The Benefits of PC Mobile

After working on an article last week for an hour straight, I had a sudden instinct to hit that almighty ‘save’ button. Not 5 seconds later, my computer went blank and I heard beeping throughout the house, the tell-tale sign that our power had gone out and was switching back on.

I sat starting at my screen for a bit and watched the beginning steps of the re-start. I immediately flew off my office chair and did a little dance of joy, I was so thankful I saved all that hard work when I did. That was a nice call on my part!

A nice call is a decision that ends up working out in your favour and in my example from above – this one ‘nice call’ was the perfect start to the day. Bring it on, work day – I’m ready for ya!

On the opposite end of things is the ‘bad call’, a decision that results in a terrible outcome. Unfortunately, I had one of these as well, and long {sad} story short – I recently made some horrible telecommunications decisions. To prevent tears on my keyboard {which would be a bad call in itself}, I’ll keep it as that and only say – do your research and take a hard look at all your options.

Thing is, we all make those good and bad decisions constantly, it’s just a fact of life. Yet, it’s those bad calls that could have been prevented that really throw us for a loop. A little knowledge and understanding of your choices really can go a long way!

In fact, it’s the difference in walking away proud of making that nice call or later regretting your bad call.

One such option which is making many get that warm and fuzzy ‘nice call’ feeling; is the simple plans and straightforward, strong offerings from PC mobile.

pc mobile nice call

One of their distinct and awesome features is that you get to earn valuable PC points with your purchase!

From someone who very happily collects and redeems PC points {start the car!}, this is great news my friends as it’s one solid perk that stands apart and equals savings back into your pocket!

pc mobile

One of the biggest complaints I’m hearing from others these days is that dreaded ‘bill shock’. Sometimes services that seem reasonable on an individual basis, don’t produce a nice call when analyzing from a whole.

This is where PC Mobile and their straightforward offerings come into play. In fact, there are many benefits of which you might not be aware of yet. Here’s a summary: 

The Key benefits of PC mobile include:

  • Protection: PC mobile helps customers avoid bill shock, as they can take control of their monthly bill with Voice & Data stacks, enabling them to limit overage charges. PC mobile also provides an additional year of warranty on handsets.
  • Support: PC mobile offers personalized support so that customers get the most of their mobile needs, conveniently located in the grocery stores where customers are already shopping!
  • Rewards: PC mobile allows customers to earn PC points that can be redeemed for almost anything in-store {groceries, cell phones, Joe Fresh, etc}

So, when was the last time your good decision turned into a {high five!} nice call?



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. I am picky about the size of my phone, I don’t like anything too big.
    I also want a plan that is fairly affordable with unlimited texting and calling across Canada.

  2. I only use my cell phone for emergencies and if I need to make a call away from home so I like to buy a one year plan and not a monthly one for services I don’t use. I like a small phone I can put in the outside pocket of my purse.

  3. the price number one , coverage area and the phone, if it is a crappy phone even a cheap service can’t make up for it, or if I can’t use it where I live.

  4. The most important thing to me is price, we have a set budget of what we can afford on a cell phone each month and we can’t go over that.

  5. price and coverage are most important things for me. I’ve been with PC Mobile for a couple of years and am very happy. There is another semi-large carrier with cheaper prices, but they don’t work outside of large municipalities in Ontario. PC Mobile covers it all. I’ve just done a comparison as I’m in the market for a new phone and I’m staying with them 🙂

  6. I’m not sure why but the question I am seeing is about eBay deals and what’s the best deal I see but the comments above are about phones?

  7. An ebay back to school offer than interests me is the BIC Brite Liner Grip XL Highlighter with Broad, Fine Marker Point Type – 4/Pack

  8. The fact that there’s up to 60% off, that is a remarkable offer and make me happy 🙂

  9. The 2-Pack-White-Stereo-Headset-Earphone-Earbud-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-S2-EO-HS3303WE caught my eye.

  10. I made a bad call when not knowing our daughter was typing her homework on the computer and since it was running I shut it off, she returned very upset but got it done.

  11. I have never made a “nice” call and my hubby has made a couple “bad” calls but it has been awhile. It was a bill shocker

  12. I made a great call in December when I congratulated the president of our company on the lifetime achievement award he was receiving that night. He said thank you, I’ll see you there, and when i told him I had not been invited, he made room at one of the tables for me, and made sure i was on the guest list. it was one of the best decisions I ever made 🙂

  13. I made a nice call when I called to tell my husband (then bf) I was pregnant. The problem is that I didn’t realize it was April fools day and he didn’t believe me at first lol. We still laugh about it to this day

  14. We made a good call when we were at the beach playing in the water with the kids and looked up and saw the biggest storm clouds ever approaching. We decided to grab all her stuff and run to the van, just in case. Good call as it was one of the worst storms I’d ever seen, the van was shaking!

