Take it Outside {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}

Reason #826 why I like Summer? Eating outside!

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    1. Our deck is on the second level and the kids are always in the yard, so really unless we are BBQing, we don’t use it that much. But yes, thankful to have it!

  1. Agreed! I send my kids outside for half the meals now, it seems!

    1. Ha! I used to drag the highchairs out there too when the twins were little. Every little bit of mess OUT of the house, helps a ton!

  2. When my kids were little they loved to be outside…and I loved that all that fresh air and playing = an early bedtime and a nice sleep!

    1. Pfft, this one? She gave her meat to her sister, threw the lettuce off the deck and all that is left is cheese. Kids!!

  3. I so badly need a patio or picnic table outside. I want to eat outside but have nowhere to sit outside.

  4. found you through your link up with jenni, adorable picture; and cute blog! i’ll be back to read more 🙂

  5. I haven’t been able to enjoy this yet! We finally had our deck finished and then I sold my patio furniture after having a heart attack when I found not 1, but 2 black widows. I’m cringing just thinking about it, and since Canadian Tire or Walmart has nothing – I have to make a trip to Home Depot or Rona..ugh.

    1. ew – that would do it for me too.
      Were they wood furniture?

      I find all sorts of huge and ugly spiders {shudder} on the fence. I have massive bottles of spray, and sometimes they don’t even kill them. Nasty buggers. Ahh, now I got the jeebies – I have sever fear of spiders.

  6. She’s adorable! I would enjoy outdoor eating a lot more if I weren’t allergic to bees. ha!

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  8. We’ve been doing lots of picnics on the floor inside. It’s already hot here by the end of the day, especially if munchkin has been on the playground a lot in the afternoon.

    1. Thats a great idea, Helen. My twins love ‘Picnics’, even if it’s on a blanket on the floor. Puts a smile on their faces!

    1. Hi Kelly – Not that an explanation is necessary, but I’ll reply anyway…
      She’s almost 4 with a full set of teeth and a thorough chewer.
      While I do still cut up hotdogs, meat and other known chocking hazards – she has been eating sandwiches all by herself for a couple years now.
      So, I appreciate the suggestion, but this Mom of this child knows her best.

    1. Raining off and on here for weeks now – I’d like some consistency too! We haven’t eated outside in a couple days – boo!! lol

  9. Oh me too! I live in Northern Ontario and we are stuck inside for winter months and I am always so happy when summer comes along. I hate cleaning up the kitchen after dinner & we spend most of the summer bbq’ing and eating outside. I love how much easier it is to clean and anything that cuts down on cleaning makes me mighty happy. 🙂

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