The Power of Baking

The windows open to the fresh air and sunlight pouring through the window. She and I in aprons, with gentle hands guiding mine as we worked through the short tasks of rolling, measuring and sifting.

This is a memory of when I was young, baking in the kitchen with my Mother. This look back soothes and calms me, and puts a huge smile on my face.

A recent survey commissioned by Becel showed that 65% of Canadians agree that baking can be therapeutic and relaxing. From my memories to today, I can most certainly agree. There’s much power in baking, way more than its ability to channel creativity and self-expression.

Therapeutic relaxing benefits of baking

The power of baking comes from feelings of control in completing a guided short task from start to finish. With endless to-do lists that seem to grow by the second, and larger tasks that are drawn-out to never getting done {I’m looking at you, baby books}, baking is a task you see through to the end – a creation completed which evokes a sense of pride and personal growth.

The act of baking and concentrating on following a recipe pushes out swirling thoughts, and forces you to slow down and be present in every step-by-step direction which leaves you with a sense of satisfaction in the end.

For many, the holiday season can be a stressful one, for obvious and varied reasons. I understand the pressures and stressors added onto everyday life this time of year. Which is why a focus on ‘the good’ is most welcome, and especially right now.

Becel wants Canadians to channel the power of baking and reap the benefits – to allow your energies to sift through simple series of steps to create something wonderful and delicious.

Therapeutic relaxing benefits of baking bakewithheart Becel

Becel products can replace butter 1:1 in virtually any of your favourite baking recipes for a delicious, plant based alternative. Becel is versatile, and ready to use straight from the fridge, without extra softening time needed. This is actually pretty important to me, since I find it a tad stressful to be halted right at the peak of my baking mindset when I have to spend that extra time to soften the butter. Bypassing this is avoiding that roadblock, and makes the process easier.

Therapeutic relaxing benefits of baking bakewithheart

There’s also new limited-edition Becel Sticks in stores nationwide, they are four 1/2 cup pre-measured sticks. These make baking easier and faster, especially for the newbies or those unsure about measuring ingredients. One tip I do have, is to clean as you go, so that there’s not a massive clean-up to be done at the end. This lessens the stress and allows you to sit back and relax sooner.

Becel Sticks

For your creation inspiration, check out the Becel recipes, there’s a wide variety available. I’m loving the Becel Anything Goes Cookie Dough, it’s a customizable base cookie recipe guaranteeing soft and chewy cookies. When cookies are made, they just have to be soft, am I right? Since the holiday season is upon us, I’m sharing the link to their Shortbread recipe was well. Mmmm, shortbread.

Therapeutic relaxing benefits of baking bakewithheart

Finally, the therapeutic power of baking is one that lasts – as your delicious creation is then enjoyed for a period of time after completion. So, you can sit back with a warm cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy the treat you made.

Bake with Becel today, and #BakeWithHeart. Don’t forget to share and spread that joy and happiness you created!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.




  1. I just picked up some of the Becel sticks. So handy. And no waiting for something to soften….I’m impatient like that. Hopefully Becel keeps them around permanently.

  2. I’m almost done Xmas gift shopping and then I will be into some serious baking. Tarts are on the menu. I have not seen these Becel sticks yet. They would would be convenient

  3. I certainly don’t have memories of baking taking place in my house as a kid, but i love doing some now.

  4. I remember helping my mother bake and then when I grew up I continued and I still like baking but I hate the clean up.

  5. It’s good to know that I can substitute Becel for butter 1:1 in most recipes and that they are available in half cup sticks for those of us that like to skip the measuring.

  6. I seen it at walmart , will def be getting for my Christmas baking 🙂 lots of cookies and peanut butter balls on the list !

  7. I just bought these Becel sticks for the first time yesterday and will be trying them out this weekend. We made the switch to Becel this year because it spreads so much better but I was still using our old brand for baking because I couldn’t find Becel in a pre-measured form. I’m really hoping they decide to make them a permanent item.

  8. I just saw these new Becel sticks in stores for the first time yesterday! Great idea! I will definitely be trying them out for my holiday baking! 🙂

  9. I’d love to check out the shortbread cookies, the last time I’ve eaten shortbread was in my childhood…
    Looks like this new Becel is going to be a hit, very convenient.

  10. I find baking so therapeutic. My daughter loves to bake too when feeling stressed.

    It’s easy to forget your worries for a little while following recipes, measuring and mixing ingredients.

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