Transitioning Twins from Cribs to Toddler Beds


I have been thinking a lot about Transitioning Twins from Cribs to Toddler Beds.

There has been many milestones in my *almost* 2 years of raising Twins from babies to toddlers. There is one milestone in particular that pretty much scares me to pieces – I am just dreading the transition from cribs to toddler beds! Before the Twins were born, we decided that since their shared room isn’t of great size, we couldn’t put extra baby furniture in the room like a glider or a sleeper sofa. And, since I chose not to co-sleep with the Twins, they are not used to anything but their own cribs {they didn’t even like pack and plays when they were babies}.

Thinking back, my oldest daughter transitioned from crib to toddler bed so very easily. She loved her bed, and never came out of it once in the night. We had no problems with her ‘breaking out’ in the middle of the night or causing a fuss about sleeping. At that time, did I count my blessings for such an easy transition?

Though they are in separate cribs, the twins play and jump – parting for at least a half hour before sleeping {usually longer, actually}. They feed off each others’ energy and crankiness – so if one cries or gets up in the night, they both do. And, one Twin is still not that great of a sleeper, waking up at least once in the night for some reassurance. So, you can see my worry when it comes to transitioning them into Toddler beds, I mean – remember their Poo Fight? If anything, I think it’ll be a slumber party every night and I’ll find them sharing a bed more often than sleeping in separate ones {oh, think of the adorable photos to come!}

In preparation, I’m already starting to think about brands and types of toddler beds would be best for them. Since they will be sharing a room for as long as they will allow it, I’d like sturdy beds that they can use for years. Maybe having a new bed will encourage them to transition well? Like it or not, I guess I’m going to find out just how difficult it is to transition Twins from Cribs to Toddler Beds!

If you have been through this with your multiples, please share your stories and tips!

** Here’s our update …. *sigh*

A bed in a room


  1. Not multiples, but a transition nonetheless. We were fortunate in that our crib transitioned into a day bed style toddler bed. Still had 3 sides of the crib, with the drop side railing removed, basically. She only slept in there for a few months before we got her a single size bed. She LOVES her big girl bed. (And my girl is a teeny wee little bee). I know you have a free one to review, but if I were you I’d go with single beds for the girls. Starting with mattress and box spring on the floor and adding the frames once they get a bit bigger.

  2. I was just sent your blog. We have a lot in common. I had a 2.5yr old daughter and newborn identical twin boys! The boys are now almost 4, and my daughter is six. It was a whirlwind, but amazingly we are actually expecting our 4th child (yes on purpose) in November.
    Regarding the bed transition, our boys did learn to climb out of their cribs before two, I was very disappointed. The crib was a nice safe place, I was clinging to it to provide that last semblance of control at bedtime…
    Alas, we had to transition to big boy beds. In face we chose to put our boys in one bed, and yes it was a slumber party for a while. We used to sit with them and lay them back down when they got up. We talked about bedtime (not play time) etc. It was a few solid weeks of struggle, but eventually they learned to lie down nicely and sleep. And, YES, the pictures we have are adorable. Still at almost 4 they snuggle close every night. They often have limbs intertwined, hold hands in their sleep, ‘spoon’…its really just adorable. Periodically we will have a few weeks where they play at bedtime. We have just been very firm about not playing. At one point we seperated them for bedtime by putting one in our bed to sleep, then moved him over after he was asleep. This was really more work than it was worth because our bedroom was unique to play in. It has just worked well to sit outside the door and reinforce the ‘go to sleep’ plan. We have also tried reward charts (if you stay in bed you get a sticker), didn’t really work for my boys.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Sally!
      We have a ton in common! From what I hear it can be a tough time, though I really hope I can keep the cribs for as long as I can. Thanks for sharing your advice, I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

  3. We have twin boys that are 23 months and we are trying to transition from crib to big boy beds without any luck. The boys started climbing out of the cribs, so for safety we thought it was time. The problem we are having is that the boys require to be rocked nightly before bed, if we just put them down they become very upset going into a tantrum. We purchased the Bolton line of toddler beds that consist of a full bed with a stackable twin. We have put both boys in the twin thinking they would console each other, but that did not work. We put the twin bed close to the full bed, not stacking them and put one in the twin bed and the other in the full bed. This was not a solution either. We are still rocking the boys prior to putting them in bed but during the night they awaken and want to sleep with us. The boys feed off of each other so if one wakes up then the other is awaken and begins to cry. We have tried to lay in bed with them until they fall asleep but they will play. So the only way I can get them to go back to bed is to rock them and when they are completely asleep I lay them back into bed. This works but if I am the only one home and my partner is out of town or at a meeting it is impossible to rock both. Any suggestions???????????

