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Over this past year I dedicated myself to eating better and moving more. Dust no longer collected on the treadmill which has been in my basement for 10+ years – I was using it! It started with walks, then moved to speed walks and then to the occasional jog – then I added free weights and my balance ball. I’m not a runner and I’m not hard-core, but I’m making progress and that’s what matters. Day by day I see beneficial changes, all for a better me, because ‘I AM’.

Through my experience and education on making better food choices and acknowledging that I need to move more; I’ve also found a new-found love for activewear. While yoga pants have been my staple for a long time, actually needing to wear the active wear has shown me that not all are created equal.


In my own journey I have found a love for the Gaiam brand, a leading lifestyle brand with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. While I’m not a master in yoga {yet, though I’ll be starting classes soon}, their clothing line is great for anyone that leads that active lifestyle.

If you have a fitness fanatic on your shopping list this year, or someone who wants to start their journey on a healthier lifestyle – look to Gaiam to equip them with the right gear from clothing to balance balls; meditation to yoga mats.

Here are the Gaiam items I’m crushing on right now, my top picks!

Luxe Yoga Capri

Everyone needs to start with a great pair of quality pants! I like these particular ones because they have a stay-put waistband which slims and supports while the higher rise and quick dry fabric will keep up with you. Funny true story: I’ve literally had my pants start falling down on the treadmill. A great fit is key, of course! When wearing these I can concentrate on the activity at hand, and not tugging or pulling up my pants while I go – no one needs that distraction whether they are running or doing yoga.

Gaiam Luxe Yoga Capri


Quinn Bra Top

This top is classic and everyone must have one to reply on. The black colour goes with everything, yet it’s got a beautiful style to the back that prevents it from being anything but boring. This top is a low-medium impact bra, with stay-put support band and a wide open back for unrestricted range of motion. Again, holding everything in place so you can focus on slaying – essential. It has an adjustable mesh back panel and halter straps, is breathable and quick drying – and also has anti-chafe seams {yes!}.

Gaiam Quinn Bra Top


Ambrosia Yoga Tank Top

I love this because of the style, activewear should show some personality for the wearer! Combined with the Gaiam Quinn Bra Top – perfection! Don’t you just love the symbolic flower of life charm and the little bit of gathering? This yoga top is functional and super sexy. The Ambrosia Tank is built for the studio in a vintage wash fabric unique to each garment. An open draped back and wide, stay-put waistband makes this style both modern and functional. This one is also breathable and moves with you, without getting in the way.

Gaiam Ambrosia Yoga Tank Top


Fallon Tank Top

I also love this top in the midnight colour choice. It’s functional, but again like Gaiam clothing – little touches of style that liven it up – this one with the peek-a-boo opening at the back. Featuring an opaque front panel that keeps you covered, the Fallon Tank Top is quick drying and breathable with a lower draped mesh panel in the back.

Gaiam Fallon Tank Top


Have a peek at Gaiam and check out all they offer in clothing and more!

Have anyone on your list that would love Gaiam products?


Disclosure: Gaiam supplied product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.



  1. I definitely need some new workout pants. Mine are just old and ragedy because I wear them so much.

  2. I love these! I recently lost a lot of weight, and now I need new workout clothes. These look great.

  3. I LOVE that gray top! I could use that with my sports bra and it would look good! I am trying to get back in shape myself! This would be a fun way to do it!

  4. I love being in the gym and look forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled routine after the holiday season. These are great gift ideas and I need that yoga tank in my life immediately!

  5. I know a lot of people on my list that would love to have these picks as gifts! Lots of great picks here!

  6. I use Gaiam yoga mats but didn’t even realize they had yoga apparel! What a fantastic thing to learn right before the holidays!

  7. This is really neat. This is a product that I could really use. I’ve been starting to work out more often, and this would be nice to have.

  8. Okay… I’m loving these gift ideas but I want them for myself. Ha! I’ve been wanting to give yoga a go and this is quite the incentive!

  9. I have never heard of Gaiam before but these clothes are super cute! I really like that top – if you need me I will be going through their website lol

  10. I LOVE that bra top and that loose yoga tank. I’m always in the market for new sports bras. And tanks. And capris too. haha

  11. I love the Ambrosia Yoga Tank Top. These are great gift ideas. My Daughter would love all of these.

  12. These all look great. It would be nice to work out in style. I’ll have to check them out.

  13. I love that yoga top and being able to see the sports bra underneath. I do a lot of working out so I am going to check this company out!

  14. I can always use new athleisure wear– I basically live in mine- and can’t believe I’ve never bought some Gaiam wear! I’m ted to shop your picks- thanks for sharing!

  15. I wear work out bras to work LOL…I refuse to destroy a good bra by the water, chemicals and sweating I do

  16. We all love Gaim products but I have never owned any of their wear. We just have their yoga mats which are the best

  17. Very informative, and detailed article. I am always in need of good fitness clotehs.

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