Tackle 4 of the Most Common Summer Health Issues

For months and months we Canadians impatiently await the arrival of summer. We long for this amazing season for so long, and when it’s finally here, we embrace it wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, summer is also full of not so fun surprises which are all-too ready to rain on your parade. These surprises also try to damper the good times at picnics, pool parties, and backyard barbecues.

I’m talking about 4 of the most common summer health issues which are allergies, sunburns, sore feet, and body pain. Depending on the summer activity, you may even experience a combination of these! Thing is, we wait for the summer months with so much anticipation, we need tactics to tackle these issues so that we can truly enjoy the season without distress.

Tackle the 4 Most Common Summer Health Issues



Tackle 4 of the most Common Summer Health Issues:


  1. Problem: Allergies

If you’re a summer allergy sufferer, you know a runny nose and constant sneezing can really put a damper on your summer plans.

Try: Claritin®

Help take a break from allergy symptoms with Claritin®. It’s non-drowsy so you don’t need to slow down to smell the roses (unless you want to, of course). 


  1. Problem: Sunburns

Phew, that summer sun really burns! Stick to the shade this summer and keep the whole family covered with hats, long sleeves and a sunscreen you can trust.

Try: Coppertone®

I’ve had my kids slathered in Coppertone® since they were babies! No one’s getting a burn on my watch. It’s Canada’s #1 sun care brand and keeps us covered from beach to barbeque. 


  1. Problem: Sore Feet

With all the activities we do in the summer, my feet really take a beating. Especially on those days when I pick the cute shoes over the practical padded ones.

Try: Dr. Scholl’s® For Her® Comfort Insoles

Hello sweet cushiony comfort! Grab a pair of these and stay on your feet longer. Dr. Scholl’s® even makes a high-heel version for summer date nights. 


  1. Problem: Body Pain

I love summer road trips but I don’t love the throbbing back pain I get from all that time in the car. This summer, nothing is stopping my family from hitting the open road.


ALEVE ® helps relieve a whole range of pain from backaches to headaches. You can ride pain-free in the front while the kids sing their hearts out in the back.


As you can see, Bayer® can help you conquer those seasonal woes, and help you get set for summer and really enjoy it! To be sure these products are suitable for you, always read and follow the label.


Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. My allergies are killing me this summer. Now that it’s sunny outside and I want to go outdoors, I am spending my time sneezing!

  2. My summer health issue is fresh cut grass so the Aerius would be a huge help with that.

  3. I need to slow down with my amount of sun time because I love being outdoors in summer

  4. For me it is sore feet from lots of walking and for hubby it is definitely his allergies, they are driving him nuts right now.

  5. For me it is allergies. I never know what might set it off (pollen, horse, etc) and sore feet from extensive hiking

  6. I do not suffer from allergies, but my husband does. I suffer from severe back pain and hip and boy can I tell when it’s going to rain my knees just throb big time!! this is such a great giveaway!!

  7. My allergies are terrible during the spring and summer. Tree pollen, grass pollen and flower pollen all set my allergies off.

  8. My issue is I get sun burns really fast. I need to reapply sunscreen often and sit in the shade as much as possible.

  9. Our summer health issues is allergies to bug bites. My daughter gets very swollen when bitten.

  10. I’m extremely allergic to dust, pollen, grass cuttings, mold, certain flowers and trees and get headaches in the sun.

  11. Being a redhead my summer concern is definitely sunburns πŸ™

  12. I have sore feet and of all my health problems that’s a big one for me.The reason why is a mystery
    but I have osteoporosis arthritis so I think it could be from that. IMy son has seasonal allergies.Thanks
    for the fabulous giveaway. πŸ™‚

  13. The health issue that really gets me are my sore feet.I am on the go all day
    and being a care taker to my husband I have a lot of extra jobs( but am no way complaining),
    just saying and I have osteoarthritis which doesn’t help.Thanks for this generous and awesome
    giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  14. For me it is sore muscles from over doing it swimming and playing outside with the kids.

  15. For me it is allergies that hit in summer….and a real hatred of mosquitoes!

  16. I suffer from itchy watery eyes…Aerius is my Saviour πŸ™‚

  17. I suffer from Allergies sooo bad i have to double up on meds starting in March.

  18. I have some allergies during the summer i get itchy eyes and runny nose ! also sore feet from walking around the camp ground with the fur babies πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  19. My health issues in the summer are sore feet, sunburn and pain in the joints.

  20. My heels are super dry ftom constantly wearing flipflops and my allergies are wayyyy out of whack. Thanks for the opportunity! Could really use those products!

