Tassimo Brewing System

Ahhh…coffee. The staple in my everyday life. And, if you aren’t one for grabbing coffee first thing in the morning, chances are you are reaching for a tea instead. Either way, whether you are a grandma, student and/or a parent – everyone needs a good brew!

If you are like me, I rarely need to brew an entire pot, one cup is drank before it’s cold. So, my ideal machine makes only one cup at a time. Tassimo is a solution for one-cup coffee making. A Tassimo hot beverage machine takes what are called T Disks, and brands of T Disks include:
Gevalia, Twinings, Starbucks, Maxwell House, Nabob and Suchard.

The newest model to hit Canadian shelves is the Tassimo Suprema. It’s made by Bosch, a high-end appliance manufacturer. The Suprema has the same great features of the original Tassimo, yet with the added capability of advanced water filtration. The Suprema also has Chrome accents and come in a
variety of colours as well.
When making a cup of coffee with a Tassimo, you just load in a T Disk {make sure water is in the tank, yet it holds a generous 2L in the reserve} and hit ‘brew’. In about one minute you will have a nice hot cup. The Suprema is really nice and quiet, and there is no spill when it goes from machine to cup {thanks to a dial that adjusts the cup stand, you can place small cups to large travel mugs underneath}. There is even a manual option to vary your
preferred strength of brew.

Features of the Tassimo Suprema:* One button delivers the perfect cup every time!
* Innovative T DISC technology that uses an intelligent barcode technology to
prepare each drink to perfection.
* Automatic cleaning and descaling program.
* Reduced noise levels
* No taste transfer between drinks
* Large variety of T DISCS available
The Tassimo T Disks can make these hot beverages:

* Coffee
* Espresso
* Lattes and Cappuccinos
* Tea
* Hot Chocolate

Yes, you read right – this one can make your favorite cup of Cappuccino! Or Latte! That is by far my favorite feature of Tassimo. Most other single cup makers don’t have milk-based flavors. Yet with Tassimo, the milk T Discs are filled with hyper-pasteurized milk. I can certainly tell you, the lattes and cappuccinos made from the Tassimo Suprema are very rich, buttery, and so very delicious. I would have never attempted to make a Latte myself at home, so having this
option in Tassimo is fabulous!
I also realized that there is no residual taste from one beverage to the next. With some other brands, grounds and a ‘taste’ of the previous cup can sneak its’ way into the next. With Tassimo,
each cup is fresh and new.

If you are eco-savvy and think that single cup brewers add too much waste to our landfills, you certainly can open the used T disk, compost the grounds and recycle the plastic packaging. A little work, but it does save the environment. Just sayin’…

One-cup coffee machines are popular, for the home or office. They are great to have when there is a mix of people that have different tastes. Sometimes it can be such a waste to perk one whole pot {and it sure takes a long time!}. Tassimo offers single-cup machines that give you so many varieties of hot beverages – it’s very refreshing actually! Also, the T Disks are very easy to find in stores, Walmart even sells them! At home, it’s very easy to use, convenient and makes one delicious drink! Giving a Tassimo this year would guarantee a squeal with delight. And, since it’s so easy and fun to use – I’m sure the gifter would get a delicious drink anytime he or she wanted. Bonus! With Tassimo the host can offer more than just ordinary tea or coffee.
The T Disc packs vary in price from $2.99 CAD for an 8-pack of Twinnings to $9.99 CAD for a 12-pack of Starbucks coffee.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own





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