The Body Shop; Buriti for Baby

I certainly hope everyone has heard the brand ‘The Body Shop’ before. This skin and body care business has been in every urban area, for a long time. My passion for The Body Shop products started in Grade School, the lip gloss was The thing to have among us girls. And, I remember sporting the “Against Animal Testing” T-shirt (and others as well) The brand has grown, the lines have expanded and the scents more diverse. Yet, the tried and trues are still available (I enjoy their car fresheners/diffusers). Even Hubby has a favorite item from The Body Shop, he swears by the shaving cream.

The Body Shop sent me one of their newest line of products (released just in the last year), Buriti Baby products to review (pronounced boo-ree-chee).

I got the Buriti Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and the Massage Gel. First thing I notice in a product is the smell. Even in the store, I have to smell before I buy. And that’s exactly what I did when I got these items. I LOVE this scent. It’s kinda like a lighter version of my favorite expensive shampoo. The Buriti tree comes from the Amazon rain forest, and the oil from its fruit is what is used these products. It’s used for the baby line because for its well-know capabilities for being gentle and moisturizing. Other ingredients include oil rich in beta carotene, pro-vitamin A, oleic fatty acids and essential fatty acids.

The Shampoo and Body Wash lathers well, very little needs to be used. By little, I mean literally – I used 2 drops of the Shampoo to lather up the babies’ heads. And, it’s tear free, which is essential with little ones. The Massage Oil is noticeably different than others I have tried. It’s a thicker oil, comparable almost to honey. This is fabulous, as it doesn’t run and make a mess all over you, babes and everywhere. Plus, it goes on and dries in much the same way a lotion would. Not at all like other oils, that make you feel like you are buttering up the baby! The combination of the 3 used, leaves my girls smelling nice and fresh. Overall, a very nice Baby line that is available pretty much everywhere.

The Buriti baby line has been tested (not on animals though!), and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists for sensitive skin. The Body Shop participates in a Community Trade program, helping build communities and increase the standards of living, all over the world. For instance, the marula oil in the Buriti Massage Oil is from a Trade Community in Namibia.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 




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