Tips for Travelling with Allergies

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While the act of travelling is stocked full of all sorts of supreme goodness, it does come with its fair share of stressors. Planning, packing, prepping – there’s a lot of work that goes into making that trip an amazing one.

Before I travel, I always prepare for the unexpected. It’s my way of reducing the effects of any issues that may come up. For instance, medications and first aid supplies are a must. Being stocked with everything helps to increase comfort and health, which helps to make travels go smoothly.

As a general rule, I pack items needed for headaches, cuts, scrapes, nausea, and allergies. The first few items on my must-pack list might seem obvious. You yourself might have the same packing checklist in those regards. Yet time and time again I’m finding that it’s the allergens that seem to cause chaos when travelling.

Whether it is seasonal allergies or simply being in a different place with different elements, my allergies seem to always catch me off guard, which means that I’m stuck muddling through the rest of my trip in an allergy haze. – I’ve encountered quite a few instances when I needed the relief brought by an allergy medication like REACTINE® on a vacation. After all, you might be jetting off in the winter when you don’t usually have allergic reactions, yet perhaps your destination is to a warmer place where pollen and grass is waiting to make you sneeze and itch. I myself have discovered sensitivities to different plants and flowers, which aren’t common where I reside, yet only discovered while travelling. Go figure!

Tips for Travelling with Allergies, packing suggestions to make sure your vacation is one of relief

So before jetting off on that winter holiday this year, here are some tips for travelling with allergies:


  • Familiarize yourself with the destination, with possible allergens in mind
  • Keep your known allergens in mind when choosing locations, restaurants etc. 
  • Visit to see what types of product can help you be most prepared during travel and be sure to check out the Allergy Guide for other helpful tips.

To provide relief for everyone in the family, REACTINE® has a full lineup of products to choose from to help ensure your winter vacation is the best one yet.

Consider the following options to help make packing for your next adventure a breeze!


For kids aged 2-12, REACTINE® Children’s Liquid is a great option for allergy symptom relief. This easy-to-take liquid starts working on allergy symptoms quickly, providing long-lasting relief for up to 24 hours, which is important when taking in a vacation.

REACTINE® Children’s Liquid Relieves:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Allergic skin itch


When your nasal symptoms are at their worst and it’s affecting your holiday enjoyment – help reduce symptoms of dry, irritated nose and maintaining healthy sinuses with the newall natural-source REACTINE® NaturEase Nasal Spray*. The beauty is, this nasal spray can be used on kids aged 5 and up and adults too. 

*This product does not replace your allergy medicine and should be used with REACTINE® antihistamine for additional relief of dry, irritated nose.

REACTINE® NaturEase has the following benefits:

  • Helps clear irritants from nasal passage
  • Soothes against irritation



REACTINE® tablets {or REACTINE® FAST MELT® Junior tablet for the kids}, provides up to 24 hours of non-drowsy relief from allergy symptoms. Since they are tablets and non-liquids, these are always with me on my travels whether in my purse or carry-on.


How have allergens affected your past travels?


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  1. Allergens have never been too much of an issue for me when traveling, but only because I’m on a daily allergy medication. It’s a bit tougher for my husband when we hit a new area of the country that has a higher pollen count.

  2. Friends of mine have terrible allergies I don’t think it ever thought about this when we travel. It is a really good idea to think about it. I’m going to mention it to the next time I talk to them.

  3. I never even considered allergy medication while traveling. I will have to remember from now on. There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and having allergy symptoms the whole time.

  4. I suffer from allergies so I totally relate with this post. I love Reactine products and have never tried a nasal spray before. Will definitely look more into it!

  5. It’s so hard to know what you might be allergic to when you travel somewhere knew. These are great tips!

  6. I’ve never heard of Reactine before, but definitely have a need for it. I also love that they make a product for kids. That would surely come in handy.

  7. I am lucky that I only suffer from pet allergies. I would sure to be prepared if I suffered from seasonal ones with a product like this.

  8. Depending on the time of the year traveling can be torture. I will have to check out to see what the best kind is for me.

  9. I’m an allergy sufferer and know exactly what you mean since I travel a lot for work and leisure. Having a reaction when you’re away from home is not only uncomfortable it takes you away from what you’d rather be doing. Thanks for some great tips to manage on the road with allergies.

  10. I’ve never thought what a hassle it must be to travel with allergies. I’m going to suggest Reactine to my husband – he’s suffered from allergies for a long time!

  11. I might have to grab some of this. I don’t usually get allergies but you never know when they might pop up. Always better to be prepared.

  12. Thank you! I have allergies almost everywhere we travel but, with this I don’t need to worry! Thank you for the tips too! This really did help. 😀

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