Tips to Organize a Kids Room

One big area of frustration for parents comes from kids messy bedrooms, and these tips to organize a kids room are just the fix you need.

From getting rid of clutter, to helping them be able to keep things organized after the initial purge – your kids rooms can be conquered. Just like the Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern, this requires just a few steps, to make a huge difference.

Organize a Kids Room


Tips to Organize a Kids Room


Clean out when they aren’t at home. This may be the most important thing to do with kids. Do an initial purge and clean out while your kids are away. You’ll be able to remove items you know they don’t play with, or are beyond-damaged yet held onto. Sort out trash, items to donate and items you want them to keep. The items you sort to donate, you may want to hold onto for a few weeks to make sure they don’t ask specifically for the items. If they do ask for a said item, you can bring it back out and give to them. While this works better for younger kids, a good clean-out for them even when older is sometimes necessary.

Encourage your kids to donate to those in need. If your children are balking at getting rid of their possessions that aren’t being used, take them to see other kids who might want or need those items. Help them to understand that there are others who are in need and how their donation would benefit them. Many parents {myself included} instil a rule that no new items can be brought into the home without first donating something – and it works.

Invest in proper storage systems. Bookshelves are great for books, but not so wonderful for craft supplies or dolls. Invest in toy bins, book shelves, baskets and proper storage systems as needed. Underbed storage or vacuum seal bags are great for seasonal clothing items or blankets, utilizing the hard to reach top shelf in the closet for seasonal items as well. Stuffed animals and dolls can be sorted into mesh hammocks in the corner of a room, or into a large toy bin. Games and toys with multiple parts can be sorted into bins with lids for safe keeping.

Organize a Kids Room

Label everything properly. Bins with labels for toys like Lego’s, Puzzle pieces or Barbie doll accessories will help keep things in order. Label bags and bins that store seasonal items for easy access as needed. Not only to organize the chaos, but things are more apt to getting put back if they have a clear and distinct place to belong.

Use wall space to hang items. Hooks on the wall can be great for things like dress up clothing. Use simple shelving for things like awards, collectible pieces or pictures that you want out of reach, but still displayed in your kids room. Hang a simple coat rack near the door for jackets, hats and scarves that are worn regularly. This can also be used to hang backpacks or book bags as needed. Utilizing wall space effectively gets a lot of items off the floor.

Make clean-up part of the daily routine. One of the most important tips for organizing your kids room comes from making sure they know that clean up is mandatory. Instead of only checking on occasion, make sure you go to their rooms daily and hold them accountable for cleaning up after themselves regularly. A deep clean isn’t necessary but quick tidy. It might help if you instil a ‘no devices until tidy’ each and every day, you’ll be amazed at how fast a room can be beautified!

As you work to organize your home, these tips for organizing your kids room will help make one room a little less daunting.

By taking the time to purge old or broken items, and putting into place ways for your kids to keep up with their clean up – you’ll find their rooms clean and orderly every day.

Have any other tips to organize a kids room?

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  1. Great tips! Sometimes organizing my kids’ room is a real challenge even when they are helping me. Thank you for sharing this tips.

  2. Daily cleaning is the best tip, prevent a mess before it grows.. I think that cumulative cleaning regularly is the best way not to get overwhelmed. It’s good to maintain

  3. Amazing ideas ! Such a clever way to organize kids room. kids room is messiest place in every house. Mom has to busy all time to keep it organize. My house is like that. So i am searching how to get rid of this problem. Thanks for sharing such a nice ideas of kids room organization.

  4. Awesome tips, my baby by the time she was 13 months, she understood and she helps clean up. Amazing how songs and fun have a lot to do with it. My sister in law actually told me about limiting the toys… Also great tip.., I will implement the organizer for stuffed animals… Such a good idea!!

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