Tips for Staying Connected Over the Holidays

When I was young we always had a houseful of people at Christmastime. Family, extended family, as well as friends – they were all there, each and every year. In recent years though, Christmas is a lot different, as we only have a few family members with us over the holidays. Everyone else is just so far away!

According to a recent survey commissioned by WIND Mobile, over 74 per cent of Canadians say it is important to stay connected during the holiday season and one in two Canucks rely on their mobile devices to do so. This, I can totally agree with. I connect with others via my phone all the time – in text, email, video chat and the like.

Well, with the holidays around the corner and Canadians looking to recharge relationships with family and friends, WIND Mobile’s new Cross-Canada plan makes it easier to feel together, even when you’re miles apart. This plan lets you spread the love from coast-to-coast.

“The holidays are a time for creating lasting memories with loved ones, but the demands of travel, family, and careers mean we can’t always be in close proximity with them,” says Kimberly Moffit, relationship expert. “Keeping in touch via technology is now more essential to your relationship than ever. I’d recommend investing in a plan so you don’t come home to a lump of coal in your stocking, like an overpriced phone bill. For example, WIND Mobile’s new Cross-Canada plan gives you the freedom to use your phone and stay connected anywhere across the country.”

Kimberly Moffit has some fun and festive tips to better stay in contact with your loved ones this holiday season.

Tips for Staying Connected over the Holidays 

Tips for Staying Connected over the Holidays


  • Make Board Games Digital – You may have grown up playing board games with your family in front of a fireplace, but what to do when everyone lives across the country? Try different activities that can be done online like putting together a family album over Flickr or playing video “board games” like online Word Feud. You can even play remote games on systems such as Xbox Live. Playing games as a family is fun and can increase your sense of closeness during the holidays.
  • Skype, Text and Call to Your Heart’s Content: Just Make Sure You Have a Plan: Nothing’s worse than coming home to an overpriced phone bill in the New Year. Get a great plan this holiday so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re spending quality time without breaking the bank. For example, WIND Mobile has a Cross-Canada plan that gives you the freedom to use your phone and stay connected anywhere across the country.
  • Write Homemade Christmas Cards – In our digital age of phones and email, there’s something to be said about being on the receiving end of a non-digital form of communication. Hand writing a letter or card might take time but makes a lasting and heartfelt impression.


Picking a phone plan that works anywhere is crucial for travelling over the holidays and even for those snowy winter getaways to the chalet. Social media is great at capturing picturesque moments of the holiday season, with snow covering the ground and families full of good cheer. That makes it perfect for Tweets, Instagrams and long-distance calls no matter where you are this holiday season.

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As a Canadian, it’s nice to see our choices expand when it comes to phone carriers. For years we were stuck with very limited choices which meant high bills with no alternative. With the addition of more carriers, there’s now the opportunity for brand competition, and we as customers finally have choices. 

WIND Mobile is offering customers simple and transparent plans, including real unlimited data/voice/text with no-term contracts and no hidden fees. WIND has more than 750,000 happy customers in Canada, and growing.

Learn more about WIND Mobile at or follow online at or @WINDmobile on Twitter.

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  1. These are some great tips. Staying connected with family is so very important, I make sure to do this all the time, not just the holidays,.

  2. I love the homemade cards idea. I think that’s a lost art, and it really shows the receiver how much you care.

  3. Oh these are great idea’s! I love handwritten cards, I think it is a fun way to keep in touch that feels more personal then a text message~!

  4. My family participates in family Christmas photos for everyone. We mail them to extended family & friends.

  5. Technology is really great. I love how many ways there are to stay connected to friends and family.

  6. I love being able to connect instantly with family and friends with technology, but I still love cards the most.

  7. It is so important to stay connected with friends and family. We use Skype to keep in contact with my parents while they are in Florida for six months of the year.

  8. I love that Skype and Facetime exist! I feel like I never miss out on special moments.

  9. I like to make my own Holiday cards. It is fun to hand write all the cards. It is important to stay connected.

  10. We love to Skype with my daughter who lives out of state. We only have a few members who are out of state, but we stay connected via text, phone and email.

  11. I have never heard of digital board games… what a fun idea. Thanks so much for sharing these tips and ideas.

  12. I wish I had more family to stay connected to. I really miss some of my relatives this time of year and the big family gatherings.

  13. I use instagram a ton to keep family far away connected to ours! It can be so hard to feel like you are a part of things when you live hundreds of miles away!

  14. That’s so great! I love that you are having more phone carrier options in Canada, that is just wonderful news. I do family movie night here to stay connected, but sadly our extended family isn’t so easy to stay connected with. phone calls and text messages go unanswered quite often, so I gave up with some.

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