TLC Needed in my Mom Cave

In our home, the last rooms that were updated were the basement family room {new paint and a re-arrangement}, and my oldests room {massive overhaul and it looks fantastic}. My husband has plans to makeover the garage {his space}, and I would like to do something with the twins room since it’s looking very outdated as well.

Yet there’s one room in the house that I really need to do something about – even before all others get our attention.

My Mom Cave – aka – my office, my refuge and a space of my own. 

The office in our home is where I spend the most time, I use it for business and as an organizational hub of the home. Yet the mish-mash of what I use this space for, certainly shows when you glance around the room.

While I love my elephant-of-an-office-desk, it’s the other items that take up the space, which make the area very awkward. I’m actually embarrassed to show how cluttered and haphazard this room has gotten. Yet here it is, without even one paper tidied for a photo …

mom cave makeover twistos contest

I feel so ashamed!!!

Many years ago this room used to be my daughters bedroom. Actually, there’s a couple wall hangings of her baby years, still on the walls. As well, some of the paint had peeled from taking down other items when we moved her stuff out – it’s never been fixed.

I’m a fan-girl of papers and notes, all of which clutter my desk. It has not one but two Macs {desktop and laptop} which take up much room on the desk. Since we technically run two businesses from this office, I also have two filing cabinets and many file folders in there as well. Yet, this room also holds dear my hobbies and interests; the desk cabinets are full of cameras, lenses, photo prints, and frames. The closet in my Mom Cave is full of photography props and extra office supplies like Costco boxes of printer paper.

As well, my twins use this space for crafts and colouring. So, in my office I have a small table for them, plus a craft cabinet and various bins/storage to store their stuff. My cork board, which I had great plans for, now mainly holds their paper-presents for me. In fact, all of their creative supplies are in here, simply because there is no where else they can be stored in the home, where I can supervise use.

mom cave contest twistos

As well, since we now have a puppy {as you can see from his photobomb in the above photo}, I’m also regularly stepping/tripping on dog toys and bones that cover my office floor. There’s even a dog bed that he likes to pull right under my feet while I work.

…. Wait, what was I saying about this being MY space? Thinking about it now, I’m being totally invaded by family members here.

When I look around my office that is my Mom cave, I feel deeply stressed at the disorganization. This really is the definition of chaos.

Distracting and cluttered doesn’t a productive office make. As well, it’s not a place I’m 100% comfortable in, a sad example of ones personal refuge. 

My Mom cave needs some TLC right away!

With windows open and sounds of my kids playing in the yard this summer, my goal is to create a Mom cave that I can be proud of. This room of mine desperately needs new paint and more personality on the walls. Only then will I truly relax in comfort. My space needs to be productive, organized, and clutter-free. Speaking of, can you even get good-looking filing cabinets?

Oh yes, I will get the Mom cave I deserve!!! *shaking fists*


Do you have a Mom Cave?

Or are you yearning for a place to escape to in your own home? A place for ME time? Twistos Baked Snack Crackers wants to partner with you to help moms carve out that space at home.

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They’ve teamed up with design expert, Janette Ewen to host a #TwistosMomCave contest, because she thinks summer is the best time to redecorate!



I am compensated for this post, yet as always, opinions are 100% my own.



  1. I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but…my mom cave is significantly worse. Yikes!

  2. This is so me. I have three dogs, and two of them make it their mission in life to continually get under my feet and generally make it impossible to get any work done.

  3. I totally need a mom cave. Between my husband, my dogs, and my cats, getting work done can be a challenge, to say the least!

  4. I have so much stuff in my Mom Cave that there’s barely enough room for me these days. It’s time to clean it out.

  5. I would love to win this giveaway! We are moving to a new house that has a mom cave for me (ie my very own office) and I can’t wait to decorate it! I’ve been working out of my living room in our current home and the idea of having my own space is so exciting!

  6. I really need to have a Mom Cave. I usually just work in the corner of our bedroom or at the kitchen table when everyone is either at work, playing elsewhere, or in bed. I really need to make the spare room my Mom Cave.

  7. I call my cave my studio. It’s where I write, create crafts and sew. It’s also the place where everyone else puts everything that they don’t want to put away. Everything!

  8. I use a corner of our master bedroom as my office (aka Mom Cave) and would love spruce things up a bit. I plan to share my space for a chance to win this awesome prize!

  9. Does my living room count? Ha! It is where I do all my crafts and work… ha ha, ha… and it could use some TLC ;0

  10. I do have a mom cave! Yours looks a lot better than mine. For some reason it’s the only room I allow to become full of containers and boxes.

  11. My kitchen serves double duty as my mom cave! I’m lucky my husband helps me keep it clean!

  12. I have an office – but it needs some serious TLC. I’d really like to start using it more. I will try to enter, BC $2000 would be awesome!

  13. I am sadly in the process of moving out of my Mom cave to make room for the new baby. My mom cave is being turned into a nursery! So now; I get a tiny little corner in the basement. I need a Mom cave makeover!

  14. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love a mom cave! A place where I can go and relax and recharge my soul.

  15. Yours look’s amazing at least you have a comfy chair, mine is from 1970 and orange!! I will get my picture taken and send it for sure!

  16. I would love to win $2000 to update my home office. I have a room i am supposed to use as an office but i end up on the couch instead.

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