Tips to Get your Home Winter-Ready on a Budget

September brings shorter sunlit days, cooler temperatures. I’ve already noticed some of the leaves changing colours, a reminder that the winter season is fast approaching. While it seems like just yesterday we were in the full swing of summer, gears now have to shift, to prepare for the change in seasons.

Our schedules and activities aren’t the only change this time of year, we must also have to adjust our home needs too. Alas, it’s the time for seasonal maintenance – we all know the climate can change in an instant, so it’s best to get some winter-ready tasks done before you are caught unprepared.

Yet at the same time, we have to keep budget in mind, and get your property ready for winter, as frugally as possible. Right now {until October 31st} shoppers located in Alberta and Saskatchewan who use their RBC credit card will automatically earn 2x the RBC Rewards points at The Home Depot Canada, on every purchase whether in-store or Online at 

Here are some winter-preparedness tips for you, keeping that money-saving {and 2x the earning} aspect in mind. 


Tips to Get your Home Winter Ready on a Budget


Get your Home Winter-Ready on a Budget


Interior Maintenance

Check for drafts – Feel for drafts around the edges of windows and doors, to keep your interior warm and save on heating bills. Depending on the status of the draft, your options include: replacing windows, replace seals and caulking around windows and door frames, or simply using heavier or insulated drapery over windows.

Inspect your furnace – You might need to hire a professional to test for leaks, and check efficiency; and now is a good time to change the furnace filter. We buy ours in bulk, and change them every few months, or with each change in season. 

be winter ready on a budget home depot furnace filters

Winterize the air conditioner – We’ve had a home outdoor air conditioning unit for a few years now, and that means each fall we have to ensure it’s covered before the snow flies. Alternately, if you use window air conditioning units, remove them or cover to prevent air leaks.

Test home safety devices – Replace the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and test to ensure they’re working properly.

prepare your home for winter tips home depot budget saving money rbc

Clean humidifiers – We use humidifiers during our dry Albertan winters, so now is a good time to replace old filters and clean the inside of the compartment. I clean mine with plain old vinegar, it’s inexpensive and works well.

Tend to summer power equipment and vehicles – It’s time to store away the lawnmower and trimmer {also the motorcycles or ATVs if you have them}. To help out the to-do list for next spring, service any equipment now so that they are ready for next use {maintenance, changing the oil or a good old cleaning}. 

Get the winter equipment ready – Is your snow-blower in good working order, or perhaps it’s still on your to-purchase list? Time for a new shovel or two, or an outdoor extension cord? Evaluate what you have, need and want right now and be prepared for that first snowfall.

be prepared for winter snow blowers home depot RBC partnership rewards saving money

Clean the garage – While the weather is still tolerable, now is a good time to clean the garage. It’s much easier to find items, and work in a space that has had a refresher in organization. For this you might need more cleaning supplies, storage bins – or even some added shelving.


Exterior Maintenance

Check the Roof – Do at least a visual inspection of the roof and look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles. If needed, remove leaves and debris from the gutters.

Check the Chimney and Fireplace  If you have either, now is a great time to have it cleaned and inspected.

Store Water Hoses. – Before they freeze and the job is that much more difficult, drain garden hoses, disconnect from the outside spigots, and store in a dry place.

Tend to the Landscaping – Cut back bushes and shrubs, adding some winter mulch if needed. Yard waste the annual flowers, store flower pots and plant perennial bulbs if desired, so they come alive next spring. 

Leaf Removal – Rake and dispose of leaves – my suggestion is to use those Halloween garbage bags!

Fertilize Lawn – Applying fall lawn fertilizer this time of year will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Check with the staff at the Home Depot Canada on which type of fertilizer is best. 

Store Seasonal Furniture. – Clean and store seasonal outdoor furniture, and if you need to add to your collection or replace some – now is the time to do it. The Home Depot Canada has so much seasonal furniture on clearance, so now is the time to stock up for next year! 

Organize the shed. – After tending to the yard work, you’ll have to store those rakes, cutters and other summer tools. It’s a great time to organize and clean out the shed. I suggest move the summer items to the back and bring the winter stuff up front and centre, for better access when you need it. While you’re at it, take note if any of your summer stock {rakes, soil} needs replacing, since these items are also on sale and clearance at The Home Depot Canada. 

prepare home for winter organization storage garage solutions home depot

As you enjoy these last few nice days of summer-like weather {that is, if you are graced with them since ours seem to be long gone}, make sure to take the much-needed steps to ensure your home and property is ready for the change in seasons.

Whether you want to replace some summer items or stock up so you are ready for the Winter season, make sure to visit The Home Depot Canada {in-store or online} and take advantage of the 2x the RBC Rewards points at The Home Depot Canada. 

