The Cookie Said So {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}



So much optimism in a wee little cookie!


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  1. I have a huge craving for fortune cookies now. Right before my friend her baby she had one that read “you will soon have a tiny visitor”.

    1. that is cool, Randa! Did she keep the fortune?
      That would make the best addition to a photo in a frame!

  2. The best part is… You have to add “in bed” at then of all fortune cookies πŸ™‚ wink wink… Is hubster home?

    1. Hahaha!!!

      YES – ALL fortune cookies are applicable when adding, ‘to bed’ at the end!
      I thought of it then and every time I read a fortune, it’s just habit now!

    1. Oh, I get terrible ones – but, when I get a good one, I hold onto it for a while!
      You just never know….

    1. Thank you – hard to define what that would entail, but I got a lottery ticket just in case!

  3. So good!! You deserve every opportunity that is offered and maybe one will bring you to Ontario so we can visit again:)

  4. Haven’t had a fortune cookie in a long time. I love reading my fortunes! I should have Chinese soon πŸ™‚

  5. Haha… I like how it reads confronted with unlimited opportunities, as those they will be forced upon you. Makes you think that even if something happens that isn’t all that great now, maybe in the near future it’ll turn into a great opportunity. Best wishes and happy WW!

      1. We used to read them aloud ending each statement with “in bed” and giggles would ensue. Since I don’t feel like explaining to my 4 year old WHY Dad thinks this is hilarious, we’ve dropped the practice. But yeah, for giggles, not for soothsaying advice.

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  7. Yeah, I pretty much can never ever read a fortune cookie without adding “in bed” to the end too. Either way, choose wisely!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Hi Tammi !
    You can’t get much better fortune than that can you ?!
    Lets hope it comes true. Thx for hosting a link up party.
    Jennie xx

  9. If the cookie said, it surely is going to happen! I got one this fall that said, “Don’t judge artwork with a critical eye.” I’m a college art instructor! Kind of comes with the profession. I showed it to my boss. We had a good chuckle. πŸ™‚

  10. What a great fortune! About a month before my husband proposed, I was still in college having lunch with a friend and I got a fortune that said, “The person you are thinking about is also thinking about you.” I kept that one!

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