  15. The one bad call I made was to buy the Rogers mobile plan years ago. It was a 3 year plan which included the phone. I didn’t want the phone and I didn’t want it for 3 years. The girl said they can make it 2 years then. I guess it was my fault not to check the contract right away… I ended up paying a fine for terminating it for the 3rd year and when I asked if I can at least get the phone for it, they said I can make a new 3 year contract and get the phone! I’m not sure how they make money, but we since got rid of anything Rogers pretty fast.

  16. nice or bad call, thats a hard one I rarely call anyone, guess my bff on her birthday

  17. A nice call for me is remember to take a spare diaper and change of clothes for our little guy…..a bad call is thinking he will not have a accident!!! lol

  18. I think I’ve made a good call in refusing to get a cellphone in this country until they came out with prepaid cellphone cards that didn’t expire after a month (you can find $100 prepaid cards now that last up to a year). So I’ve avoided the cost of a contract and as I’m not a big cellphone user/talker, keep costs to a minimum. I’ve won four cellphones over the last few years, so I’m not paying out for the phone either :0

  19. I made a really nice a call a few days ago to tell my parents that we booked them a trip to Mexico!

  20. a nice call was when i held the elevator for someone who was running towards it, then ended up having a lovely conversation with them during the elevator ride 🙂

  21. LOL Price, that is why I have a pay as you go flip phone! My daughter laughs but it fits the budget!

  22. cost contract battery life verry important best call i ever made was to my bro overseas when his son was born

  23. I was unaware that there was a PC Mobile. I’m lucky I never have to worry about anything at, my son organises and pays for it all for me 🙂

  24. A good call made was when I switched from a monthly plan to pay as you go. My cell phone now costs just over $100.00 a year rather than over $600.00 I was paying per year. I rarely text or use it for long distance calls and so I was paying extra for services not used.

  25. I choose to speak nicely to the customer service rep and she was able to bring down my price more. Good Call 😉

  26. I called my cellphone provider to complain about my ridiculous phone bill. They ended up giving me a free month of service and lowered my bill for each month. I’d say that I made a pretty good call

  27. I remember getting engaged and I called my mom to let her know my then fiancee said yes. My mom said that’s the nicest call I’ve ever made to her!

  28. “Share your story in a comment, of when you made a nice or bad call” – Nice calls are much better than bad ones!!! It’s always nice to call just to say hi 🙂

  29. Last time I made a nice call, was calling a friend I haven’t seen/talked to in years (after I managed to get her number) just to say Hi! It was so nice to catch up and reconnect!

  30. I like to check up on plans from time to time to ensure i am getting the best value for our money be it insurance or utilities.

  31. A nice call I did was last week I had a ton of laundry to do. I didn’t really feel like doing it, but managed to get through all the loads. A couple days later the dryer broke down & I was so thankful I hadn’t procrastinated! So now as we wait for the dryer to be fixed, it’s ok because all our clothes are clean!

  32. I made a bad call to my sister last week went I lent her my car and she left the sunroof open and ruined my seats. I was angry and I took it to far during our phone call.

  33. I called my friend out west. We talked for hours. It’s never a bad call when we talk

  34. It was hard, but I made a good call when I refused to bail my son out of some trouble and made him face the consequences. It helped him to grow up to be a good man.

  35. I gave my son my ipad to play with in the car and he threw it on the ground and smashed the screen.

  36. getting my teenage son a phone ..he got stranded one night ..good call getting him the phone

  37. I made a nice call when I kept my eye on the prices on a certain website and was able to get a price adjustment for something I bought that later went on sale.

  38. Price is super important to me! I also don’t really like contracts because then I always seem like I’m stuck in it forever!

  39. My good call was checking out Twitter parties, it’s been great fun and I’ve won some awesome stuff!

  40. when I went a few months without a phone because I couldn’t find the right phone and the right plan. when I finally got a new phone, it was the one I had my mind on and the plan was also great.

  41. I would say yesterday when I went to buy kale that was priced higher than what I paid at the cash!

  42. Everytime I call my grandparents I walk away feeling like it was a nice call 🙂 . And as for phones, I chose my current phone based on features I reallylike and it paid off I will probably be able to have it for many years.