Since I spotted many clearance and sale items on my last visit to The Home Depot, the added bonus of this new limited-time offer from RBC is a great opportunity to really stretch that dollar.

Making smart shopping choices like these could afford you something which you’d like and not just need – like perhaps that vacation to get away from our Canadian winters! {ok, maybe that’s a need}.


Disclosure: This post and contest are sponsored by RBC in collaboration with The Home Depot Canada. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.



  1. We would probably buy a couple new dressers and some storage bins! The kids have so many clothes, it would be awesome to be able to organize them

  2. Sounds crazy exciting but I need to buy new handles for my bedroom furniture to bring it to the modern feel I am trying to achieve on a budget. Those little handles are expensive!!! Waiting for a sale.:((

  3. We need to replace our basement windows this fall, so that we can then work on finishing the basement during the winter. So a gift card would help a lot!

  4. We’ve just moved to a new house so there are a lot of projects on the go. I find myself at Home Depot regularly, so a gift card would help!

  5. We need a new toilet so would put it towards the Cadet 3® 2-Piece 1.59 GPF Dual Flush Elongated Bowl Toilet.

  6. I need shelving for my new pantry! Looks like a trip to Home Depot is in my future (with or without the GC!).

  7. I would love to be able to purchase some of the material we need to fix our fence after a tree fell in it and broke it

  8. We have many areas we could put a gift card to use. A closet organizer would be a good place to sort to try to get some clutter in place.

  9. Wow! This would be soooo great. Would love to get a ceiling light for above our kitchen table!

  10. I would purchase a cover for my outdoor furniture, a snow shovel and burlap to protect my shrubs.

  11. I need to makeover my closet, so I would buy closet organization hardware. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. If I win the gift card, I would put it towards buying an accent chair for our bedroom, or a new mattress.

  13. I would get paint and redo my house before the holidays, great time to refresh the house

  14. We practically live at Home Depot at weekends. Have my eye on a new light fixture for office.

  15. I would purchase new paint to give our living room and kitchen a new colour and spiffy it up a bit.

  16. If I won I’d get the Heavy Duty Steel Shelving-5 Shelf 36 Inch W x 18 Inch D from Home Depot

  17. i would get the White Edenvale 3 Drawer Wardrobe for my sons room, his dresser is falling apart

  18. So many renovations I want to continue with….there are a few more odds and ends I need for our laundry room and powder room makeovers we just completed, or I would love some gorgeous fall plants for the front of the house.

  19. It would be part of the budget for finishing the basement – perhaps the bathroom fixtures or doors!

  20. I would get some flower bulbs, new furnace filters, storage boxes and a smoke alarm for the basement so I would be ready for fall.

  21. I would buy a media fireplace console so I could organize my tv, dvds, gaming consoles, etc. with the luxury of an electric fireplace included for the winter! Home Depot has a large selection!

  22. We’d finally splurge on a Toro snowblower (and my hubby would be so excited, ha ha!) We have a damaged brick driveway, so it’s quite tough to shovel without accidentally kicking yourself in the gut with the shovel handle 🙁

  23. I would buy trim for my home – I’ve started renovating the floors and haven’t gotten around to the trim yet! And some area rugs for my kids rooms!

  24. I need shelving and see through bins….. stat! I want my pantry back so would love to make an ORGANISED storage area in the mud room lol

  25. I would like to get the RiteTemp Oil Filled Heater to help take the chill out of some of the cooler rooms in our house.

  26. The ceramic tile that I want for our kitchen backsplash is at Home Depot…this would be perfect!

  27. My kitchen faucet really needs to be replaced, so I would get the VIGO Edison Stainless Steel Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet.

  28. If I won, I would use the gift card toward replacing a couple of old windows with nice new Jeld-Wen Casement windows! That would save some heating dollars this winter!

  29. I love Home Depot. If I won I would use it to buy baseboards for my entire main floor as well as a new dining room light fixture

  30. I would love to be able to buy wood flooring for my girls room, the only room we have left to switch from carpet in our home! Thank you for the chance!

  31. This time of year again, I trim 1 shrub today on this beautiful September afternoon. Still have lots to do! I for sure would get fertiliser, I would love the Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower, we already have the rechargeable batteries. I would also like some storage containers.

  32. I would get some things to get my house winter ready. New furnace filters, leaf bags, lawn fettizers, fall mums, a new rake, some spring bulbs

  33. I would get some things to get my house winter ready. New furnace filters, leaf bags, lawn fettizers, fall mums, a new rake, some spring bulbs.

  34. I would buy paint because my house desperately needs to be painted because it hasn’t been painted in probably 20 years

  35. I need a carbon monoxide detector, so I would start with that. Home Depot has a good selection.

  36. I am looking to organize my garage and need some shelving and storage units. A gift card would surely help a lot! Thanks!

