The No-Sleep Momma


The No-Sleep Momma. That’s what I’ve officially named myself. The Chaos has hit full force.

One of my twins has decided to scream at night, all night.
Not cry…but talk (very, very loudly)
As I lay listening to the monitor, she gets louder and louder (eventually it’s a cry).
Teething? a cold? Revenge?
Not sure.

She has done this now for almost 2 weeks (here and there), but this is the 3rd day straight – and I’

I total up 6 hours of her screaming off and on, just in last night alone.
And I tried everything.

Rocking, Feeding, Teething relief, changing, Burping her, Music, and Pain Reliever.
Even a trip to the doctor.


Then, after a while of screaming at the top of her lungs, all the kids are awake.
It’s pretty bad when my 4 year old stumbles out of her room at 4am and says,
“Can’t a girl get some sleep around here?”.
You and me both, sweetie!

How can a baby sleep for only 7 hrs a day, for 3 days straight??
I hate to seperate the Twins into different rooms, but I may have to if this continues…

So, I’m here – still in my PJ’s, bold roast in hand {Thanks again, Keurig – once again you have saved my day} and trying to write up a post.

My mind is mush.

Why am I writing this?

Maybe someone has a suggestion? A cure?

A Nanny I can borrow?


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