The Chaos of Travel Planning and What Not to Overlook

In a week my oldest daughter and I will be boarding a plane and spending a week in sunny Orlando. While excitement is there of course {especially today as it’s currently -37 in Alberta}, right now my mind is primarily swarming with chaos over the massive to-do’s involved in travel planning.

Of course there’s our required suitcase filling, yet also the many side things that need to be done before we depart. The twins are staying behind for the week, so they need to pack as well, which essentially means I’m packing for two trips at the same time.

Then there’s dog sitting, and we can’t forget the cat. Are their vaccinations up to date? Is my sunscreen from last year expired? Are our summer sandals comfortable enough for much walking, or is buying footwear in order? Do our tank tops and shorts still fit? And where are those sunglasses?

Truth is, much of my to-do list is for items needed while on our trip, but also things we might need. Sunscreen, but also aloe vera just in case. Simple first aid items and pain relief are a must. Also I can’t forget contacts, glasses and even our extra pair of lenses

… this particular to-do reminds me of my European vacation many years ago, when I got an eye infection and couldn’t wear my contacts for the duration of my trip. I still chuckle that my first visit when landing in Paris was to an eye doctor. If I didn’t have coverage, would I as a student been able to afford an out-of-country eye doctor and needed medication? Without travel insurance my European vacation would have been a very different experience.

Which is why there’s one very important aspect of vacation planning, and one which should not be overlooked.

Travel Insurance!

We can make lists and pack items until those plane wheels lift, yet if you don’t get travel insurance – you really are taking a huge risk, and one you can regret. There’s been a few instances where I’ve {and my children} needed medical care alone while out of the country, and having insurance was such a blessing. Not only for quick and seamless care so that we could get back to enjoying time, but it’s always been such a money saver as well.

There’s many options and packages when it comes to getting travel insurance, so it’s crucial to do your homework. Even if travelling within Canada, it’s important to know what you are covered for, and choose plans that cover you in case of emergency.

This is especially important when travelling with kids. Not only are there precious littles that you want to keep safe, but there’s much relief in knowing that you won’t be stuck to your own devices if anything should happen.


Even if you have travel insurance though your credit card, it’s still important to check what’s covered. Depending on where you go and what you plan on doing, you’ll want that peace of mind that you aren’t putting your family at risk.

Luckily the travel-game is strong in me, since making sure we had ample coverage was one of the first things on my travel planning to-do list. I knew that we were already covered, as I had gotten a RBC Travel HealthProtector Multi-Trip plan last spring and it doesn’t expire for some time.

Since I’ve gotten coverage through RBC for many years, I know I’ll get a reminder to renew when it’s time. I’ve always been pleased with their comprehensive coverage options in case of medical emergencies, and also extras such as baggage loss and trip interruption.

travel insurance

For our travel, I ensure I know what we are covered for, and whom to call in an emergency. In the past it’s always been such a seamless process, and this is why I’ve gotten annual coverage for many years. There are apps and technology to assist, such as the RBC PATH app which provides local maps to help you find nearby medical facilities, and contacts for local medical experts who can provide emergency assistance.

It is the season to break away from the frigid temperatures, so if you are one that is escaping on a vacation, make sure getting travel insurance is at the top of that to-do list.

Go online and obtain a travel insurance quote in less than 2 minutes!


This post is sponsored by RBC Insurance. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words.


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