Tim Hortons Celebrates Canadian Coffee Talks

Many discussions happen over a cup of coffee, intentional or not. It’s the connection made with friends on a planned coffee stop, to chit-chat with others you may not know well while at activities or events.

Coffee Talk happen in meetings, networking, standing at school drop-off, or an early morning kids hockey game. If you pause and think about your own examples, I’m sure the best conversations happen with a cup of coffee in hand. 

Today, September 29th, is National Coffee Day – and Tim Hortons is a big part of that celebration.  

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, talking over a good cup of coffee is a social ritual for building relationships that never goes out of style,” says David Clanachan, COO, Tim Hortons Canada. “With Tim Hortons serving more than 5 million cups of coffee every day, we are privileged and proud to host so many of the coffee talks that happen all day, every day. In honour of National Coffee Day, we want to thank our loyal guests, many who visit us on a daily basis, and our dedicated restaurant owners and team members who uphold our quality commitment.”


We’re honoured to be a daily stop for millions of Canadians, and it’s a privilege we don’t take for granted,” says Clanachan. “Whether our guests are choosing our Original Blend, Dark Roast or limited edition coffees, our goal is to make sure that Tim Hortons coffee is made to exacting standards so that we deliver a superior, consistent cup each and every time.”

Today, Tim Hortons is thanking guests on social media in honour of National Coffee Day. The brand is asking fans to share their favourite coffee moments onTwitter @TimHortons and @TimHortonsUS using #TimsCoffeeDay, for a chance to win Tim Cards every 20 minutes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.



Disclosure: I am apart of the Tim Hortons #Timfluencer program and receive special perks with the program, all opinions are my own.




  1. My daughter is a teenager now, and when she wants to discuss something personal she asks me to go for a coffee. I guess it makes her feel more comfortable.

  2. I don’t drink coffee but my husband does he is happy morning person:) is always says good morning and whistling when ever one in the house gets up, maybe I should start to drinking coffee:) lol

  3. I love talking with my mom over coffee (for me it’s tea). Some of the best conversations start with coffee!

  4. My Mom and I always share a good conversation over a cup of coffee! It’s some of my best coffee talks!

  5. Best Coffee Talk: My Aunt & Uncle who we see only a funerals or weddings because they live so far away meant up with us for a “quick coffee” while they were travelling through our area. That “quick coffee” turned into a couple of hours. It was a lovely visit. I realized how much I miss them & didn’t want the conversation to end.

  6. I love to put my feet up while sipping on a great cup of Tim Horton’s coffee in the morning and reading the news or scanning over facebook.It has become an integrated part of my life now that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each morning! 🙂

  7. BEFORE FIRST MORNING COFFEE: Blerrrrrg… …. blahhhhhhh… …. derrrrrrrrrp …..uhhhhhhhh….. …….

    AFTER FIRST MORNING COFFEE: I am now a coherent & functioning human being capable of handling anything life throws my way!

    Happy National Coffee Day & thanks for the fabulous contest! 🙂

  8. Having a cup of coffee is a great reason to sit and talk with my wife each morning before getting on with the day.

  9. I usually send my kid off to school then i’m alone for most of the day, conversation is usually short as well. but always with a have a good day and i love you

  10. Love when my husband gets home from work and we share about our day while enjoying our coffee

  11. My mom likes to invite me for a coffee when it’s been a while we haven’t talked daughter to mother

  12. talking with a good friend who I dont see often enough, its nice to catchup on what she has been doing

  13. Sunday mornings in the nice weather we sit out on the patio with our Tim’s coffee and muffins.

  14. I love sharing coffee talk with my older neighbour when I bring her a Tim Horton’s coffee after I run my errands

  15. Whenever my sister wants to talk to me about something, she always suggests we go for coffee.

  16. My coffee talk, is enjoying a hot cup of java with hubby.
    We discuss the local and international news of the day.

  17. My kids know that Mom needs to be done half a coffee before I am lucid in the morning …. I always know that something is important when they bring me coffee in the morning !