  37. Love the tip to use vinegar to clean out my humidifiers.. I need to get on that!
    If I were to win the gift card, I would definitely purchase a huge supply of furnace filters… I always procrastinate on changing them since I have to go out and buy a new one each time.

  38. What wouldn’t I want? I love Home Depot!! Plus we are renovating big time so I would put this towards the 2 lights we need to install in our children’s rooms.

  39. I like the white 2 drawer organizer by Closetmaid for when our second baby comes along. It would be a perfect size for storage.

  40. I would invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat! It would help me control my heating bill during the colder months!

  41. It would be terrific to win a $250 Home Depot Canada Gift Card.
    In response to your requirement to
    visit and tell you
    what i would get with the gift card if i won.
    I would buy the Homestar 3 Piece Cherry Coffee Table & Side Table Set.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  42. I would likely buy a new faucet for my kitchen sink because the one I have is leaking a bit so I really need a new one.

  43. I would use it toward a new bathroom vanity -we are renovating the bathroom so this would be awesome

  44. We just moved into our new place and dryer is barely drying our clothes so I think I would put it towards a new one or towards some shelving and other stuff needed around the house.

  45. Love love Home Depot. There are a ton of wonderful things to purchase from this store from paints, hardware, garden supplies to carpet.

    Would love to add an electric fireplace to our rec room to make the place more comfy & cozy during our prairie winter months. Oh YES, something I have been keeping my eye on.


  46. We need to replace our smoke alarms. We had the fire department here last week doing the checks for smoke alarms and CO2 detectors and they recommended that we replace them every 7-9 years.

  47. I need alot of things , little t=hings to get my house winter ready. Plastic and foam for the windows to keep it warm, caulking to stop the million drafts, i need something to fix the 2 in gap in the door way

  48. I would use it to replace the carpet runner in my hallway entrance and possibly also towards a cupboard for my bathroom for more storage.

  49. I year round and ours would Purchase a New BBQ. We grill year round and ours just bit the Dust! Thanks for the opportunity in this amazing Contest.

  50. It would go towards flooring. Love the Sunvalley Walnut With Pre- Attached Foam Underlament!

  51. I would get some paint and some other small household items, storage bins, hubby needs a new drill. thanks for the giveaway and chance to win

  52. We shop at Home Depot often, mostly for building materials. The next project requires untreated wood.

  53. There is so much , I’d love to get the hubby a new BBQ , Id love some new paint for a few rooms , we have so many renovations in the bathroom and kitchen to do ! This would be great ! I love home depot ! thanks for the chance !

  54. We’re nearing the end of the world’s longest reno, so probably things like window treatments and doorknobs…

  55. I would use it for the White Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench – we are always tripping over all the shoes on our garage floor and this would be perfect for the entryway area down there!

  56. If I won, I’d get some shelving units for our garage to help reduce clutter and make it easier to find things. The Rubbermaid 4 ft shelf kit Model # FG3H9100TITNM looks like what I need exactly! A few of those would be great!

  57. We are moving into our new house so this would definitely come in handy towards some appliances.

  58. I would get the Deamber Collection 6 Light Chrome Chandelier for my daughter’s princess room

  59. I need some odds and ends, like wood strapping, glue, sealant, cleaners, paint…..the list goes on…I love that place!

  60. I`d be interested in this Wicker Outdoor Dining Chair – Garden and Patio Chairs – Model ITALY for my porch.

  61. I found an old piece of furniture that I wanted to refinish but it’s in bad shape..someone told me to paint it..I would get some of their chalked paint and try that out

  62. I would love to start organizing our babies room. We haven’t started planning decorating at all yet and we really need to get on that 🙂

  63. I think I would buy some organizational items! A maybe a mirror, or some paint! So many options!

  64. We’re turning the office into a bedroom for our daughter now that we have three kids. I’d totally spend it on paint and wallpaper supplies!

  65. I need to get some organizing done so I think I would look into buying some shelves and bins or a closet organizer with the money.I have always wanted one of them because our century old house is short on closet space.I think they used armoires back in the day because when we moved in there was hardly any closets at all.TY for the most amazing giveaway and chance to win!! 🙂

  66. I would use the GC to go towards a new appliance, we are in the process of upgrading to stainless steel and so far only have the dishwasher!

  67. I would think about getting the Vietti Bar Cabinet with Bottle and Glass Storage, Black Oak if I won,

  68. I’d put it towards the Bench – 50″L / White Solid Wood With Storage to put in my porch to keep it more organized.

  69. I would use it to help pay for a Propane BBQ for our balcony. My hubby’s been shopping around for one.

  70. I really need to get a chain saw after that storm we had on Easter, I lost so many trees.

  71. I really like your recipe for Maple Pumpkin pie. I have already made a pumpkin pie and we all enjoyed it. Next time, I will make your Maple Pumpkin pie as we love Maple syrup and have it in the house for our pancakes. Thank you for this recipe.