  21. For me it’s sore achy feet because we are way more active in summer

  22. My allergies are worse in the summer. I also need to remember sunscreen every time I go out in the summer.

  23. Hubby has allergies and I need the sunscreen because sun makes me happy

  24. I thought I was the only one who ached after a long car trip!!! Quite a few times I sorta tumble out of the vehicle and its bad if we have that big truck LOL

  25. My biggest summer health issue is allergies. I enjoy being out in the garden and working on the lawn but my allergies don’t seem to want to let me.

  26. I have some allergies, but my biggest concern is heat exhaustion and sunburn. I’m very very very fair, and get heat exhaustion at fairly low temps.

  27. Sunburn is usually my biggest concern in summer. I have fair skin and burn easily. I do wear sunscreen but sometimes I don’t reapply it soon enough and then I get a burn.

  28. My summer health issues are allergies and the heat( which we never got any yet) is not my friend,i have MS and the heat almost puts me at a standstill and i hate it.

  29. We are suffering from something that has just bloomed! We are also on the boat or in pool most of the summer, we need pain relief from our sunburns.

  30. For me it would have to be my feet for sure. I have always had issues with my heels and my arch

  31. My allergies are in full force now that summer is here and I have my yearly sandal blisters on my feet.

  32. I get sun burns very easy in the summer so i’m constantly fighting them off or trying to sooth them when i forget my sunscreen.

  33. Mine is allergies to wasp’s, and need sunscreen since Melanoma runs in our family.

  34. It would be great to win a Bayer #GetSetForSummer Basket.
    In response to your question of What is your summer health issue?
    In the Summertime i only worry about getting Sunburns or Heat Stroke.
    I use sun screen and drink plenty of water when i am outdoors.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  35. My back and feet are very painful with all the activity, but am not giving that up.

  36. I have allergies to pollen, certain trees and grasses along with certain weeds. The warmer weather brings so many allergens for me

  37. My summer health issue is a heat rash on my torso – I seem to get it every year now, as our summer have been getting so much hotter the past few years.

  38. I have a itchy rash that apears if my skin gets to hot from any kind of each sun campfire etc but if there is a breese it doesn’t happen

  39. My summer health issue is allergies, which I just started suffering two or three yeas ago.

  40. My summer health issue is a sun sensitivity which is not good for someone who loves summer sun.

  41. my summer issue is getting bitten by bugs and mosquitos all the time!

  42. i have allergies and very sensitive to the sun so avoid it mostly.

  43. Allergies seem to be really bad this year for me…they started early and it’s always a summer health issue. Although I think I may also have pneumonia just to add to the fun .

  44. For me it is allergies. Great giveaway, thank you for the chance.

  45. My summer health issue is that I don’t react well to heat due to a chronic health issue. Always looking for the shady, breezy spot.

  46. The last few years I have gotten allergies, but since I was a kid sunburns are what my biggest summer issue has been.

  47. I am very fair so making sure I don’t get sunburn is always top of my mind.

  48. More often than not it’s a summer cold but this time it’s sinusitis. πŸ™

  49. I have really sore feet in the summer, the insoles would be a big help!

  50. Allergies! Also sore feet & back from bartending in heels for 8-10 hours/per shift.


  52. I get pain in my knees in the summer, mostly from when it rains but when the weather is changing a lot they hurt!

  53. I like to remember to wear sunscreen, otherwise I’ll burn (which I did, mildly, on an unseasonably warm day in April or early May this year!).

  54. I usually get aches and pains from bending over while working in the garden

  55. I get sore feet from all the walking and standing around at the park.

  56. For us it is always the cuts and scrapes from the little ones. Also the sneezing with allergies.

  57. My summer issues are my allergies. This year the pollen just seems to hanging around making some of my days miserable. And I love being outside, just not the congestion and sneezing.

  58. My worst summer health issue is my skin. I’m either hideously broken out from my sunscreen or I burn in 10-15 minutes. And don’t get me started on the welts I get from the pterodactyl-sized mosquitos we have here in northern alberta!

  59. I always have really dry skin in the summer from the sun, chlorine from swimming.

  60. sometimes i will have runny nose and water eyes as my allergies might flare up from time to time. i really don’t like to sweat during the humid days so i like to use natural deodorant to combat perspiration issues.

  61. Plantar fasciitus is my summer health issue. I can only wear sandals and shoes that have good arch support. This eliminates many attractive footwear styles.

  62. summer health issue for me is mosquito bites because of the virus that can be transmitted. also back pain/ joint pain.

