Scentsy Wickless Candles,One of the most common causes of home fires is from Candles. Yet, we all like to burn them in our homes, so is there a safe alternative? Scentsy Wickless Candles melt with a 25 watt bulb, so that there’s no flame to pose a danger. This safe alternative to candles has become a hot trend when it comes to home fragrance, and now Scentsy products are available in Canada too!

Myself, I have grown a preference for Scentsy candles, for their safety and for the delicious and long-lasting smell that they create. It’s surprising that a bulb that gets no hotter than body temperature can melt fragrant bricks of wax and emit a scent that could fill an entire house.

scentsy,I was able to try a few products from Scentsy that I hadn’t experienced before. The first is the Torino Warmer, which is a Full Size Warmer from their Renaissance Collection. It is quite a beautiful warmer which goes perfectly with my home decor. But, there are over 40 warmers to choose from ranging in sizes and styles} In my warmer, I usually put in 4-5 paraffin candle chunks to burn at one time. And, when I want to switch scents I very easily pour the melted wax from warmer to its container, wipe the warmer of any leftover residue, and pop in a new scent. This sure does prolong use of one scent, saves money and gives you variety in the scent you are burning. Thanks to Erin, I got to try a few discentsy,fferent wax scents – Orange Dreamsicle {think a creamsicle with a touch of citrus}, Perfectly Pomegranate {smells like my favorite lip balm} and Twilight {to me, a floral yet spicy soap-smell, but not in that bad-soap scent that may come to mind}.I don’t have a favorite of the 3, it just depends on my mood. And, I haven’t came across a Scentsy scent that I haven’t liked. With 80 to choose from, there’s sure to be many that you’d favorite as well.

carI was also able to try a Hanging Freshener, also knows as the Car Candle. All of them have the scentsy logo, yet you can get over 40 scents in the fresheners. I tried the orange dreamsicle, and really like it in the car. It’s long lasting and it’s overbearing when it’s first opened like other fresheners are. The scent stays consistent from the first day to weeks later.

travelThe Perfectly Pomegranate Travel Candle is wax in a small Chic Tin. Requiring no burning or melting, you simply open the tin to release the fragrance. And, since it’s a stable gel, it won’t leak and make a mess. Another advantage of packing this in your bag, versus a traditional candle are: flame candles may be prohibited depending on where you’re going, no black soot that could possibly get onto your belongings and no chance of the Scentsy Candle breaking. Myself, I have mine packed and ready to go for my trip to Mexico this weekend. And, especially with 3 kids running about, it’ll be nice to know that the Scentsy Travel Tin will be completely safe to use – anywhere you go!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



  1. I am a fan of My Organized Chaos on facebook
    This is what i would get with my $50
    Seaside Sand Dollar Scentsy Plug-In Warmer 15.00
    Taro Scentsy Plug-In Warmer 15.00
    Grotto Scentsy Plug-In Warmer 15.00
    mad about mint 5.00

  2. I’ve wanted to try out Scentsy for a while now but haven’t gotten around to it. I would get either the Faith Scentsy warmer or the Victorian warmer. The scents I would want to try out are: Orange Dreamsicle, Vanilla Cream, Cherry Limeade and Pumpkin Roll.

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  4. I want the Torino warmer that you posted – I love that colour and design. I think I would pick the Cherry Limeade scent bricks, because spring is coming and I love a nice fun fruity scent like that!

  5. I’d get the Groovy Brown Plug-In Warmer, Victoria Warmer, Spring Clean Scentsy Bar and Spring Clean Room Spray!

  6. Okay so I have already been to a couple scentsy parties so spending $50 is too easy for me! (and way too much fun!) Okay so I would get a Scentsy Plug-In Warmer in Lei as well as a Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer in Hatteras. Then I would have to stock up on a few bricks probably Tropical Twist, franch lavendar and guava nectar! love it!

  7. I would buy the Sunshine Kids Scentsy Warmer and I would buy Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar

  8. I have heard so much good things about Scentsy but I’ve never seen it before. I think the Scentsy full-size system would be a good choice to get aqauinted with the product.

  9. I would get some hangers for my car, a midsized warmer, room size sprays, Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Bar, Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar, Vanilla Cream Scentsy Brick.

  10. I would love to get the Dandy plug in warmer in lime and a few different scents including sweet clementine, autumn sunset and guava nectar. Thanks for the chance!

  11. I like the riverbed scentsy full size warmer and would want to try the cherry limeade, tangerine tango, rainforest and black raspberry vanilla scents.

  12. I like the satin black warmer and the bricks in baked apple pie, plumeria, and home sweet home!

  13. I’d pick: Roma Scentsy Warmer and this scent: Toasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Bar

  14. Oh I love the Liberty and the Rustic star warmer.
    My daughter is a huge Jayhawk fan. I love the Jayhawk warmer too.
    I just love all of the warmers.

    Buttons and Bows

  15. What a generous offer. I would choose 2 of the Lei Scentsy Plug in Warmers with Black Raspberry Vanilla, Mad About Mint and Clean Breeze Scent Bars.

