Today We Celebrate My Twins Birthday

Two years ago today, two daughters came into my life, to add to our family of three. The Twins’ birth marked a whole new chapter in my life, chaos had begun. I dived into the role of M.O.M with little sleep but with more love in my heart.

Two years ago today I was blessed.

I look back, recalling only with hazed memory of your birth. My emergency c-section left me asleep for almost your entire first day. I woke very sad that I was the last to meet you, yet now feel fortunate to have spent each and every day with you since.

Today we celebrate your second birthday, to two years of memories.
And, today I also celebrate being a M.O.M.

Happy 2nd Birthday Katelyn & Sophia!!

I love you both so very much.




  1. Awww…that is so sweet! Happy 2nd Birthday to your twins! I just love their birth annoucement!

  2. Thanks so much Jen! My neighbor made it for me, I told her to go into business {make a site}!

  3. I hope the girls had a wonderful birthday today! I love the way they are holding each other in the one photo. So cute!!!!!!

  4. Hi Dianne,
    That is one of my all time fave-photos,
    they held each others’ hands on their own….
    It was so sweet, the photographer did a test shot and the flash startled them just enough to grab each other. Awe, my heart swelled.

    Good memories….

  5. that’s the sweetest photo ever holding hands, awwwww amazing. Happy birthday to the twins and you!

  6. That announcement is so sweet! Happy birthday to your girls. My son was born 7/26/08 so he is celebrating today 🙂

  7. Love that announcement! Happy Birthday to you and the girls! May God continue to bless your family more than you can ever imagine!

  8. AWWWW!!! Happy Birthday to them Tammi! They are so special 🙂 What a beautiful announcement as well.


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