  63. I find I walk more during the summer and suffer from sore feet

  64. Seasonal allergies is my issue. Aerius would definitely help with it.

  65. Summer is hard for my house, myself and all 4 kids have allergies to grass,my youngest and myself also have allergies to the sun. I also suffer from really bad kidney stones and get dehydrated very fast. We do what we can and make the most of it, sometimes it comes down to turning my place into a big fort and watching movies but the kids dont mind…as long as i can hear them laughing thats good enough for me, enjoy your summer everyone πŸ™‚

  66. My summer health issues include allergies and sun sensitivity.

  67. Sunburn is my main problem as I have very fair skin. I am hoping this Coppertone Clearly Sheer Lotion will prevent this problem this summer.

  68. My summer health issue is sensitivity to the sun- I have to make sure I wear sunscreen at all times when I’m outside

  69. beside having allergies, I have to watch how much I’m in the sun. I get heat and easily get sun burned

  70. I sometimes neglect proper sunscreen application when I’m in a rush. And I can tell when some spots I neglect become a bit redder than the rest.

  71. My summer issue is sunburns. One it TOO MANY! I’m always conscious about the sun and it’s effects but it’s hard to want to stay inside with my 2 boys when it’s so beautiful out. I’ve tried many sunscreen brands over the years and have come to rely on Coppertone for all my family’s sun care needs. Their “Get Set For Summer” contest is amazing! I’ve uploaded a few entries already and crossing my fingers and toes πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great #contest! Good luck all!

  72. I get heat exhaustion really quickly when I spend time out in the sun. I have to make sure to wear a hat and sunglasses, drink plenty of water and spend as much of my time outdoors in the shade as I can or I get a crazy bad headache and sometimes nausea etc.

  73. My heels hurt.. especially when wearing flip flops all summer!

  74. My summer health issue is getting bit by blackflies. I get an intense allergic reaction, so it causes lots of swelling and itchiness, plus a bit of scarring.

  75. For me it is all about the allergies…every single day! Back pain is also a big problem, and Aleve would certainly help with that.

  76. I suspect my major summer complaint is allergies! Aerius is so helpful during the summer.

  77. Allergies. They call them “seasonal” but I seem to have them every season—summer is pretty bad.

  78. Nothing so far actually! Worried though about bug bites and sunburns. I am on new medication that apparently makes those things bigger concerns and I’m all about taking care of myself and living the best, longest life I can.

  79. It’s definitely my allergies that drive me crazy in the summer.

  80. I went to a 3-day music festival in Quebec that we camped for & I already have one peeling sunburn & summer has barely started.

  81. Strangely enough I’ve never had any issue with allergies, until this past weekend at my brothers wedding! Itchy watery eyes made for a good look at the wedding. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara.

  82. Summer allergies and bad sunburn usually attacks me during the summer! It’s hard to enjoy the season when your eyes are itchy, your nose is running, or your skin hurts!

  83. Luckily my family doesn’t have any serious health issues that are increased by the Summer season.

  84. My health issue in the summer is sore feet. I could definitely use the Dr. Scholl’s massaging insoles.

  85. Oh I am always begging my hubby for a foot massage, my feet are always sore it seems!

  86. My summer health issue is the heat. I’ve had heat stroke in the past.

  87. My girlfriend has sore feet works 2 jobs if I win this I’d suprise her

  88. after many years my summer allergies have returned I need my clariton to help me get through the summer

  89. No real health issues except overindulging on summer treats and feeling terrible afterwards

  90. I’m currently going through hot flashes, my son has seasonal allergies so I have to have Benedryl handy

  91. My summer health issue is definitely allergies. Some days it’s miserable!

  92. I literally can’t take the heat.
    I sweat like crazy and I can hardly breath, and I get loopy in the head.
    For me a Hot day is OK, but a Hot and Humid day, if I don’t take it easy could kill me.

  93. I seem to have developed allergies which I never had when I was younger.

  94. I have fair skin, so sunburn is always my main issue in the summertime.

  95. I suffer from allergies – as does the whole family. It has been especially bad lately! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  96. My summer health issue is allergies especially when the farms harvest wheat.

  97. I find that lately I have been waking up with sneezing and running nose. I am starting to think I have seasonal allergies. I do have some issues with pain and joint pains (old age.. lol)

  98. Most recently, it’s been back pain. Biking, hiking, hauling a wagon, and piggy back rides have taken a toll…..

  99. As the weather is nice, I am enjoying the outdoors more and my feet are definitely sore from additional walking – I would love to use those insoles! Or the Aleve πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the chance!

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