  16. I am following you on facebook.
    Rebecca Sizemore Estep.

    Buttons and Bows

  17. I am following you on
    Buttons and Bows

  18. I would love to get their mad about mint room spray! so fresh and invigorating!

  19. I’d choose the Plug In MultiPack

    Seaside Sand Dollar Scentsy Plug-In Warmer x 2
    Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar x 2
    Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar x 2
    Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar x 2


  20. I’d get five scent bars: “Simply Irresistible”, “Clove Cinnamon”, “Lilac Violets”, “Rainforest” and “Mountain Retreat”. Then I’d also get Jadesone Midsized warmer.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I would probably get the Angora Scentsy Warmer and Mulberry Bush Scentsy Brick.

  22. Blynken scentsy warmer

    Cutie pie cupcake scent, black raspberry vanilla scent, coconut lemongrass scent

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  23. i would get the University of Kansas Scentsy Warmer and at least one of the scents would be the cinnamon sticky buns!! yummy

  24. I would choose the Heavenly Scentsy Warmer,Lucky in Love,Coconut Lemongrass and Cinnamon Cider scentst bars.

  25. Thank you so much for giving me a chance at such a neat prise! I have been wanting one of these so long! I know exactly what warmer I would want! The Blynken Scentsy Warmer is so pretty and would look so pretty in my new home. (new to me πŸ˜‰ ) I would like the Mayflower Scentsy Bar , Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar , the Twilight Scentsy Bar and finally the Beach Scentsy Bar .

  26. I have a warmer, and I just love it! I would choose the Yukon Scentsy warmer, along with a cherry limeade bar, green tea smoothie bar, mountain retreat, and coconut lemongrass. I thought at one point they had a hot pepper one that looked great, but I don’t see it now.

  27. I would buy $50 worth of different bars and car fresheners. At the top of my wishlist is the Grape Granita bar.

  28. I would get the Hope Scentsy Warmer and the Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar, the Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar, Cinnamon Cider Scentsy Bar, and the Pretty in Pink Scentsy Bar

  29. I would get the soapstone mid size scentsy warmer with the caramel spice scentsy bar, sticky cinnamon scentsy bar, mochadoodle and thunderstorm scentsy bars.

  30. love the wrap collection (all 3 colours – hard to choose) then I’d also get black raspberry vanilla, and sweet clementine bars! Yummy!

  31. I would choose the Seaside Sand Dollar Plug-In Warmer, 3 Scentsy Bars-Coconut Lemongrass,Spring Clean and Clove Cinnamon, 2 Hanging Freshners-Pima Cotton and Sunkissed Citrus, and a Room Spray in Clean Breeze.

  32. i’d get tons of these Sugar Hanging Freshener

    autumn398 @

  33. Oooh, I love these things.
    If I win, I would spend the $50 on:
    Grotto Scentsy Plug-In Warmer
    Multi-Pack of 6 Scentsy Bars
    Clean Breeze, Cinnamon Vanilla, French Kiss, Spring clean, Rainforest and Vanilla Cream.
    Sunkissed Citrus Hanging Freshener (3 of these for my closets)

  34. I would get the Lisbon Scentsy Warmer, Cherry Limeade Scentsy Bar, and the Beach bar.

  35. What I would buy (I love this part):
    Satin Black Scentsy Warmer $30
    Caramel Spice Scentsy Bar $5
    Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar $5
    Clove Cinnamon Scentsy Bar $5
    Tropical Twist Scentsy Bar $5

  36. I would choose the Victoria Scentsy Warmer with Tropical Twist ,Coconut Lemongrass , Tangerine Tango and Beach Scentsy Bars

  37. I would get:
    Tribeca Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer
    Sugar Cookie Room Spray
    Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar
    Sugar Cookie Scentsy Bar

  38. I would first build a Scentsy Full-Size System consisting of: 3 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus 1 Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (formerly Scentsy System) for $40
    I would choose:
    – Lisbon Scentsy Warmer
    – Bar #1 – Caramel Spice Scentsy Bar
    – Bar #2 – Orange Dreamsicle Scentsy Bar
    – Bar #3 – Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar

    Then I would also get:
    – Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Travel Tin ($5)
    – Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar ($5)

  39. I would get the black satin warmer with pretty in pink, vanilla cream and apple pie

  40. I would be the Merino Scentsy Warmer and Cherry Lemonade, Sweet Clementine, Vanilla Suede, and the Rustic Lodge Scentsy Bars!

  41. I’d like Ocean, Mediterranean Spa, Prima Cotton, French Lavendar, for scents, to go along with the warmer

  42. I’d get the Scentsy Full-Size System: The Paws Warmer and Pineapple Paradise, Tangerine Tango, and Pima Cotton Scentsy Bars. I’d also buy the Cherry Limeade Room Spray.

  43. I’d get the Merino Scentsy Warmer, a Vanilla Walnut Scentsy Bar, a Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar and a Honey Pear Cider Scentsy Bar .