    1. Oh…that is a tough situation! I feel for you, it’s so tiring, I know!
      I too go through the, ‘if one wakes up, so does the other..’ and that alone is terrible. Because, you can’t be in two places at once and it’s hard to console one while the other is getting louder and madder.
      As far as the rocking – what if you just stopped – cold turkey.
      I mean, it’s gonna be hard and you WILL have a few bad nights. But, just like the paci, it’s habit – and habits need to be broken.
      I think once they realize that you won’t do it, it’ll get much easier.
      Let me know what you try and what worked for you.,
      I’m certain you aren’t alone in this!!

      Hugs, Tammi

    2. Everyone.. I have twin boys that are almost 2. We put them into big boy beds at 21 months because I have another one coming! It is probly the hardest thing we have done. They have always been great sleepers..12 hrs! It has been two months of hell, we have tried everything, going in and putting back to bed over and over and over, yelling, threatening to take lovey away and so on. My youngest twin, Oliver goes to bed covers up turns on music box and goes to sleep, it’s Tristan that is horrlble, I just don’t get the difference, one is perrfect while the other fights bed time. So I don’t want to change to much because Oliver sleeps so well. Last week I just decided to leave it up to Tristan, let him cry it out, he can sleep when he wants and where he wants. For the last week he falls asleep at the door after 10 minutes of crying and sometimes not all the time, wakes up in the middle of the night and climbes in with his brother! Tonight for the first time, he cried at the door for a couple of mins then got into bed and went to sleep!! I find i was feeling like such a failure, not getting him to sleep. I think sticking to your guns, not changing your routine or overthinking it is the key!! As long as they are safe and you feel comfortable your doing a good job, every child is different, sometimes letting it be their decision is best!

  4. I am a M.O.M. of 26 month old fraternal girls. One of which decided to take a swan dive out of her crib last Friday during afternoon nap. I am on day 6 of the “room monitor” method and am pretty darn close to throwing in the towel. I spend a minimum of an hour at the beginning of each sleep time in the room replacing them to the bed and quieting them. I am losing hope that it will work and am seriously losing patience with it. If anyone has any advice I welcome it!

    1. I am in the exact same boat and would also love some advise. Same age girls, it’s day 6, naps are a joke, but they sleep through the night with no problems. No naps=cranky kids, cranky mom.

  5. On boy! One of my 28 month twin boys just climbed out today. Taking them with me to the store to get Toy Story beds…Hoping for the best…to be continued…

  6. I am the mother of 16 month old twins who completely destroyed their nice beautiful cribs. Three days ago we had to switch them to toddler beds. Naps seem to be completely out of the question although they are falling asleep fine at night. My thought is to put them in their pac n plays for nap time and their beds for bedtime. Has anyone tried this? Has this worked? My husband seems to think that if we just stay consistant with the toddler beds for nap time that they will eventually get it. But I am a student and he is gone at work all the time and I need their nap time to study. I know this blog is old but maybe I’ll still get some feed back.

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  8. I’m not a Mom of multiples but I’m having a difficult time transitioning my toddler from his crib to “a big boy bed.” Not sure if it’s the move, new house or new baby on the way. We have safety rails for the sides of his bed-bought accessories for his room to excite him but nothing. We also had him starting to go potty but no longer wants to-asks for his diaper. Says he’s the baby. Have we done something wrong? He’s totally reverting back. I tell him all the time he’s my big boy and he’ll have to help me when the baby comes with diapers, feedings, etc… Help a Momma out pls! Any advice is welcome. It’s an overwhelming time for all of us.

    1. Hi Teresa, Oh no! Try not to be discouraged, the same thing happened with all my girls – regression is totally normal! It might have to do with changes, and age for sure – but this too shall pass. I promise! There’s comfort in the now, and it sounds like he just needs time to adjust and if coping is a bit of regression – so be it. You are not doing anything wrong at all, just go with the flow, pick your battles and make a big deal out of small steps forward. Fell free to chat with me anytime, even send me an email if you wish! Hugs mama, it’ll work out!

      Tammi –

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