The Best Subscription Beauty Boxes for Canadians

While I’d been hearing about various subscription beauty boxes for years, it was only recently that I started researching ones available to make a purchase of my own. Turns out there are so many out there, and a great selection to us located in Canada. 

I think this is where you have to be really careful when choosing, because this is where Canadian shipping costs and delivery details come into play. Not only do we want a great subscription box, but we also want to know that we aren’t being gouged in fees.

The purpose of subscription beauty boxes is to try new products without buying full-sized or full-priced items. Subscribing is a great way to get introduced to products outside your usual, yet it’s also a fun surprise right to your door.

Best Beauty Boxes

Are you looking for the best monthly beauty subscription boxes? Here are my top picks based on general ‘beauty interest’. Keep in mind, subscription boxes have come a long way! You can even get ones that are pet, food, snack, sock and even craft based!

So if you are looking for a holiday gift idea for that person who’s hard to shop for, perhaps this is the perfect plan. It’s unique gift {heck, you don’t even really know what you’re gifting}, that could open doors to new tastes and interests for their everyday life. 


What are the best subscription beauty boxes?

Now, back to beauty! I’ve actually subscribed to a couple of these recently, yet I’m waiting on my first shipment, so if any of my readers has review to any, leave them in the comments below!

I’ll be sure to update with my exact thoughts when they all arrive yet in the meantime, comparing product to price, shipping and offers – here are my thoughts on the best to try!


The Best Subscription Beauty Boxes



This box of fabulous finds varies in products from beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness. Contents are hand-picked by the FabFitFun team, yet you can customize your profile to your preferences.

FabFitFun boxes are delivered once per season, so four times a year. Each box is limited edition and contains $200+ in retail value, and costs $49.99, and shipping costs $8. I’ve heard the value of items are hundreds, so this can be a great subscription to get.

I love that more than just a few products arrive at once. It’s like a giant surprise at your door instead of tiny ones spread out.

You can find so many coupon codes for FabFitFun online, so make sure to find out before placing that order to save at least 10-20%.

FabFitFun subscription beauty box


Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty service that is $10 per month {+ $.96 USD shipping} and provides subscribers with a makeup bag of five cosmetic samples. The products include skincare items, perfumes, nail and skin products, and makeup.

This is a low cost subscription so the risks are minimal, it’s pretty affordable. Plus, even if you truly like only a couple items sent, I think it would be worth it. 

IPSY beauty subscription


Lip Monthly

For those that love their lipstick, there’s Lip Monthly! With this subscription you get 4-5 full-size lip products in each shipment. 

We all know that makeup is a very personal think, and I know a lot of people that might never wear foundation or full-face products, but never forget mascara and lipstick. I know some that even only wear lip products daily. So this is a great choice for them!

Lip Monthly is $12.95/month and offers different plans such as the 4 month plan and the Annual Plan. Shipping anywhere is Free, which is so nice to see in a beauty subscription box. 

Box and Beauty



TOPBOX is a monthly personalized beauty subscription box exclusive to Canada. Each month receive 4 deluxe sized beauty samples. This is most likely the first beauty box subscription I ever learned about. 

Samples can range from skincare, body care, makeup, haircare and fragrance. The samples are from prestige brands. Some of these brands are well known and others are newly launched or small and niche.

The cost is $12 a month and it’s free shipping. I know many that fell in love with subscription boxes thanks to this company.



Goodbeing is formerly goodebox and they send expertly curated, healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural wellness & sustainable, toxin-free living goods. This box is for those that love trying whole natural products.

You can personally choose 1-2 per month and allow the others to be hand-picked for you. It’s nice to have some say, especially if there are certain brands you especially would love to try.

This box is $24.95 per month and shipping to Canada is $9. That’s frugal since most natural products come at such a higher price than other brands out there.

It’s nice to know that niche box varieties are rising!

A bottle of items in it



Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite beauty box?



  1. I subscribe to Topbox and love it but didn;t know there was so many more beauty subscriptions out there that delivery to Canada. The Lip Monthly sounds right up my alley!

  2. I have not tried a subscription beauty box before but wow are these ever cool! would love the topbox subscription box

  3. Oh wow, I didn’t think there was so many subscription boxes for beauty products, there is something for everyone!

  4. What a great list! I’ve always wanted to have a beauty subscription of some kind.

  5. Great list. Thanks for the tip about FabFitFun coupons. This is one subscription I would like to try.

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