Tomo and Edie

Hisae Shiratori & Mari Beth Sartain are the founders and power women behind Tomo and Edie. The company brings to you their take on traditional Japanese kimonos for kids and hair accessories. I am drawn to their items for not only the beautiful culture they represent, but the fashionable trend that stems from it. Their Organic Kimonos intrigue me because they look so comfortable. And comfort is key, as all the seams are on the outside, so they don’t irritate the skin.

The Tomo and Edie logo is ‘Chikyujin Tomo&Edie’. Chikyujin (pronounced chee-Q-jeen) is a literally translated, the character chikyu is “earth” and jin is the character for “man.” This recognition of the world and the children it are what motivates them to donate a portion of all profits to Unicef.

I received 2 hair accessories from Tomo and Edie, a mini clip and hair tie. They are both hand-crafted from vintage Japanese silk kimonos. These kimonos were once worn and passed down for generations, and had been made with only the finest silk. The minon is caerfully taken apart and the silk is then shaped as “ume” or Japanese plum blossoms. The Plum blossoms are a favorite motif in Japan, as they represent early springtime. The result is a beautiful hair piece that has a history – oh what a story it could tell! I consider these hair accessories best saved for special occassions, absolutely beautiful.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 




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