The Importance of Self Expression – Barbie #SUPERSTYLE

I’m constantly amazed by my kids fashion sense. My oldest daughter definitely marches to her own beat, opting for accessories like neon, flashy scarves, and fun socks. It’s not uncommon to see her with at least one dramatic accessory. Sometimes matching and sometimes not so much – she does stay on top of the latest trends but has the ability to turn them into her own look.

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My fraternal twins are very unique little girls and their fashion choices represent! One of my twins has always chosen coordinating outfits and can pair the best clothing. She has a great eye for fashion, right down to the complimentary hat or purse!

She’s never needed guidance when it comes to pairing clothing, just like her personality for taking the initiative and being independent.


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Now, my other twin – well, she’s the opposite. She doesn’t care if anything matches and picks items that she loves regardless if one has stripes and the other, dots. She’s truly unique and displays what she loves proudly – no matter what. She’s the one that’s always seen in a headband, even over a winter touque. Cause that’s what she likes and there’s no stopping her!


barbie-besuper-mattelThing is, fashion and style have always been a creative form of self-expression and no one knows this better than Barbie®. For decades, Barbie® has used the latest trends from around the world to express herself and own personal style. This month, she’s encouraging little ones to #BeSuper by using their own #SuperStyle to show the world who they are inside.

With the Barbie® Fashionista dolls, girls can use the dolls to outwardly express what makes them beautiful on the inside and showcase their uniqueness and individuality.

The line of Barbie® Fashionista dolls includes 23 uniquely-styled Barbies with eight different skin tones. To offer your little one even more selection, there are also 18 different eye colours and 22 hairstyles, all dressed in trendy, authentic street fashions!

Barbie #SUPERSTYLE fashionista dolls giveaway

Stay tuned for the launch of a Barbie® fashionistas #SuperStyle music video in stop-motion on!



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  1. my daughter is all about the leggings doesnt matter what shirt she is wearing as long as its paid with leggings. (now with the warmer weather she is loving the legging kapris)

  2. My niece wears what she likes whether or not is matches. She loves patterns and bold colours – never know what she is going to have on!

  3. My granddaughter loves shoes that light up and sparkle, they are a must for her 🙂

  4. My daughters style is comfort but man she loves her shoes. sparkles, boots, flats she will try them on just for fun at the house.

  5. My granddaughters both love wearing dresses and they have to pick everything out for themselves. It doesn’t work well shopping without them as they have very unique tastes in clothing!

  6. My youngest loves anything pink, or My Little Pony. My oldest… is still figuring out her style. Kinda girly, kinda comfy.

  7. My daughter loves to wear bright colour top and slim fit jeans/pants with shoes that has ligts on when she walks

  8. my daughter loves to dress to the nines on every chance she gets. Full on glitter and all!

  9. she tends to pick her own clothes out, and everything has to match, and she has to have hair accessories too, she is a real fashionista

  10. My granddaughter put her #superstyle on paper with sketches of gowns and other clothes

  11. Your three girls are so adorable and obviously fashionistas in their own way! My identical twin sister and I have similar tastes,but we do not have the same favortie colors. Our older sister has completely different taste,much more conservative. Enjoyed this feature on fashion and tastes.

  12. Each of my granddaughters has their own style. The oldest is very into fashion and style and her sister who is 2 years younger dresses for comfort and their 4 year old sister is also into fashion. A few times when I have picked out her clothes while babysitting I have been told the shirt and pants are not from the same line and she goes on to show me what goes with what. She also likes a bow to match her outfits so I make those for her.

  13. My children are adults now but my great granddaughters, who are both 3 yrs. old, have a preference for pink and/or mauve–and they are very persistent in those color choices.

  14. My daughter is all about bold leggings and colours! And she has more shoes than I do. Lol.

  15. Some days it’s all about stripes, then she has her really girlie moments and out come the twirly dresses….

  16. My daughter likes to dress in bright colours and to be comfortable. She likes experimenting with different looks:)

  17. My granddaughters are all girly girls, love pink and purple, wearing dresses and layering outfits

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