  72. I am looking do update our bathroom and would need a good size mirror and some nice decorations.

  73. I would use the gift card to buy storage and organizing totes! With our daughter outgrowing clothes and toys faster than we can keep up, this would definitely be a blessing!

  74. My daughter is buying her first home next month (apartment sized of course! ) This would handle her new storage and organizational fixture needs!

  75. We are redoing our main bathroom and have yet to purchase a new vanity and sink so that is what I would get if I won the giftcard.

  76. We would definitely buy some lumber to do some fence repairs before the weather hits hard 🙂

  77. I would use it to buy organizational things like containers etc. help get things around the house more organized a few gadgets for the kitchen.

  78. I would buy a shovel,landscape fabric,and lava rock.I need to redo my front flower bed.Thanks for the chance!

  79. I would purchase a new refrigerator for our apartment. We already asked for a new one and what they replaced the old one with is even older!! We have to tape the bars on the side door shelves so they don’t fall off. That’s just wrong.

  80. We are doing some upgrades in our home – new flooring, new paint- I would use this win for an area rug. Home Depot has a great selection!

  81. There is so many things I need from Home Depot… I would probably put the gift card toward paint (our whole house needs painting… inside and out and even the fence!!)

  82. I would use the gift card for a new kitchen faucet, such as the Vilnis Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet. Thank you for the opportunity.

  83. I would like to buy a new faucette for the kitchen sink and a vanity for the bathroom.


  84. My favorite store is Home Depot. I’d love to win a gift card to buy the Muskoka Electric Fireplace with Corner Option, Burnished Walnut Finish (Model # MEF2367CBWLG | Store SKU # 1000797667) for my Dad. His house gets chilly in the winter and this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity.

  85. I would get some small items like the Winter Plant/Shrub Cover 28 Inch to start with and look at plants etc next year

  86. I’d get some new closet doors for pretty much every closet in house! Entry way needs replacing first.

  87. Oh it’s so hard to choose! We really need a new dining table, so I’d be checking out the Cappuccino Veneer dining table! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  88. We have a very active puppy that we would love to play with in our yard. I would buy materials for a fence, probably starting with Hex Wire Netting. Thank you so very much for the opportunity, this would be amazing!

  89. There’s so much work to be done – from the kitchen to the bedrooms! this would be amazing!

  90. I would use it toward a snowblower. it would really make my hubby’s life a lot easier. I really like the SnowMaster 724 ZXR Gas Snow Blower with 24-Inch Clearing Width

  91. i would put it towards insulation and drywall. we are building a house and thats what we are going to be needing soon. 🙂

  92. My friends are renovating their house so I would help them get the supplies they need 🙂

  93. I would get either stuff for my kitchen or things having to do with house plants.

  94. I’ve been eyeing snowblowers for years now but can never justify the cost. This gift card would drastically lower the cost for me!

  95. I would use it for paint for our living room – been many years since its been painted and needs an update

  96. I am goig to buy a new thermostat, not one of the Nest ones, but a good programmable one.

  97. Filters for both my humidifier and my dehumidifier. And a fun Halloween decoration 🙂

  98. Perhaps some new light fixtures and light bulbs? Furnace filters, so many little things are always needed around my home sweet home. (OH and garden too!)

  99. I would buy an outdoor storage shed, this will help to elimate the clutter in the garage

  100. I would probably use it towards some flooring, as our kitchens needs replacing! I also know, I need to stock up on furnace filters! Love Home Depot!!! 🙂

  101. Home Depot carries outdoor lights that I need for my porch. They have so many to choose them.

  102. I would get some sealable plastic for my patio & screen doors and some totes to organize some summer clothes.

  103. For winter coming, we always have a DIY project and j think this time it is our faucet that needs changing, showing a bit of water leak so we would like tk replace it and we will get it at Home depot.

  104. I would get some storage bins to put our summer stuff away for the winter. I would also pick up the Edge 2-In-1 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Pusher and Ice Chopper because we’ll very likely need it soon!!

  105. My husband wants the Nest smoke alarm. I want storage bins for all the things. School things, shoe things, holiday things, all the things.

  106. I have already entered this contest and have accumulated 57 Points. I don’t know why I have to start over. This is my first attempt today and I am starting over?

  107. Were renovating our sunroom and need insulation and drywall. It wold be so nice to have help paying for it.

  108. We are going to be doing some renovations in the basement so this would be really helpful for wood, drywall, screws etc.

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