Top 10 Easy Easter Sweets

Easter is here, it finally feels like Spring even with the snowstorm a few days ago. Our Easter plans are to get our fill-on at the Grandparents, Easter dinner is a must! We also have shopping, relaxation planned – with some egg hunting of course! Even though it’s last minute, I have been hunting down some easy and delicious Easter sweets recipes to make with the kids. Usually I have made some goodies by now, but it’s been a busy week, everything seems to be last-minute these days!

Where to do for easy recipes? 1st stop, the Life Made Delicious website. Right now they have a great Top 10 List of Easter Dessert Recipes. I have my eye on the Little Peeper Cookies, aren’t they adorable?! With 4 ingredients and 3 easy steps, it fits right into my chaotic schedule!

Another great one to try is the ‘Easter Basket Cookies’, which would make a great surprise treat for the kids on Easter! They are colorful and fun!

Planning a party? Try the ‘Cupcake Bunny Cake’! Cupcake cakes are all the rage with kids, and this cutie is sure to please. All recipes can be found at the Life Made Delicious website, hop on over!

You still have time to make Easter desserts thanks to easy recipes, and you can still have time to enjoy the holiday with family and loved ones. What are your plans this Easter?


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  1. Thanks for the ideas, these look bright & fun. I think I’ll try making the cupcake bunny.

  2. Wish I had seen these yesterday, but, daughters would be happy to do these any day too! thanks.

  3. Love the Cupcake Bunny Cake – delicious recipes. My 8 year old would have a blast making this with me. Thanks for sharing.

    eva urban

  4. It is so difficult to picture Easter with snow (being from Florida). Next year my son will more than likely embrace the holiday a lot more if I make those awesome Easter Cookies… and seriously, all those marshmellows, yum!

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