Taking in the Last Days of Summer

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Summer holidays are coming to a close in just a few short days {here in Alberta}, and it’s time for kids to fall into a back-to-school rhythm. This is true for us adults too, and I cannot wait for routine again, I crave the structured days for productivity. Yet at the same time, I’m very much going to miss the carefree summer days as well. Well, that and the warm sun and green trees. Fall is a change that I have mixed feelings about, obviously.

summers end

Truth is, the end of summer doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. See below for five tips on getting your little ones school-ready without cutting short their summer fun.

1. Set your clocks for more fun!
The week before kids go back to school, it’s time to start gradually implementing familiar routines and bedtimes, and that means earlier wake-up times. But waking up early doesn’t have to be a chore. After breakfast, start your day with a family outing—playing ball in the backyard or taking a hike to the park beats the couch any day!

2. Allergy solutions that aren’t a pain
If your kids have seasonal allergies that flare up around school time (hello, ragweed), it can be tough convincing them to take their medicine. Luckily, we have some effective -medicine that relieves allergy symptoms…and come in great flavours! Your kids will be ready to hit the great outdoors with AERIUS Kids® or Claritin® Kids. Both offer 24-hour non-drowsy relief and come in a great-tasting syrup.

3. Take a school tour
Heading back to school can cause stress for some kids (and parents!). Take some time together at the end August to visit the school before its time to start classes. It’s a great time to talk about all the fun possibilities that come with going back to school – like seeing your friends or favourite teacher, or joining a school team.

4. Set aside a special day
The days before back-to-school can get hectic. Make sure to set aside some time to have a special day with your little ones doing a favorite activity, or having one last summer adventure. Something as simple as backyard camping or spending a day having fun by the water can be a great time to reflect on your amazing summer activities.

5. Treat nasal cold symptoms
Don’t let a summer cold or stuffy nose put a damper on your kids last summer days. hydraSense® has a solution just for young children that can clear nasal passages without medications or chemical additives.

What are some of the fun ways you and your kids are getting ready to head back-to-school? Do you have any tips or tricks for making the transition easier?


This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.


  1. I started routine a couple weeks before the start of school so it’s not that much of a hassle when school does start!

  2. Take them shopping to the new clothes and supplies they need. Starting back on a earlier sleep schedule is a great tip.

  3. We always started a routine a couple week before, makes the transaction easier.

  4. Take them shopping for some new clothes and school supplies and start an earlier bedtime routine.

  5. Trying to make going back to a routine a little more fun always seems to help. Adding some new treats in or a fun game is great.

  6. Back to school shopping always gets my kids excited for school. I am excited to get back into routines but not looking forward to all the school germs headed our way very soon!

  7. My little grandchildren start going to bed an hour earlier a week before school starts to make that transitiona alittle easier.

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