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One thing is for certain about the clothing at Anne Geddes Clothing – the items inspired by the longtime loved prints are truly an excellent next step for fans around the world. I have a particular fondness for the Waterlily Jacket, since the print that inspired this line was one of the firsts that I owned. I had the opportunity to review the Waterlily Jacket by Anne Geddes Baby, and I smile thinking back to my own childhood and the
memories that it provokes.

Unlike some of the other jackets at Anne Geddes baby, the Waterlily Jacket is a lighter weight, which was worn often by the twins in the early fall. It’s made of velour and Cotton, and lined with the same patterned waterlily babies fabric that was featured on the Sundress and Bloomers set that I already reviewed. The outside of the jacket has many nice details which I find darling, from the contrasting anglaise trim to the embroidered flower on the back. Yet what I like most about this jacket is the shape. There are no sharp corners and edges, all are rounded to compliment the delicate trim. The back of the jacket is cut to be longer than the front, not only providing for a nice shape but also makes it useful for babies and toddlers. After all, how many jackets seem to be too short for them when they are sitting?

When the weather got colder it was nice to put them in the car seat and know that their lower back was covered and that I didn’t have to fuss with pulling it down. And, of course there’s the bending over to constantly pick things up off the ground, yep – no diaper is flashed to the world with the Waterlily Jacket on!. The size I received is one bigger than they wore at the time, yet this was perfect as I could roll up the sleeves a little and show off the lined print of the jacket! The Waterlily Jacket is my current favorite, simply because the shape matches the design, and as it’s so carefree, flowing, soft and utterly pretty.

If you are now debating on purchasing the Waterlily Jacket, let me convince you farther…it’s on sale right now at 50% off. Yes, this Jacket is only $17.87, and that’s a sweet deal! In fact, all of the apparel in the Waterlily collection is 50% off!! At these fantastic prices they are going out of stock really fast, so head over and look. In fact, I am going back there right now. And, sizes run from 0-3 months to 5 years. This sale is online at, yet you can also shop at the Flagship Anne Geddes Store in Downtown Disney {Anaheim, California}.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own

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