When I research a product on the net, I often get discouraged by all the sites and information out there. To find a particular item, I have to go from site to site to compare brands and prices. TinySoles is a site that makes it so much easier for me to shop for kids’ shoes. Founded by 3 Moms who had the same problem, and took action on making shopping easier for all. They carry ALL the top brands in footwear, a one-stop shop to drool over all the shoes I covet. They feature brands such as See Kai Run, Umi, Robeez, Jack and Lily, Eleven…and on and on. Really, it’s like heaven for an online shoe shopper.

And, to make it even simpler and more efficient, you can browse by brand, by size, by style or by age. Tiny Soles really make sit easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Now, having all the shoes you could ever ask for in one place might seem a little daunting, but Tiny Soles wants to make sure you pick the right shoe. For each shoe, you can see the features, Detailed Images, Reviews, Recommended Products and Sizing. I also like their ‘Tiny Tips’, their own take on the shoe. For example on one such shoe that you may be looking at, there is a Tip that says if Baby has chubby ankles, it may be best to go with another brand. Now, this is nice to know before you purchase!

Tiny Soles sent me a Pediped shoe to review. I got the adorable Grace Brown with Polka Dots. For this shoe, Tiny Soles offers a ‘Tiny Tip’, which is pictured here. Very helpful and upon inspection and use of the shoe – very true. This shoe features a oft sole, but with the sole being 3 layers, it would be safe to be worn inside or out. Plus, the darker sole allows it to be easier to keep clean, versus a lighter sole, which is great. Sophia has pretty chubby ankles, and this shoe goes on easily and fits perfectly. Also great is that Tiny Soles displays 7 pictures of this shoe alone, from every angle. Alone and worn. That, coupled with the detailed information in it’s features allows for you to make a smart purchase.

My Pediped came to me in a beautiful gift box, nicely displayed with a thoughtful note. Ideal for sending as a gift. It even came with a sucker in the shape of a foot for my oldest daughter. This alone made her forget that the shoes were for her sisters, she wasn’t left out.
Nice presentation, great customer service and a fine attention to detail make Tiny Soles a great place to shop. I know I’ll be back! Oh, and did I mention that the prices are cheaper than elsewhere?? They even have a ‘daily deal’, a new sale item everyday. And…(I know it gets better) spend $20 and get Free Shipping. (And this include Canada, Baby!)Pretty nice, isn’t it?


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.

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