There’s No App For This…


My luggage has been through a lot this year, it’s put on many kilometers {heh, thought you’d say miles, didn’t you?}. On the way to the Blissdom Canada Conference in Oct, I noticed that the main zipper was separating. Heading home, it completely fell apart. But, the ladies at the Toronto airport were so nice to give me tape. Being a good blogger, of course I took a photo!

Pretty fashionable, right? My duct-taped luggage was the center of attention, from giggles to pity looks. Ya, ya, move along, people. Nothing to see here.

I was really nervous the whole flight, hoping all my contents didn’t explode on the plane underneath. Upon landing, I held my breath, expecting my name to be called by security, “Tammi, paging Tammi – come to the tarmac to pick up your underthings”. But, the tape held and the case soon came down the carousel {more stares and giggles}. Hey, at least I didn’t have a hard time spotting mine among all the others!

Then, the case took its final trip – to the dump!

I chuckle every time I look at this photo, so I thought you would too!

Happy Monday!



  1. I cannot help but to laugh at the photo, you poor girl. Travel never goes as planned, does it?

  2. i once looked out the plane window while waiting to get off and noticed my underthings were being held up by the luggage dude cause my suitcase had come apart!!!

    1. Oh no Nan!! My post hit a little too close to home, then. You ‘get’ my feelings that day, right?!! Hugs woman!

  3. haha omg I have a luggage strap (think big belt with plastic snap push together clip) Is this what thats for? I have no clue. I would be mortified if my undies were being examined by the baggage handlers.

  4. Love it lol. I guess we know what Santa is bringing you… Hope you’ve been a good girl; you really need new luggage. 🙂

  5. I bought a luggage set from Costco right before my trip to Hawaii in October, and when we arrive I found it started to rip near the zipper. I thought I was safe because it was a hard shell. I was so frustrated.

  6. This is why I usually pack shipping tape or duct tape, especially when the luggage is on its last seams. I call it “insurance” (although I’m sure TSA calls it “suspicious”).

  7. Ha Ha……love it! At least you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone taking your suitcase in error!

  8. yup to the dump she must go! I worked at the Vancouver airport one summer as a teen. I have a few stories I could share about luggage handlers!! 🙂

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