Tips for Hosting a Safe Holiday Party

Can you feel the holiday season tugging at you in a few different directions yet? Right now, our to-do lists get a little to a lot longer this time of year. Not only do we have the usual chaos of everyday life, yet the added extras that come with this time of year, as we pay special attention to attractive decor, the prettiest of wrap, and delicious food – to name a few.

For most, the holiday season involves a focus on spending ample time with family and friends. Often, it’s with gatherings of great food, company, laughter and cheer. Whether it’s nearby or travelling far {or a couple instances of each}, this is the busiest time of year for going to and hosting parties.

If you’re hosting a party or more this holiday season, there are important things to consider and plan for, to make the event spectacular. Yet there’s more to the process than baking the perfect desserts and choosing refreshments. Special attention also needs to be paid on providing that safe place for guests to celebrate. Before the festivities begin, it’s important not to overlook your holiday party safety plans and become well-versed in your insurance coverage and plan to ensure you’ll have a holly, jolly holiday season.

Tips for Hosting a Safe Holiday Party


Tips for Hosting a Safe Holiday Party:

Prevent Risks Indoors and Out – Make sure your sidewalks, stairs and driveway are cleared of snow and ice and the outdoor areas are well-lit. Insurance companies like Esurance provide customers with voluntary medical protection. This means if someone is injured on your property, this protection will cover up to $5,000 in medical bills, making sure your guests are well cared for.

When fluffing your pillows prior to your partygoers’ arrival, be sure to place any valuables out of sight so they can’t be damaged or broken. Whether there will be children in attendance or not, a good idea to is to look at it as child-proofing your home. Designate the gathering areas in the home and close doors to rooms not being used and private areas.

It’s also important to mention that the holiday season is a burglar’s paradise, with home break ins at an all-time high. So, it’s crucial to not only keep valuables out of sight from a damage perspective, but also from potential thieves. This means ensuring holiday gifts are out of window sightlines. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure valuable household items such as jewelry and sports equipment are covered under your insurance plan should a break in occur.


Safe Celebrating – Holiday parties often involve alcohol, and responsibility is just as important as everyone’s enjoyment. As a host, provide delicious non-alcoholic options and keep an eye on possible excessive drinking. Knowing when to stop serving, and providing activities aside from cocktails is key, along with ensuring everyone has a safe ride home. Plan to serve plenty of food throughout the evening, especially if consuming alcohol and consider dietary or allergy restrictions of your guests.

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Know The Hazards – If you’ll be serving warm appetizers and foods, don’t leave the stove top cooking unattended. Keep the cooking area clear of flammable items such as towels and potholders, because the main cause of house fires is from cooking and kitchen fires.

I know candles add to the holiday atmosphere, yet they can be dangerous when an area is full of people and activity, so try to restrict or at least minimize use. If you opt to use them, keep them away from other flammables and limit the risk by placing them up high. Don’t forget to extinguish them in rooms left unattended and before your head hits the pillow at night.

While this should be checked during other times, before hosting a party is a great time to make sure your fire alarms work. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure your fire extinguisher is appropriately maintained and it is functioning properly. As the holiday host with the most, it’s your responsibly to ensure you are educated in how to use it, as well as informing guests on its location, should an emergency arise.


Get Coverage – I know looking into a home insurance policy is the last thing on your mind when compared to everything else going on during this happy and bustling time of year – yet you’ll be thankful you have it should something go wrong. Companies like Esurance provide customers with comprehensive protection coverage to safeguard their homes, cover their belongings, and protect their personal liability – which is your liability for others’ injuries sustained on your property or that you’re otherwise responsible for. It can also protect you from theft or vandalism and even falling objects.

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Having an incident or accident happen does dampen the holiday spirit, yet there’s reassurance in knowing that companies like Esurance have great people and innovative technology available whenever you need them. Esurance aims to give customers a rewarding, hassle-free experience, competitive prices, and amazing claims service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get a quote, simply call Esurance and speak to one of its customer service representatives.

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? 


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  1. Thank you for the tips. It is so,so very important to be safe, especially when drinking! Merry Christmas!

  2. Awesome tips. Thanks so much. Every year I host a few get togethers over the holidays

  3. Great reminders. Especially baby proofing our home. We don’t think about it until a baby is here so it is good to plan ahead!

  4. Great tips. No we are not hosting a party this year, in the middle of trying to get ready for a move so things are in chaos right now. Happy Holidays!

  5. Yes this is a crazy time of year for break ins. I love the tips to keep holiday gifts out of sight & put valuables away. And make sure to have insurance in case something serious does occur!

  6. All very good tips! I would hate to have an accident at a holiday party or event, so it’s smart to think of possible problems before they occur!

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