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Between our last house and our current house we’ve had them all: linoleum , hardwood and tile. There has been one constant no matter which flooring we’ve had: Swiffer. 

In the past I’ve had a mop and bucket, broom and dustpan. Truth is, they are time consuming and kinda gross to have sitting around. I always opted for easy yet effective, which is why Swiffer was always my top choice when it came to cleaning floors, pre-kids and with kids. 

The NEW Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost, is a steam mop that deeply penetrates dirt and helps remove messes mops can’t clean. Simply fill it with water, attach a Steam Pad and plug it in! No other solutions are needed- which is perfect for those sensitive to cleaning products.

For more than we actually use it for, the new Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost works on marble/stone flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl & linoleum, sealed wood & laminate flooring. Gotta love a multi-use product!

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This steam mop uses Steam Pads that have a steam-activated, dirt-dissolving cleaning solution that pulls dirt from surfaces and locks it away. All you have to do is attach a steam pad, fill it with water, plug it in and pull the trigger to activate the steam – and clean!

Rather than mess with solutions and cleaners, I like that the ‘cleaner’ is in the steam pads themselves. This way you still get that fresh clean smell {and clean floors}, but you only have to add water to the steam mop itself. The Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost also has a generous length cord, perfect for large areas.

The Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost retails for $49.99. The Steam Pad refills come in 2 scents: Open Window Fresh and Febreeze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort. The 20 count refill pack retails for approx $10. 

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.



  1. I would love to win because it would be great for my floors , make cleaning them so much easier.

  2. I have a messy hubby and 6 year old boy who attracts mud and dirt and 2 small dogs, my poor floors and this would be great to do a good clean.

  3. I am having new laminate floors installed on the main floor and this would be perfect!

  4. I would love to win this because I have always wanted to try a steam mop. I love my Bissell vaccum and they make a good quality, reasonably priced product.

  5. I’d like to win because we are expecting a baby in January and this could make cleaning the floors a lot quicker and cleaner

  6. I have laminate floors that never seem to get clean! Tried regular Swiffer, Rubbermaid, you name it. Would love to win!

  7. cuz i hate crumbs, i am continually sweeping & swiffering, this looks way better!!!! thnx

  8. Would love to try it out!

    Have used two other steamers in the past, and find they can be a little bit of a pain with either being had to push (and I don’t have the energy for that) or the pad falling off if you don’t have them tight enough.

  9. I had a steam cleaner but its now broken. I’d love to win. I miss the way it cleans

  10. I’ve got hardwood throughout my main floor including the kitchen and a family that hates socks so leave footprints all over aside from the regular messes of the day. I feel like I’m always cleaning! This swifter would make a great addition to my swifter family.

  11. We have three cats who track litter all over the laminate flooring. And on top of that, I am an avid cook and baker – my tiny kitchen floor could really do with a good steam cleaning!!!

  12. I’d love to win this for my mother in law. I think it would make her cleaning a lot easier on her!

  13. I would love to win this because of our house full of 6 and 1 large dog and 1 small dog I need all the help I can get and this would help lots

  14. With a mixture of hardwoods and linoleum on the main floor and a toddler that is in the middle of potty training, I’d be using this on more of a hourly basis!

  15. I would like to win so I can get away from my mop and pail and move into year 2013.

    What a great new product from Swiffer

  16. I would love to win this because anything that cuts down on cleaning time and gives
    me more time with my boys is exactly what I need.

  17. My floors get so dirty and I get so tired of getting out the mop and bucket. This looks way better.

  18. Busy, old house with many different floor types… wood, laminate, linoleum, tiles… This would save me so much time and I’d love to be able to lay off with the cleaners. My dogs would love me for it.

  19. With 3 kids and a dog my floors always need cleaning. This really looks like it might save some time

  20. I absolutely love Swiffer products (thanks to you) and they just make keeping the floors clean a little easier! I would love to try the steam mop!!

  21. I would love to win because I would be more apt to wash the floor rather than leave it for DH to do.

  22. I’d like to win because this is a yet another awesome product from Swiffer and I like that the cleaner is in the pads so I don’t have to buy pads and cleaner, just the pads!

  23. I would like to win because I only feel like my floors are really clean when I get on my hands and knees and scrub. The heat and steam of the Steamboost would help me get that same feeling without the scrubbing.

  24. I have been looking into this device – I know it sounds weird but I find that the swiffer works but sometimes there is a slight layer on the floor and I was wondering if the steam would get it cleaner.


  25. I would like to win because it would be a huge help since our house is tile floors and hardwood, so a large area to clean. My old knees could use the break!

