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Anytime you jump on social media, you’re pretty much slapped with bad news at every turn. Lately it’s been all about the economic downturn here in Alberta, then the newsfeed was saturated with shocking news updates of the Fort McMurray forest fires. Combine these with daily alerts of missing children, theft, and animal cruelty – it’s so depressing to see all the bad, all the time. 

Yet out of the ashes {quite literally}, came some pure goodness.


Soon the evacuation, horror and loss shares were being pushed out by the spreading of so much good. Like sunshine after a rain, came the stories of heroes who saved lives and most of all – gave hope.

Masses upon masses of people offered financial and emotional support, clothing, supplies, and even homes. Businesses offered immense discounts or competed products and service to those who needed it most. Individual people were collecting items from each city and personally delivering them to those who needed the basic necessities of life. Each and every person doing good things made me smile so broad that tears formed. 

It was such a nice change to see goodness taking the stage, and giving hope to the almost 90,000 people affected.

We need more of that – we all need to search out the good, and give credit to those that make that massive difference. In doing so, I believe it inspires more acts of kindness as well.

Post believes there is genuine goodness in every Canadian, and that’s something they want to recognize and celebrate.

post search for goodness canada

The Search for Goodness is a national search to recognize individuals who embodies genuine goodness and deserves to be recognized for their selfless commitment to their community.

During the next several months Post is asking Canadians to share stories of people they know who go above and beyond to make their community a great place. The winner will receive $10,000 to help spread more goodness.

This is the fourth year of the Post Search for Goodness contest, and right now they need nominees who deserve recognition! 

How to Nominate:

  • Visit {full contest rules at the link as well}
  • Log in with Facebook or your email
  • Upload a photo of your nominee and explain why this person is a genuinely good person in no more than 150 words
  • Once you have nominated someone, you can vote for their story to help them make it into the top 10 finalists {Each day you can vote for as many individual stories as you like; however, you can only vote for each story once per day}

post search for goodness past nominees

If you know someone who exemplifies goodness in your community, please share their story. You can nominate an individual or a team of up to three people {in the case of a winning team, the team members will share the prize equally}.

Perhaps you know of someone who has gone that extra mile to those in need. I’m sure there are endless stories that could be shared, from each and every community in Canada. Let’s be apart of the awesome act of goodness sharing by nominating the incredible deeds from the amazing people that surrounds us. 

Post_seacrh for goodness

*You have until July 25 2016 to nominate and voting ends July 31, 2016. The 10 finalists will be determined based upon the number of votes received and from there, the winner will be selected by a panel of judges at Post Foods, whom will then announce the winning story on in late August, 2016. .




WIN IT: One Canadian My Organized Chaos reader will get a breakfast prize pack from Post!

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TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good luck! 



This is a sponsored post yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. i would nominate a friend of mine – she spends all her time volunteering, and helping others (including animals!) She is all i would like to be (but am not!)

  2. I would nominate my medical teacher. He is alway helping others out when in need. Outside of work and what is expected of him as a teacher

  3. I would nominate my Dr..he goes beyond the call, he cares and even makes calls to the house to see how I’m doing..

  4. I would nominate a good friend of mine, she has come a long way, she just opened up a store in our small town and she is always helping others!!

  5. I would nominate my friend who is always volunteering and trying to help our animals in need! She is an amazing role model!

  6. I would nominate a friend who has always given of herself to volunteer on community activities.

  7. I would nominate my old manager. She always volunteer and went the extra miles. Amazing woman!

  8. I would nominate a friend of mine.. Not only is she a PSW in our local community, she is returning back to school in September to become an RN. She is a Community Guider with Girl Guides of Canada as well as runs two units (a spark and a guide unit). She also is a leader with the Mosaic Group and will be taking 10 girls to Alberta this July for the Jamboree.. For all the units she participates in – her own daughter is not part of them.

  9. What a great contest! Love Post cereals (although I do miss the little prizes that were in them as a kid).

  10. I would nominate a lady in our community who rescues Cat/Kitties who have no hope,raises monies to get them a health check with the vet and find them a home,she rescues in rain ,hail or snow she is truly amazing

  11. I would nominate my neighbour. He goes above and beyond to help our community. He volunteers an enormous amount of his time and is always eager to help when he finds out someone is in need.

  12. I would nominate a woman I’ve never met in person. She raises money to trap and rescue cats. Without pay, every night, she finds and saves up to 3 sick and injured cats.

  13. I would nominate a coworker. She’s always volunteering and helping others! Very empathetic

  14. I would nominate a friend of mine that I just recently got back in touch with. She does a lot for peoplein her community.

  15. Hmm, I’d nominate the pharmacist in Ft, McMurray who stayed behind to ensure that people got the medicine they needed. And of course all the firefighters and other volunteers who did so much to help others.

  16. I was going to go nominate the fire chief from Ft. McMurray but saw someone had beat me to it, so I shared it on facebook for my friends to vote on.