  18. My friends and I get together for coffee in order to catch each other up on our lives and have a few laughs!

  19. The first thing my husband and I do every morning is brew 8 cups of coffee, then plan our days activities while drinking the entire pot! Our coffee talk always includes our grandson, he’s our little treasure

  20. my coffee talk means there is no coffee talk! i like to have my coffee in the morn after i feed my girls and sit there in silence

  21. coffee talk involves discussing what our kids are up to when I get together with my friends

  22. I love going on road trips with my sister and stopping by Tims to get coffee , before we leave the city

  23. Oh dear I belong to a medieval society. The last time we talked about how disposal of bodies is different in a lot of countries and time periods. Glad nobody was sitting too close to us.

  24. I’m not a coffee drinker, but most everyone I know is. I love to sit with a hot beverage of choice and catch up on what’s been going on in the lives of anyone who cares to join me.

  25. My example of coffee talk is being able to meet up with my spouse during his work day as a Police Officer! Usually he and his team descend upon the local Tim’s to warm up with a double-double and discuss the days business – it gives us a chance to have a laugh!

  26. My best friend and I will talk about anything and everything over a cup of coffee – from holidays to relationships to just being silly!

  27. If hubby & I have a decision to make or problem to solve it is always over a cup of coffee. Coffee just seems to help work things out.

  28. Coffee talk includes weekend plans. “Where do you want to go” “I dunno, where do you want to go?” Repeat

  29. I can’t start my day without Coffee so don’t talk to me until I have had one (LOL).

  30. My husband and I relax and have great conversations over a coffee, and so do several friends. We also meet for a coffee after a dance and a movie. We love our coffee time!

  31. My coffee talk includes talking about the weather, how everything is going, talking about my kids, talking about my pets, etc, etc etc. We talk about everything over a cup of coffee.

  32. I talk about anything but the reason to get coffee is to stop talking for the 10 minutes it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

  33. My coffee talk is almost always with other mums, whining about the latest trauma in raising toddlers.

  34. my friends and I have coffee dates and discuss our great families that we are so proud of

  35. It’s nice just to go out and catch up on events and everyday happenings with friends over a coffee, so our coffee talk can be about anything and everything!!

  36. My tummy does not tolerate perked coffee very well. However, once in a while I have a double, double and I enjoy it so much !

  37. My mom and I love to catch up with our Timmies. She has brought many a cup here to me when I haven’t been well enough to go out and it’s such a pleasure!

  38. Whenever my friend and I go grab a coffee, it’s so we can catch up on our lives and gossip

  39. My coffee talk is done in the mornings at my Mom’s talking about what is happening in our day.

  40. My hubby comes home from work and brings me coffee and we both discuss how our day went over coffee. 🙂

  41. Love catching up with people over coffee! For example, coffee talks with my dad include hockey talk and politics!

  42. My coffee talk is usually involves a meeting with coworkers. The coffee keeps the meeting going and keeps us going.

  43. I don’t know! I generally drink coffee alone and am not able to “people” very well until I’m on my 3rd mug 🙂

  44. Coffee talk is the BEST. I find myself so happy sitting with a coffee in hand and chatting to my best friend about life. It’s perfect!

  45. When we visit each of our sons ….. it is a coffee talk. We always go somewhere for coffee and just listen to how they are doing. We love hearing about their adventures…. small or big. Just so nice seeing how our little boys and now fine young men with such beautiful hearts.

  46. Me and my sisters always go for coffee when we are planning our monthly family get-togethers

  47. Those who know me know that my love of coffee is legendary. Most of my talks are over coffee. I was disciplined at work for drinking too much of the stuff, haha.

  48. I have a weekly coffee date with a friend and we talk/rant about all our crazy mishaps of the week

  49. For me it’s tea and good tea talk can be anything. I love sitting with my mom both of us with our tea talking about my kids and what they have been up to lately.

  50. My coffee talk usually involves catching up with my parents with a couple of cups of coffee at their house after I drop my oldest off at school. My youngest and I walk to their place a few mornings a week for a visit, and we drink coffee and chat while she plays with my old Fisher Price toys that my mom kept.

