Tips for Keeping a Clean House with Little Effort

As the Mom of the house, I have many tasks and duties to complete each and every day. My to-do list is great and the schedule is jam-packed, which doesn’t leave time each day to reserve for a lot of cleaning. But I don’t need to preach to the choir, right? Many reading this will be shouting ‘AMEN!’.

Thing is, unless you tackle the little messes each day, they can easily become big disasters. That paper pile in the kitchen grows quickly, the toys appear out of nowhere, and the kids spill whatever they can and at every turn.

For instance, twice a day there’s the toothpaste explosion from the twins trying to spit into the sink. (I’ll never know how they manage to hit the mirror despite craning their necks toward the basin.) Then little toothpaste-rimmed mouths are wiped on every towel within reach, so those need changing daily too. Also, since this is a house of 4 girls plus one puppy, there are always stray strands of hair to vacuum.

Tips for Keeping a Clean House with Little Effort

It’s true that the task of cleaning is boring, thankless, and sometimes a horrible job, yet, alas it must be done. Especially since we have a new puppy in the house, we have no choice but to stay on top of ‘tidiness’, since he gets into and nibbles on everything. Yet recall that I don’t have a lot of time to spare, so when it comes to everyday tidying of the house, I’ve developed some shortcuts.

Tips for Keeping a Clean House with Little Effort

1. Have less stuff – The more stuff you have, the more time you are spending in caring for it. The solution to not having to constantly clean or put something away, is to ask yourself if you really need it. Tired of a few jackets tumbling out of the closet when you grab one off the hanger? Perhaps it’s time to sort through items and donate and discard as needed. The endgame is knowing that fewer items cluttering a space means the space will stay tidy and clean longer. So sing it with me, ‘Let it go!’

2. Everything has a home – Reduce the clutter and piles of ‘stuff’ laying around by designating a home for each object. Make it a habit to return items to their home immediately after use. If something doesn’t have a true home, go back to tip #1 and decide if said item is needed.

3. Tidy Throughout The Day – To avoid having to dedicate a chunk of time to cleaning, scan and clean as you go. Before I go downstairs with the laundry, I glance around the room and see if there’s anything that belongs downstairs that I can also return to its home. You’re making the trip anyway, so make it a productive one. Another example: before leaving a room, make sure there’s nothing you’re leaving behind that can go with you to the next. Soon, tidying throughout the day will become habit, and you won’t even realize just how much cleaning you are doing with very little effort.

4. Keep Cleaning Supplies Where They are Needed  – You might delay cleaning if what you need for the task is in another area of the house. Instead of keeping it all in one place, share the love where it’s needed. It’ll save time, energy, and there’s no excuse in not getting the job done.

5. Multitask – Use your time wisely and multitask throughout the day. My favourite is to empty the dishwasher while waiting for the water to boil or for something to be defrosted in the microwave. Another is reaching into that bathroom cabinet for the spray and a rag, and cleaning the mirrors and sink while I wait for the tub to be filled so the girls can bathe. Why stand there waiting when you can do two things at once and then be on your way? Done and done.

6. Choose your Products Carefully – Use those products that do the work for you, so you don’t have to. For instance, I just started using Lysol Click Gel on my toilets in between deep cleans. One package comes with a four-week supply. To use, simply press the gel applicator against the dry toilet bowl until it clicks and the gel is affixed to the bowl. With every flush, the water that refills the bowl distributes the gel, which continually cleans the toilet each time.

Easy to use, this efficient Lysol product does the cleaning for you and delivers continuous cleanliness and freshness for up to 1 week. Since we have 3 bathrooms in our home, that’s a whole lot of cleaning time saved. Plus, Lysol Click Gel has a nice Lavender scent that is a most welcome smell for everyone that enters the room.


Have any other tips to share?


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  1. These are good tips , usually ones I live by myself . Havent heard of this product until now , looks like something I would like to try .

  2. I’ve started being really better at staying on top of things, like the dishes and laundry. I don’t know if it’s more effort, or just better planning and execution, but having things “caught up” makes the following days easier. And instead of “hard work”, things like vacuuming and dusting are done while dancing around with the kids, so it’s more fun than work. Makes cleaning feel less like work.

  3. These are great tips. Our biggest problem is that we have too much stuff! I definitely need to downsize!

  4. I hate cleaning, so I have absolutely not tips to add to his. However, YOUR tips are awesome. I can’t wait to give it a try. Anything that makes cleaning take less time is a winner in my book.

  5. Having less stuff definitely makes it easier to clean. I recently moved to Florida, and I purged a lot of stuff. It was great!

  6. I try to conquer at least one “job” per day to do really well. Like scrub the bathrooms etc.

  7. Oh man, having two kids sure takes a toll on the house. I try to do a quick pick up right after the kids go down for naps and bedtime. That helps me keep a handle on things.

  8. I should print this and post copies all overt my house. I’m terrible at keeping up with the messes.. with a toddler I feel like I’m constantly picking something up. We try and purge twice a year, but things accumulate quickly!

  9. I think the first tip is one I need to focus on. I have quite a few things I don’t necessarily need.

  10. I am a big fan of less stuff and everything in a place. If I can’t find it a home, it usually finds the trash or Goodwill. I just wish I could get my husband and kids to put things back in their place… That Lysol toilet bowl thing looks cool. Lysol makes everything smell better. My toilets do not. I should try this out.

  11. Having less stuff is a HUGE one. That’s what we are trying to do now. I’d like to go full spartan, but I guess a few years in army living out of a wall locker will do that to a person. I know it isn’t realistic for a family, but we still have a lot more stuff than we really ever use. Cleaning as you go is something I learned working food service even before the Army so it’s another one that I try to preach to the kids (and myself) as well.

  12. I think you nailed it! I always tidy up throughout the day. This is a huge time-saver come bedtime. Another thing I do: Wash dishes as I cook. That way, post dinner, I have minimal cleanup.

  13. I could definitely get rid of some clutter. These are great tips. I will have to try the Lysol Click Gel. It sounds like an easy way to keep the toilet clean.

  14. These are such great tips! I declutter and get rid of things as needed, especially if I find myself moving the same toys over and over to clean around or behind them, when they are unmoved!

  15. I’m on strike. It’s a never ending battle just to keep the small tasks clean. And LEGO…I swear to god!

  16. As we clean our teeth, our body everyday, we should clean our house everyday. After all, it is where we live and the condition of the environment does impact our mind and body. Thus, as a clean body is a must, clean house and environment should also be must. Thank you for sharing such nice post Treasure.

  17. Great tips. I feel like all I do at the moment is clean and I’m dreading going back to work and trying to fit it all in. This post will help me massively.

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