Nominate your Young Athlete as Ambassadors for Team UA NEXT

Ahhh, the ‘kids in sports’ life we lead. I know it all too well.

Many times a week I can be found hustling to and from my kids athletics practices and depending on the year, driving {or flying} to competitions. An in-depth look will show re-arranged dinnertimes, extra loads of laundry, water bottles and gear everywhere, fundraisers aplenty, extra meetings and so many other related tasks.

We manage this chaos because through it all – the ability learned and passion for the sport makes it well worth it. When kids are dedicated to their athletics, it really does put such a huge and proud smile on both their faces and ours.

Not only great is athletics great for their bodies, but kids benefit in so many other ways as well, such as socially and mentally. Lessons in dedication, hard work, and seeing the results of their efforts are just a few of the benefits, and reasons why we dive deep into their athletics.

Think about your own athlete and their personal drive for their chosen sport. What have they accomplished and what are their goals? Sharing your child’s story could win them a title of a lifetime!

Your young athlete can be the face of Under Armour and Sport Chek!

In 2016, Under Armour and Sport Chek launched Team UA NEXT to find the next generation of Canadian Under Armour athletes – and the hunt is on again.

Would your child like to join the elite roster of hard-working athletes to serve as Canadian youth ambassadors for the brand? In addition to being featured in the brand campaign, winners will also receive exclusive access to Under Armour gear.

Nominate your Young Athlete as Ambassadors for Team UA NEXT with Under Armour and Sport Chek

Parents, guardians, mentors and coaches have until August 31, 2017 to nominate a young athlete online at Entrants must submit videos throughout the summer showing their passion and athleticism to make a compelling case for why they should the next Under Armour athlete.

The current Team UA NEXT Canada Powered by Sport Chek campaign features 12 year old Brenden McLeod of Newmarket and 11 year old Maya Rajhans of Etobicoke. Brenden is a hockey and lacrosse player and Maya is a basketball and soccer player. They were chosen because they had the right mix of determination, passion, teamwork, and Will.

Nominate your Young Athlete as Ambassadors for Team UA NEXT with Under Armour and Sport Chek

We are looking forward to the second year of this exciting program with Under Armour and showcasing these talented young athletes in our stores”, said Troy Lemens, Chief Merchant, FGL Sports/Sport Chek.

Last year hundreds of talented young athletes from coast to coast showed us how they hustle, persevere, and compete and we are excited to see who will tryout this year”, said Shana Ferguson, Marketing Director, Under Armour Canada.

There’s already so many entires at, each child and story is incredible.

Enter the young athlete in your life for TEAM UA NEXT 2018 by visiting

  • Also check out @sportchek on Twitter and Instagram using #TAKEYOURSPOT and #UANEXTCANADA.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.



  1. That is wonderful! My granddaughters both do gymnastic and swimming lesson. The 4 year old also do dance as nothing is competitive yet. We think she will eventually choose gymnastic as she is getting so good and seem to enjoy it lots.

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