Bear Jacket by Anne Geddes

My daughter was happy to have a Bear jacket from Anne Geddes Baby, just for her. I was starting to think that the items were just for babies and toddlers, but I was happy to see that there was larger sizes, for the older kiddos as well. {off topic, but this made me go back to the website and see if there is clothing for me as well…and yes, there is! Really, go see, there’s a ton just for us Moms!}

Isabelle got a Baby Bear Jacket, in the color French Blue. This is one of the jackets at Anne Geddes Baby that is very plush and thick. Meaning, my daughter got great use out of it in the fall
and early winter.
The idea for the Baby Bear Jacket came from Anne’s images of babies dressed as teddy bears. The reason as I see it? The photographs are not only breathtaking for the feeling and expressions they capture, but also for the gentle, softness of the bears. The feature I like best about the jacket is the bear ears on the hood. As well, the snaps that fasten the jacket have the Anne Geddes logo on them. The jackets aren’t overdone or too flashy, in any sense. This jacket is simply what it is intended to be when you look at it:
A warm and soft cuddly bear. Enough said!
The Baby Bear Jacket comes in 6 colors, so they would certainly suit either a girl or boy. Plus, the sizing is very versatile too, from 0-3 Months to 5T. Wehn shopping, you can visit the website, or purchase in person at the Flagship Anne Geddes Store in Downtown Disney {Anaheim, California}.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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