secured by Best Buy.

  9. One TV is the old style in a stand, so nothing is going to happen there, the other TV is on a storage chest, it is low, but not safely secured as of yet.

  10. We have just moved and our new TV is still in its box. I won’t put it out until we have a proper wall mount. Had a similar situation when my oldest daughter was around four years old. We had a wall unit with a fold down desk. She decided to sit on the desk and the entire unit came down. If not for the countertop, she would have been crushed. She’s now 27 & I still secure EVERYTHING!

  11. I like to win by tv isn’t is not secured. and when the grand kids are over I’m always telling them to back away from the tv. Those 2 and 3 years old love being up close to the tv

  12. I`d love to win this because we have a flat screen that is currently on an old tv stand,I`ve been wanting to mount it on the wall,this wold be so great,thanks!!

  13. I would love to get my tv off the coffee table I have it sitting on and on the wall where it would be more safe.

  14. I would like to win because none of our tv’s are mounted. They are all just sitting on TV stands or other furniture. We’ve talked about mounting them but we keep procrastinating. I’m sure having one done would encourage us to get the rest mounted too.

  15. I would love to win this so I can have peace of mind knowing my TV wont fall on my kids. Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  16. I’d like to win because my TV is definitely not secure. My hubby is not a handy guy so anything that requires tools takes forever to be done at home. So its great that this prize includes installation services from the Geek Squad!

  17. I would like to win because I would LOVE to have a wall mounted TV in my home. Ours are all on stands.

  18. I have a tv downstairs that needs to be secured, been meaning to do it for a while but keep putting it off

  19. While working as a nanny we had a close call with a tv almost falling off it’s perch. Now that I have a tiny granddaughter I would like to keep my house child proof too.

  20. I’d like to win because our current tv is not secured safely and we have cats constantly going near it.

  21. Just today I was changing around the furniture in our living room & the tv almost fell off the stand as I moved it. This I see this post! Fate? I didn’t even know there was such a think as Sanus Anti-Tip Safety Strap. I will be getting one asap after I see how easy it was to topple over for me. No, our TV are not safe…yet 🙂

  22. I REALLY want to win this because right now my TV is not secured at all. It just sits on top of our stand. And I have a 2 year old niece that sometimes comes over and now I am seeing how important this kind of thing is. I love her dearly but she’s a handful! 8D

  23. My TV isn’t secured yet and the timing is perfect for this as I was just looking into doing it.

  24. I would love to win this to clean up the messy wires and cords that hang down the walls due to hanging the T.Vs on the walls. And no, my T.Vs are not secure. At times, I get concerned that they will fall.

  25. I would like to win this to mount our tv on the wall. We looked at doing it, but did not as it looked too complicated. Having it done would be fantastic.

  26. Because my TV is sort of in a precarious position and I have a very adventurous/curious/meddling kitty!

  27. I would love to win so I could put my tv on the wall. It sits on the fireplace right now.

  28. I would like to win to save my husband the headache of installing ours and making sure it is safe.

  29. I would love to win so I can gift this to my son and daughter-in-law who are expecting their first. They have a huge tv on stand that is not secured. Mine is also not secured and perhaps will look into that.

  30. My sister is buying me a new TV for Christmas and I don’t have anything to keep it safe yet, so its great timing :D)

  31. We recently got a nice big flat screen tv but it is not secured at all! This would be a very exciting prize for us; thanks for the chance! 😀

  32. I would not say that my tvs are mounted safely :s Would love to win to help fix that problem.

  33. Right now my TV is on a cabinet and I would love to have it mounted to save some space in the living room.

  34. I would love to win since I’m just about to buy my very first flat screen tv.

  35. no our tv is just sitting on a stand this would be amazing to have, making it safer and freeing up space.

  36. We could totally use this. We just moved into our new home and would love our TV in the playroom mounted. Sanus would totally be the answer-we want the playroom safe for my toddler and baby on the way. We want to start to take advantage of the space in that room. Thank you for the chance. Good luck to everyone who enters. My fingers and toes are crossed!

  37. I would love to win this because my TV in the family room isn’t safe. The kids are always running, dancing and jumping that I am worried one day they will knock the TV over.

  38. My TV’s are not secured. I had taught my son to not touch etc but now with a toddler it would be great to do

  39. I would like to win so that we could have our tv wall mounted, right now it is not safe and could tip

  40. I would like to win because our TV is on a stand and it’s not secured.This would give me some peace of mind
    when the little ones are here running around.

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