  43. I made a nice call when I get the kids phones on a monthly pay as you go card,first month the card was used in the first week but the soon learned the value of a phone

  44. Not me but twice after we’ve had a party my husband has insinuated that my friends have stolen something. Both times he found it a day or two later. I was furious!

  45. I feel I made a good call when I offered to babysit the grandkids so the parents could get some rest

  46. I don’t always make the best of calls but recently I decided to change jobs and so far it’s been an awesome call.

  47. A bad call I made was to not keep my ipad charged up, and there was a power outage here, something uncommon in the summer time, this is why I was not as vigilant about doing so, as I am in the winter. I could not use my ipad to read books, or play a game to pass the time. Another bad call I made is to not have a spare ipad wire, and my cat has a tendency to try to chew them. Lessons learned, not only do I always don’t let my battery go too low, but I made a good call to have several spare ipad wires and plug ,and I also bought an external battery charger for ipad, just in case of power outages, I am sure it will come in handy one day that I will need them!

  48. I made a bad call once of signing up for those energy programs when they came to the door 🙁 what a scam

  49. The last time I made a bad call…We had not yet bought renters insurance and a fire broke out in our complex. We scooped the insurance as quick as possible (as it was now the 2nd one we had encountered on our floor). No word of a lie, 3 weeks later there was another fire on our floor. Soo.. Good call on that insurance. Haha. Seriously though..We should really just think about moving. I mean, what exactly is going on in these apartments?! :))

  50. Yesterday i decided to check out the beach after the library, and we saw a whale! Awesome! A good call turned into a great call!

  51. I made a nice call with my last work deal! Had a bad feeling about the person we were working with and I was right. Good to trust your instincts!

  52. One of my good calls would of been when we got a phone for our daughter who has to walk 2km to school each way, gave me peace of mind and the day she fell in a pothole and twisted her ankle she was able to call for help.

  53. i made a nice call when i verified with my fiance about our weekend travel plans. it was great to sort things out together.

  54. When it come to sell phone I made the right call about not signing a contract, that way I can switch any time to PC Mobile. MY girlfriend just got her phone with PC Mobil and she loves it.

  55. I had stocked up on a whole bunch of water because it was ob sale, and sure enough two weeks later we had a water issue and really needed clean drinking water.

  56. I made a “bad” call when I chose to rent instead of buy a few years back thinking the housing market would go down. It didn’t and now we HAVE to buy a bigger place to accomodate our growing family. Sadness.

  57. I made a bad call with my last phone provider. It seemed like the best option, but I didn’t look into it well enough and I regretted it terribly. I’m very happy where I am now though!

  58. I made a bad call when I agreed to a contract over the phone…. turned out to be a terrible company.

  59. I made a ball call last week. I knew there was a chance of rain on Wed afternoon but I just needed to make a quick run to pick up an item and most of the trip would be on the subway. The sun was shining and I thought I’d only be a half an hour at most so I didn’t take my umbrella. Well I was almost back in the office. Just the 5 min walk from the subway left and the sun was still out when the skies burst and it poured. Needless to say I was soaked in less than a minute and then had to return to my cold air conditioned office looking half drowned.

  60. The cashier once made a mistake on my lotto pools tickets. Instead of having her void it, I put them in the pool any way (they were the same value and everyone got a copy before the draw).
    The good call was that it won our group a couple thousand $ (so it made things brighter for a bit).

  61. I’m embarrassed but when we were teenagers we did the usually ordering pizza, calling cabs to ppl’s houses we didn’t like.

  62. When I moved and hired my movers – nice people but a big mistake as it took twice as long as planned!

  63. A nice call I made recently was to clean my house. Soon after the doorbell rang with an unexpected guest. I felt great that I had a clean home to welcome them into.

  64. One of the best calls I made was to congratulate and let my son know he got into medical school.

  65. I got a high 5 when I decided we were going to Wasaga Beach even though they called for rain. It rained for 10 minutes everyone ran for their cars and fled the beach. After 10 minutes the sky was blue and it was the most beautiful day and hardly anyone left on the beach. More room for my 5 children to throw the ball around

  66. I made a nice call when I decided to wait a bit before purchasing a cake stand. I needed to buy a cake stand because I am making the wedding cake for my niece’s wedding. With all the other costs involved, I originally balked at the price, and decided to wait. Good thing I did, the following week I had a coupon for 40% off! Patience is a virtue.

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