This Is Where I’m From


Tammi RoyI am the last of 7 children from Freemont Close, with 2 large apple trees perfect to climb. An overgrown garden filled with food and grown with love.

I am from a neighborhood of friends which was safe to wander, from sun-up to sun-set and the occasional missed curfew. Sounds of song filled the air with 8-tack tapes to 45 records, usually Patsy Cline or Johnny Cash.

I am from a slip and slide and sprinkler in the summer, to building snowmen a mile high in the winter. Cruising down the street on a sparkled red and white banana seat.

I am from steak and potatoes and homemade jam, with long conversations shelling peas at the kitchen table. Scents of Chantilly and Aqua Velva filling my nose.

I am from dancing to Corey Hart and Tiffany, the wind in my spiral permed hair which donned the occasional banana clip or oversized fabric bow on a barrette.

I am from She-Ra, Jem, Rainbow Brite, Pogo Balls and Fashion Plates. Often seen with Lip Smackers and jellies sandals.


I am from watching Punky Brewster and Joey Jeremiah to playing Wonder Boy and Super Mario Bros. With slouch socks and t-shirts decorated with puff paint.

I am from posters from Bop Magazine covering the walls and mixed tapes in a yellow Sony walkman.

I am from studying black and white photos, wishing I had known my Grandparents, English spoken with the occasional Czech words uttered.

I am from home-made matching dresses and sweaters for the whole family, Cabbage Patch included. Photos taken with a Polaroid.

I am from cherished times and I-wish-I-could-forget times, yet it all formed who I am today.
This is where I’m from.

Tammi Roy




  1. wow, crazy how your child picture and belle could be twins! well put tammi but don’t forget all the neon colours everyone wore 🙂

  2. My slouch socks were neon! Sometimes I would wear one neon pink and one neon green one. Punky Brewster and Jem were my obsessions! I wasn’t lucky enough to have a WalkMan until I was older but I did have a pink ghetto blaster.

    I was just saying to my husband last week that I haven’t seen jelly shoes in ages – he had no idea what I was referring to!

  3. How about the old fad— pinning or rolling the cuffs of your jeans over to make them kinda like ‘jeggings’.

    I love Degrassi– we are children of the 80’s.

    1. Yep, I can’t even watch the new Degrassi…. nothing would compare.
      Soooo waiting for it to go to DVD, consider it bought by this girl! lol

  4. Love it! The 80’s rocked! Genevieve now has jellie shoes… I should have kept mine to wear them 20 years later!

  5. What precious memories; it makes me smile as I remember who I am; sometimes as well. SOOOO special Tammi

  6. I SOOOO love this post.

    “I am from posters from Bop Magazine covering the walls and mixed tapes in a yellow Sony walkman.”

    Okay, we officially had the same childhood. And may I say – you haven’t aged a bit since that last picture was taken 😉

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  8. Ive been watching Degrassi Jr High/Degrassi High on Netflix I miss the era we grew up in. I was a little younger then the cast on that show though lol. but I can relate to all the fashion. Whenever I see their notetote binder I go back to grade 4.

  9. I love this! I am from a lot of the same, however a tad bit older than you we didn’t have yellow sony walkmans only transistor radios! You really got me thinking, thanks so much for posting this, it’s great:)

  10. Love this post! It reminds me of a project my son did in school, in which he stated “I am from the Ninja Turtles~ Cowabunga Dude!”

  11. I loved this post, it reminded me of the fun toys & shows we watched & we had when we were younger!

  12. What a great blog, I only wish that my kids could have that freedom to come and go when and where the wind blew that day. Times sure have changed. Personally I am glad permed hair is no longer a fashion.

  13. awww I loved this post! What a great idea for a post! Miss the days of being outside all day losing track of time.

  14. You basically still look a little like that cute girl with the cabbage patch dolls in her hands! 🙂

  15. Im a little earlier so my posters were of Leif Garrett and the Hardy Boys. 🙂

  16. How sweet you are, eh. Little after my childhood dates, but I can relate,
    re: your grandparents. Also, having a garden growing up, helps me know
    how to attend my own garden.

  17. I love that picture of you. I have to admit I remember the days of The Cabbage Patch Craze all too well. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  18. Sounds very similar to the neighbourhood that I grew up in. Every kid should have a place like that to grow up in. Love the pictures!!

  19. Sounds to me like you had a wonderful up-bringing Tammi. Some of the things you mention, I recall too

  20. I think you had a blessed and Happy childhood and teen age years. From your description, your life was filled with family, friends and neighbours and the wonderful life in the innosence of the past. Your were very lucky.

  21. Some of your bio is similar although I am a great deal older than you. Doors were usually not locked at night and we could play any where in our small town as long as we were not late for meals. people married for life and life was very good. We had problems but i felt safe and loved. Good and bad memoiries. I didn’t know my grandparents as they were deceased. I think I missed out there big time. Hugs.

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