Tracking Family Time with Project Smart Furniture

In this space I discuss many topics, yet they all come back to the chaos that is life. We all reside in different areas, have varied family dynamics, jobs, duties, obligations and schedules – yet there is commonality among us in that we all strive for balance amongst our individual chaos.

Getting dinner on the table, juggling kids activities with homework, parties, play dates, shopping and appointments – life is busy for us all. Needless to say, it’s difficult to set aside quality time together, to just slow down life and connect. We all have the best of intentions to get in that quality time, yet there’s so many distractions. Sometimes I sit down to chat with one of my children, and the other starts screaming for help in the other room. Once that crisis is handled, I remember the laundry needs to be switched, which leads me on an unintended path completing tasks around the house – totally forgetting my original plans to spend time with my daughter. Sounds familiar? So often and very easily our attention gets sidetracked and we lose track of family time.

Project Smart Furniture Leon's - Social experiment to track family time spent together

Yet it’s this quality family time that matters. Think back to your childhood and I bet you don’t automatically recall specific duties, errands or appointments. Cherished lifelong memories are in the simpler times spent connecting, and when sharing experiences together. We all want as many of these moments as possible!

The big question is – exactly how much time do families spend together?

Leon’s set out to answer this question with Project Smart Furniture, a social experiment designed to track family time spent together. The Ahluwalia family consists of two parents, three kids and two pets, and Leon’s put a ‘smart couch’ in their living room, which is a centralized and integral part of this family’s living space in which they usually spent time together {we’d be the same!}. Each family member wore a wristband which tracked which family members were together and sent a signal back to the couch, tracking whom spent time with whom and for how long.

Project Smart Furniture Leon's - Social experiment to track family time spent together

Even though it only tracked the living room area, and not time spent outside of this location, it’s a great starting point for calculating how much time this family spent together. Watch the #ProjectSmartFurniture commercial, and learn more about the experiment and the findings:


You can also read more about the Project Smart Furniture experiment and it’s results here.

Did you know that on average Canadian families spend just 14% of their time together doing all kinds of activities? That’s not much at all.

This video made me think of the amount of time I spend with my daughters, and how we’d compare to the Ahluwalia family. With smart devices to track steps, calories, books read and last haircuts – I love that this technology from Leon’s is making a difference in the areas of life that really matter.

Project Smart Furniture Leon's - Social experiment to track family time spent together

The Project Smart Furniture experiment made me realize that no matter what our own percentage is, increasing it has great value. I want to ensure my daughters have not only great memories to look back on, but ample ones at that.

How much quality time does your family spend together?

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  1. My children are grown with children of their own so I rarely spend time with my family which is sad. When my children were young, I spent as much time with them as possible.

  2. I can tell how much time I spend with my kids by how connected we feel to one another and how strong our relationships are. Seems sad to me to need an app for that. In this day and age I get it — it just seems really weird.

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