The Beauty of Life in Beeps

It’s often said that scents have the capacity to bring people back to a certain point in their lives. For instance, Chantilly perfume will always remind me of my Mother, a smell that is as comforting to me as a blanket. Yet, the same could be said by sounds as well.

I hadn’t really thought about how certain tones and sounds mark moments in life until I watched the INTERAC Flash video entitled ‘Life in Beeps’. It’s one of those heartwarming videos shared online by the masses because it resonates so well, and it truly makes you think about life and those simple yet significant sounds.

Have a watch:


After watching this video for yourself, you’ll understand how this video made me think about my own lifes beeps, when before I really hadn’t.

All of a sudden a musical of sorts orchestrates in my mind: My Fathers old clock marking the hour, the oven’s timer going off when my Mother’s pies were cooked, hearing my babies heartbeats and the musical that was two at once when pregnant with the twins. Thinking of it now, every memory that crosses my mind has a distinct sound attached.

Thing is, everyone experiences big and little beeps continuously throughout their lives – they are all separate yet all carry us through life like a beautifully crafted dance. I think we all know that life moves so very quickly, and that moments and memories go by in what seems like a flash. The message in this video is that INTERAC Flash helps you save time in payment moments so you can move on and savour all of life’s other moments, and I couldn’t agree more. Anything that helps us keep pace with life, and frees up time so that we can actually enjoy those moments in life is a wonderful thing. This includes INTERAC Flash.

What are some of your distinct life’s beeps? 


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for INTERAC Flash, all opinions are my own.


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