  26. I would love to win this so that I can mop my kitchen floors on a daily basis without the hassle of digging out the mop and bucket every day.

  27. I want to win because I think this will give my floors that extra boost to clean them better.

  28. With 3 kids and almost all hardwood/laminate/vinyl floors, this would be perfect. Fingers crossed!!

  29. September 23-I would like to win to have an easier way to clean my floors . This Bissell Steam Boost seems to be the answer!

  30. I love to steam clean my floors much easier and cleaner than a mop and water. The added cleaner in the pad sounds like a great addition. I would love to win this and try it out.

  31. I would like to win because I already love the wetjet and the fact that it steams makes it even better!!

  32. Would love to try the steamboost. Right now, we only clean up messes by vacuuming and getting on our hand and knees for a good wet scrub.

  33. I have grandchildren that are toddlers & they can really leave a mess under the highchair. I’d like to try this Swiffer Bissell Stemboost to clean up their messes.

  34. I would like to win because we’re using a mop and pail and this just seems so much better and easier too!!

  35. I’m a fan of the Swiffer brand products – this one looks like it fits in perfectly with their functional & fabulous line!

  36. I would love to win because we don’t have steam mop and we would like to try it out! Hopefully, it will make my cleaning job much more easier!

  37. I want to win because I never owned a steam mop and I would love to try something new instead of mop and bucket

  38. I would reallly love to win this! I am constantly mopping and vacuming my floors,would really love to try this,to see if my floors get clean and stay clean!

  39. With 4 pets we have lots of paw prints and dirt tracked in over the floors. Would love to win one of these to help make the clean up easier

  40. I’d like to win to make cleaning my floor easier, and without needing chemicals to do it.

  41. I entered your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost Mop
    because i use a regular mop and this looks like a great product.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!

  42. I could really use this for my floor! Between the dog and the two boys it gets destroyed!

  43. I’d love to win this, as my other 2 steam mops didn’t work! I was ready to give up on all steam mops!

  44. We don’t have much title so we don’t keep a mop. Whenever the tile gets dirty I have to get on my hands and knees to clean. This is tiny enough for our small apartment AND light enough to store anywhere! This would make me soooooo happy.

  45. I want to win because this would make cleaning the floors easier and probably cleaner then using my rag mop or on my hands and knees

  46. Because I’m sick to death of having to scrub and scrub at crusted on food underneath my son’s high chair. This looks like it’d make it way easier.

  47. I can’t clean my floors on my hands and knees like I used to. I now use a stick mop and I just don’t feel like it gets the floors as clean as I would like them to be. I think the steam in this mop would get the floors clean to my satisfaction.

  48. I would like to win this because I think this would do a much better job on my floors then my string mop! We only have carpet in the bedrooms.

  49. I would love to win because I currently have a regular mop and a steam mop would clean my floors so much better and faster.

  50. I love steam cleaners. This looks really nice 🙂 And the refills are super expensive either.

  51. I have a baby crawling right now and I like the idea of the extra cleaning power of steam.

  52. all the floors in this place need cleaning daily – right now that means bucket and mop and lots of elbow grease. thanks.

  53. I would like to win as I have three cats and three dogs and could use a quick floor washing tool like this one.

  54. I would love to win because I love that no cleaning solutions are required – only steam. Which makes it perfect for quick clean ups and not feeling the need to “rinse.”

  55. With four busy little boys, I need a quick method of cleaning the floors well… by the time I’m done cleaning, they’re dirty again!

  56. cleaning my floors takes forever – i vacuum the debris then clean by hand. this would make it much faster and much easier.

  57. We’ve been using a regular mop since day 1. and i would definitely like to have cleaner floors. seems like it never gets clean!

  58. I just watched my 7m old pull herself across the floor in her white shirt. The fact that I am scared to turn her over tells me I need this badly!

  59. This would be absolutely amazing, it’d definitely be alot more convenient and easier on me with a a full house of people and pets.

  60. i’d like to win to make it easier to clean my floors than doing it on my hands and knees!!

  61. I want to win because with 3 kids and a cat and a dog im always doing the floors.

  62. I think this would be great to clean the kitchen floors!
    Thanks for the chance to win it.

  63. I have lots of floors to clean and I like the idea of not using harsh chemicals to do it!

  64. I love SWIFFER!!! We have some lino in our new (to us) retirement home and I would LOVE to have this Swiffer!!

  65. I would love to win this because I am constantly cleaning my kitchen floor,everyday,and this would help me go alot quicker!

  66. I would love to win because I would very much like to check out this new swiffer

  67. my floors never seem to be white enough ! and with 2 cats it seems like it is just a magnet for the cat hair.

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