Trolls Coronation Pod by Hasbro

How cute is this Trolls Coronation Pod?


Trolls is all the rage right now, because of the Dreamworks movie in the same name. It really makes me wish I still had the Trolls items from my childhood for sure! It’s a good thing HASBRO has some fantastic Trolls products to please wish-lists for 2016!

The Trolls Coronation Pod is a fantastic set. The playset features a magical dance floor that lights up and spins.

It comes with 2 figures: DreamWorks Trolls Poppy and Branch. Kids can change her outfit with the 2 removable dresses, 1 bug critter and all of the 11 accessories that are fit for a princess’ party!

You can get this playset at retailers such as Toys R Us and Walmart here in Canada. The price varies but I see lots of stores are offering a sale.

You can even get this Trolls Coronation Pod for only $18 on Amazon!

Disclosure: This is thanks to HASBRO, all opinions are my own.




  1. My daughter would love this! As she already found her Poppie stuffie that was meant for under the tree this would be a nice surprise for her 🙂

  2. Oh how cute, my daughters would love this! They just saw the movie with their dad (I had to work!) and loved it! Now they are obsessed with all things “troll!”

  3. My son has been talking nonstop about trolls he would be so excited to see this. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I think Emily would love an item like these…. and tiny is good cus it does help kids develop dexterity etc

  5. My friend’s daughter would LOVE LOVE this prize!! I took her to see the movie and she had so much fun!

  6. My little bean will be keeping this. She watched the movie and just loves humming the tunes.

  7. This would be for my oldest granddaughter, she loves Trolls and mine is not to question why 😉

  8. My daughter has been bugging me about Trolls since the commercial came on TV. I think they’re super cute, but I’m sad that they don’t look like they did when I was a kid lol.

  9. I think my older nieces (aged 5 and 3) would love this. Makes a change from all things princess :0

  10. My daughter has been slightly obsessed about Trolls since she saw the movie! I would love to win for her!

  11. Our 3 yr old went and seen Trolls while it was in Theatre. She loved it and is obsessed! Her Elf, Peekaboo brought her a Branch troll this morning. She would love this!

  12. Both of my girls would love the Trolls coronation Pod but I think my oldest will love it just a bit more 🙂

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