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I really love the trend and style of vinyl lettering and wall art. I love the fact that you can easily decorate any room, and then remove it just the same. Yet, when it comes to my kids’ rooms, I wasn’t impressed by the choices of wall art found in retail outlets. Then I came across Canada’s own The Creative Individual, and was absolutely blown away.

Steve, the designer, director and muralist is a natural when it comes to producing fun and stimulating designs for kids while respecting the parents’ need for simple application and thoughtless effort. The Creative Individual is every kids’ dream and every parents’ savior!

I have to show you the Kids Murals! They are amazing in color and detail and also used in offices and restaurants. I have always dreamed of having one painted on the walls in the kids’ rooms, my visions much like this ‘Cherry Blossom Tree’.
Yet, I was realistic not only in my own creative disabilities, but also for the obvious restraint – ‘what if we move?’. The Creative Individual is your option for astounding murals which are removable and reusable. And a thrifty cost when compared to the alternatives!

The Paste-upsdo stick onto the wall with paste, yet have no fear! They are removable and reusable as well. These come in some great designs from small to big and are made of a suede canvas type of material. I love the fact that there are so many themes to choose from, No matter what your child is interested in – whether it be cars, trains, animals or princesses.

The Popups are cleverly just that. Little pops of imagination which impact on a much bigger scale. I like that the items available in the forms of pop-ups, are mostly gender neutral and would suit babies to kids. The Creative Individual also has growth charts, and the giraffe one is my pick for favorite! We had one for Isabelle, taped to the wall. Yet, it was sadly torn down by a curious friend of hers and it left me sad and wondering why I had trusted this method so much?! I should have known! Let me save you so much trouble and disappointment. Get a good one right from the start, one that’ll last.
Steve was so kind in sending some Popups, the Monkeys and the Dots to review. (I have to add in here, Whoa – fast shipping Steve! I see you also cater to the impatient and eager!)
Design: Now that I have seen The Creative Individual’s designs in person, I will never take a second glance to any other. Why? To me they are not a picture, or image nor a cartoon. It looks like a painting. The items have a 3 dimensional quality that stands out amongst the crowd and allows it to be a leader in wall art. The colors are bold and distinct. Kids’ imaginations and creative sides will go wild.
Application: The Popups are so very easy to apply, just take off the parchment paper backing, and place one end of the design on the wall as a starting point. Rub with a squeegee or credit card (see, the impatient side of me didn’t want to waste time looking for the squeegee, locating a credit card was much easier!) Then, just peel off the top plastic layer. Now – I have applied many vinyl products to my walls. The thing I appreciated most about the application of this art, was that the top plastic layer was very thick. This allowed me to apply one part of the product, and keep the rest away from the wall until you were ready to place it. When I used these Popups, I realized just how difficult the other brands were. The previous ones I had used were so flimsy, they bent and had a great chance of folding on itself. Having a thicker and stronger plastic layer made it so easy to apply on my own. Not once did I wish I had an extra pair of hands.

Arrangement: At first I wasn’t sure where to put the Popups. Monkeys had no place in Isabelle’s room, too many princesses cramping their style! The only room that had bare walls was the play room. And what a great room to add these to, after all – it is usually a jungle in there!! It was so easy to decide where to put the Monkeys. Actually, I wish there were a whole tribe of them for the walls. Adorable! At first glance of the Dots, I thought there was no way I could arrange them in a creative pattern, and making this kind of choice puts me in a state of panic. I also thought that there no way there was enough to fit one room. I was surprised after I started arranging them, how easily it came. Some big, some small, just dots. But, I just love them! I did the whole room and still have some left!

Need to know a little technical information about The Creative Individual’s Product?Designs for both boys and girls, Steve takes kids’ interests into consideration to ensure that their room is a unique and cherished. A place to feel comfortable, play, learn and grow – and a beautiful place to call home!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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