The Trendy Tadpole

My family is anything but ordinary, especially our kids. So, do we dress them in plain clothes?? Not if I can help it! I like to hunt down hip and unique clothes, ones that stands out to be as witty, bold and energetic as they are. The Trendy Tadpole is a shop whose products are based along those same lines. Their onesies and tees for kids are clever and fun; exactly like their maker, a gal named Julie.

Browsing through the store, you are in for a definate chuckle. Right from the homepage of the site, I found myself smiling. Their sections of ‘Witty’, ‘Hip’ and ‘Trendy’ are not only a great way to describe the tops under each heading – But, it’s also a great description for the store itself. If you look through the site, you will find more jokes, phrases and cute sayings all over the place. It makes for a fun virtual shopping experience, and shopping should be really fun, right?! Plus, the sizes are from 3-6 months all the way up to a women’s XL and a men’s L. So, there’s no leaving anyone out.

Some of my faves from The Trendy Tadpole have to be the ‘I love Johnny Cash’ (just because Daddy would be so proud of his little ones, and would want a matching one for himself) and the ‘King of the Playground’. And did I mention the price is right too? They have a great promotion going on: Buy a Shirt, tell 10 friends about it via email, and get a free shirt! So, really it’s Buy 1, Get 1 in my opinion!!

I was sent a pink long sleeved Lap Tee to test out. The choices! You get to pick color, size, sleeve length and style of top too! After all, it’s hip to customize! The design on the front of the tee is 2 Giraffes in brown. Why do I think the design is hip and trendy? Well, Hello…2 giraffes (two babies). I think it has a little subtle humor to it. And, they look all cozy and happy – just like my girls act with each other (unless they are fighting over a toy). Plus, I would never find something like this in a store. Very unique to anything I could purchase in my area. The shirt itself is made by ‘American Apparel’ and is very soft. Julie advises many times that this brand tends to run small. Usually, the twins wear about a 12 month comfortably, so I got the 12-18 month size. It is a bit of a loose fit, but kids only grow and grow. Plus, right now I’d layer it anyway, so it’s actually perfect.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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