One Year Old Twins!!!

It’s hard to believe what 1 whole year has passed since the Twins were born. I have one year old twins?!

From being so tiny that their entire hand barely wrapped around one of my fingers,
to the little explorers that they are now….I am in awe that a year has passed!

How fun to be 1, and also…
Mommy survived the first year with twins! Yippee! (Though I really think that once you are used to life with Twins, it’s not that hard).
And, since you have no choice but to adapt – parents of Twins need learn quickly and pay attention to the little things that make it all easier!
And then it’s a piece of cake, birthday cake that is!

Here’s what the Twins are doing these days:

~ Katie can wink, with both eyes. She started doing it one days and I started freaking out, “OMG, Katie’s squinting at things!! She can’t see!!”
Then, we figured out she was doing it one purpose and when asked to. I’m still not sure how she learned it, but it’s pretty darned cute!
~ Sophia growls at people. I haven’t figured out why and what causes her to do it. Sometimes it’s when I’m making her mad (Mom, I don’t want a bum change!). Other times, it’s just random. Like shopping for example, she’ll growl at the random person to looks at her…??
~ They both wave (hi and bye) and clap their hands. Once one of them starts clapping, the other chimes in. Again, pretty adorable.

Favorite Songs:
~ Katie: ‘The itsy bitsy spider’. She even does the hand movements!!
~ Sophia: The theme song to ‘Two and a Half Men’. Yes, her third word was ‘Men’ and she dances and SINGS along whenever she can. She just loves it!

On the Move:
Both Katie and Sophia are crawling at high speeds all over the place. It is hilarious to see them race each other, And, if one wanders to another room, the other follows. Yes, my twins travel in a pack! They are also walking around furniture, which gets a little crowded sometimes.

~ Sophia is the picky one when it comes to food. Which was the total opposite about 4 months ago. Sophia used to eat anything, but not anymore. At the beginning of every mealtime, she hides her face and peeks out at her sister eating, checking out if she likes it first. Once Katie hasn’t puked or pushed it away – then Sophia will try it.
~ Katie will now eat anything, and she is generally a cleaner eater too. Unlike Sophia, who rubs food into her hair and everywhere – Katie doesn’t spill a drop. That is unless she starts blowing raspberries with food in her mouth. Then, I’m a mess – but she’s still clean.
Their favorite foods are toast, yogurt, rice cookies and fruit. They are not fans of real squash, carrots or peas (they still prefer the jarred kind)

~ Katie is still toothless. She seems to be teething off and on, yet nothing has broken through.
~ Sophia has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) and it looks like another top will be coming any day now. She loves her teeth, and enjoys ‘chunky’ food more than her sister (Katie spits out most chunks)

Oh, my favorite part about having twins!!
The bond between them already is just remarkable. The hold hands and smile at each other during dinnertime and wave at each other every morning. They are best buddies, and get really cranky and ‘edgy’ when the other isn’t near. They play peek a boo with each other and share toys and suckies. Yet, the occasional scrap does occur. At that time, there is a lot of shoving, hair pulling, and tears. This, I’m alright with – as I can just imagine what their fights will be like when they are teenagers. I’m sure I haven’t seen anything yet!

From 6’5 and 5’7
to 22 pounds – healthy, happy and beautiful…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sophia and Katie!

Notice they are wearing their DaBaby Shirts?
I still love them, and after dozens of washes, they still look new!

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