  51. I have my coffee talk every Thursday. My sister comes over and we drink coffee and gossip!

  52. Since I live on coffee, most of my talks are coffee talks, listening to my daughter & grandson in Germany on Skype, writing and reading msgs from my children around the world, there’s always a coffee in my hand 🙂

  53. My coffee talk is usually with my husband, and we chat about our children and life. It’s a great time!

  54. It usually progresses from non-sensical pre-caffeinated babble to talk about jobs, careers and then then world, ideas, hopes, dreams!!!

  55. On weekend after brunch and some shopping my mom, aunt, grandma and I like to stop at Timmie’s for a break and a chat. I think all of our important information comes from coffee chat!

  56. Coffee talk? I’m usually pretty grouchy and not very chatty until I have a coffee 🙂

  57. My girlfriend and I share a cup of coffee every morning and talk about our plans for the day.

  58. Whenever my coworkers and I want to say thanks without saying thanks we offer one another a coffee or to do a “Timmy’s Run”….

  59. Our morning coffee time means a cappuccino for my husband and a herbal tea for me 🙂

  60. Our coffee talk is really a peer therapy session. Everyone gets a chance to share, vent and commiserate.

  61. My coffee talk ranges from family stuff to politics. And the family stuff is way more interesting 😉

  62. Actually, I usually drink my coffee alone after everyone’s gone to school/work, but I love it, it helps me to prepare for my day and focus on the things I need to do.

  63. My best friend from the dance studio we always meet up to have a coffee to catch up on our daily lives. A day out to enjoy each others company over coffee.

  64. As soon as we are both home, myself and my hubby sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chat about our day.

  65. I have coffee talk with my best friend on the phone every morning. She moved quite a distance away, so we make time every morning to catch each other up on what is going on in our lives.

  66. My morning coffee talk includes, well, grumbling and grunting because it’s morning! But only until I have my coffee. Then it turns to the election, other news, and the wild birds that are coming to my feeder, which I can see while sipping coffee at the kitchen table.

  67. My co-workers and I enjoy a coffee break at the start of the day, especially on Mondays, where we recap our weekends.

  68. Some of the best conversations are while drinking coffee! I like to talk about life and catch up on things with friends

  69. Mmmmmm this cup of coffee smells divine…. *slurp slurp*…. Please pass me one of those biscotti. Thanks.

  70. my husband and I have our morning chats over coffee, time to plan the day and just connect before the day starts

  71. My friends and I love to meet each other over a cup of coffee. Our coffee talk involves catching up with each others’ lives, discussing news and latest events…it’s so easy to get carried away we end up talking for hours (and drinking lots of coffee!)

  72. I don’t chat while drinking my morning coffee, I try to get it into my body as fast as possible!

  73. without my morning coffee, i cannot function, that includes keeping a conversation going

  74. My coffee talk is great conversations with friends about anything and everything. Even if I’m just planning a good chat on the phone I get myself a coffee first.

  75. My coffee talk is on the weekends when my husband is home and we have a moment to chat about our weekend.

  76. When I want to get together with friends or family its always ” lets meet for coffee”

  77. When I was younger there was an awesome coffee shop in my hometown. A ton of lifelong friendships were formed over coffee there. We talked about everything!

  78. When I get home from work I sit on the couch or lean against the kitchen counters with a hot cup of coffee and chat to the boyfriend about the day and whatever else we happen to talk about. It’s nice, relaxing and a part of the day i always look forward to.

  79. Coffee “talk” during my mornings usually really consists of brief nods and similar acknowledgements at work. (We all need coffee just to get going, as it were. ;D)

  80. Tim Hortons is the reason I get up in the morning happy..I have all the k-cups and coffee grinds for machine..I am true believer of Timmies…yummmmm

  81. My coffee talk is usually a catch up to the events going on with friends and family

  82. My coffee talk includes my mom and my sister as we catch each other up on what our day has been like

  83. My husband and I get coffee’s to go sometimes and we always talk about everything as we go.

  84. Coffee talk …. Depends on who I’m with … I talk about the weather, relationships, books, animals, photography, etc

  85. Coffee talk with my husband most mornings. We catch up on our days, kids & now that the kids are all in the school it is great to re-connect.

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