  17. I would nominate a local business woman who is always doing and donating for others while running a busy restaurant.

  18. I would nominate my best friend social work is her field and even when not at work she is advocating amd helping others

  19. i would nominate my dad who is always volunteering at both his church and community center to get things done!! 🙂

  20. I would nominate my friend who is a teacher and goes above and beyond for her students!

  21. I would nominate my sister, Marlene …she is always helping family members out and does a lot for her local Fire Dept.

  22. I would nominate my sister. She helps out the mentally ill by being an advocate when she can and takes them to do errands or appointments.

  23. I would nominate my sister. She runs the breakfast club at her kids public school and she volunteers so much of her time there. She goes on field trips for any of the classes that need her, just not with her own kids. She makes popcorn and sells it at breaks for fundraising and she helps out with pizza days and reading with the younger grades. She loves helping them out.

  24. I would nominate a good friend of mine. She’s always doing for others, she’s like a supermom. She’s active in the church, she’s an elementary school teacher, she’s a soccer coach, she’s always there for her kids, and her friends, and anyone else who needs it. Simply put, she’s amazing.

  25. I would nominate friends of mine, a married couple, who always go above and beyond for friends, neighbors and their community. They are 2 of the most selfless people I know

  26. I would nominate my uncle who is an artist and is always willing to help different community events with his art work.

  27. Good question! I would nominate my mom and I do have another friend in mine 🙂

  28. I would nominate my neighbour, Laurie. She is such a genuinely nice person. Whenever she goes on her daily walks, she brings a garbage bag with her to pick up any litter in our neighbourhood. The people at our community centre also speaks highly of her as she volunteers a lot there.

  29. I’d nominate a friend who spends her spare time seeing what she can do to make other people’s lives easier – she’s wonderful!

  30. I would nominate my good friend. She runs the local Army Cadets here and spends a lot of her time with them, both working and non-working hours. She puts in a lot of time volunteering with them at community events.

  31. I would nominate my Mom. She’s the most caring and helpful person I know. She never thinks twice about putting others and their needs before her own 🙂

  32. I would nominate my neighbor because he is always helping out other neighbors when they need a hand with anything.

  33. I’d nominate my sister. She works with kids with multiple mental health problems and is always there for me when I need her!

  34. I’d nominate one of my neighbours who is retired yet continues to work hard for many causes. Volunteers at the food bank, gardening committee for the town, offers free tutoring. I’m not sure where she gets the energy or the time, but she does.

  35. I would nominate my mother in law who has taken such good care of her friend with cancer.

  36. I would definitely nominate my mom as she is coming to assist my sister with her new baby for as many weeks as possible. Great family

  37. I would nominate a friend of the family who helps many people & causes financially and with good humour.

  38. I have so many people i would nominate but i chose to VOTE from site Good Luck to everyone

  39. I would nominate my brother in law, who works from home so he can look aftr and support his wife who has MS.

  40. I would nominate my friend who volunteers tirelessly and yet is the first to offer to take my kids whenever I am feeling bleh. She gives so much and I just don’t think she gets recognized much for all her effort!

  41. I nominated my hubby who has been volunteering for over 20 years, helping youth achieve their goals and earning scholarships to various Canadian and U.S. universities. It is tireless and selfless for a father of 5.

  42. I would nominate my great friend , she’s fighting bigger battles than she can handle , she deserves the best of everything right now 🙂

  43. I nominate Martin Keating. After a very bad accident I had, He should me it was worth living still living and getting out of bed. I now love my life.

  44. I would nominate one of my best friends, who puts the needs of other people ahead of her own!

  45. I would nominate a woman I met through International Union Study, she’s the homestay co-ordinator. Cathy is the kindest and she is always doing things for everyone, asking nothing in return 🙂

  46. I would nominate sylvia chave from our town as she does tons of volunteer work at our local schools

  47. I would nominate Donna Ireland who busted her butt getting donations together for the fort mac evacuees, even making deliveries with a broken toe!

  48. I would nominate a gentleman that I work with. He is originally from Syria and he has sponsored two young men, (they are brothers) from Syria and brought them here to Canada. He has put them up in an apartment and is helping them in their day to day life.

  49. I would nominate a dear friend of mine, always helping and volunteering everywhere!! A single mom and has also put her son through university on her own..

  50. I nominate my sister, Karrie. Not only is she a great teacher to her grade 10/11 class, she volunteers at her local church.

  51. I think I would nominate my little girl. She’s got a huge heart and whenever she encounters another child crying she always wants to investigate and make sure they are ok.

  52. I would nominate my sister Karen, she is a mom to 4 beautiful kids, who keep her on her toes ! thanks for the chance

  53. I would nominate my mother-in-law. She has won national awards for her dedication to the environment, is the local leader of the Sierra Club, volunteers almost daily at her Grandchildren’s school and takes care of her ailing mother and all that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what she does!

  54. I would nominate one of my girlfriends. She’s been getting involved in the community ans trying to give back when she can.

  55. I am not sure whom I would nominate , there a couple people for different reasons that I could choose . Though likely my mom .

  56. I would nominate one of my neighbours who is very active in the community and volunteering

  57. I would nominate my husband who is a special needs teacher and volunteers as a hockey and baseball coach. he is always thinking of the community and how he can give and help. he is genuinely a very good person 🙂

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