  44. I like the Angora warmer and the orange creamsicle and baked apple pie scents.

  45. I would get the Victoria Scentsy Warmer and spend the rest on scent bars

  46. I would get the Scentsy Full-Size System with the Poseidon warmer , Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar , Baked Apple Pie Scentsy Bar , Vanilla Cream Scentsy Bar and with the $10 left I’d get a Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar and a Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar

  47. I would get

    craftsman scentsy warmer $24
    cherry limeade scentsy bar $5
    black rasberry vanilla scentsy bar $5
    plum delicious scentsy bar $5
    go-go-goji scentsy bar $5
    sugar scentsy bar $5

    The cherry limeade sounds especially delish!

  48. Lots of scents to chose from, but I would probably pick the Scentsy Green Scentsy Warmer with Cutiepie Cupcake, Sticky Cinnamon Bun, Pineapple Paradise and Lilacs Violets scents!

  49. I would buy the Satin Black Scentsy Warmer with the following scentsy bars:

    – Black Raspberry Vanilla
    – Orange Dreamsicle
    – Vanilla Cream
    – Lilacs Violets

  50. I like the Taro Scentsy Plug-In Warmer and I would get the following scents

    Lush Gardenia Scentsy Bar
    Cranberry Mango Scentsy Bar
    Twilight Scentsy Bar
    Pretty in Pink Scentsy Bar
    French Kiss Scentsy Bar
    Orange Dreamsicle Scentsy Bar
    Lilacs Violets Scentsy Bar

  51. I would get the Dandy Cherry Plug-In Warmer with the Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar and the Toasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Bar.

  52. I really like the wrap collection and would get the black raspberry vanilla scent.

  53. I would love to get some plug-in warmers, hangars for my car and linen closet and as many different bars as I had $$ for, especially the Grape Granita and all of the other food scents.

  54. I’d get the Taro Scentsy Plug-In Warmer, Green Tea Smoothie Scentsy Room Spray, Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar, Rainforest Scentsy Bar, along with tons of other stuff I haven’t decided on yet!

  55. I love the perfectly pomegranate and the pumpkin spice. My parents have one and they are so nice!

    I am also a follower

  56. Doodlebud Scentsy Warmer
    Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar
    Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar
    Blueberry Cheesecake Scentsy Bar

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  57. If I won I would get:

    * Zebra warmer
    * Go-Go-Goji Scentsy Bar
    * Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
    * Tropical Twist Scentsy Bar
    * Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar

  58. I like the Craftsman Scentsy Warmer and Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar.
    jswandrn at gmail

  59. Travel tins of many scents would make wonderful stocking stuffers and a Victoria Scentsy Warmer for me it is so beautiful and goes well with my dΓ©cor.

  60. I am following My Organized Chaos Google friend blog as Debbie R.

  61. I am a fan/friend of My Organized Chaos as Debbie Rinaldi on Facebook.

  62. I would get Scentsy Groovy Black Plug-In System with French Lavender Scentsy Bars.

  63. I would choose Acadia Mid-Size Warmer with the Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar! Mmmmm.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  64. For starters I would get a couple hanging fresheners, like the Tangerine Tango Hanging Freshener. I’d get the Cherry Blossom Scentsy Warmer and fill it with the Tropical Twist Scentsy Bar.

  65. I would spend it all in scents .. 2 caramel spice, black 2 raspberry vanilla, and a tangerie tango.

  66. I would buy the Zeus Scentsy Warmer & some scentsy bars I haven’t tried before!

    boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

  67. I would love to get the Sunshine Kids Scentsy Warmer and the Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar, thanks!

  68. I would get the Paws Scentsy Warmer, Mulberry Bush Scentsy Brick, Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bar, and the Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar

  69. I would get the Perfect Plug-Ins Combo Pack: Dandy Collection in Lime and Turquoise. Scents: Hemingway, Inner Peace, Coconut Lemongrass, Satin Sheets, Plum Delicious, Green Tea Smoothie

  70. Scentsy Full-Size System

    Warmer: DoodleBud or Riviera
    3 Scents: Tropical Twist, Havana Cabana, Coconut Lemongrass

    Scentsy Warmer Stand: Square

    I love Scentsy!! πŸ™‚ GREAT GIVEAWAY

  71. I love the Scentsy Beach themed warmers and that plug-in warmer in the beach theme is way too cute and would be perfect for me and my decor. I love the chocolate and apple pie scented warmer bars.

  72. I really am in love with the Plantation warmer and all of the scents that smell like fresh baked goods!

  73. I would love to try the Riveria Scentsy Warmer with the cinnamon bun bars!

  74. I would get “Hope” or “Faith” Miracle Collection Warmer and “Toasted Caramel Sugar” and other fragrances from the Bakery Collection.

  75. I would get the Angora Scentsy Warmer, cinnamint, sunkist citrus and Calypso bars

  76. I am a Organized Choas fan on facebook!
    With a $50 GC, I would love to get:
    *Full Size Warmer – “Bamboo Tali” – $30
    *Scentsy Bar – Frangrance “Skinny Dippin'” – $5
    * Scentsy Bar – Fragrance “Calypso” – $5
    * Scentsy Bar – Fragrance “Honey Pear Cider” -$5
    * Scentsy Bar – Fragrance “Beach” – $5

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

  77. I would get the Poseiden warmer and the beach, Berry Blush, and Pumpkin Roll bars.

  78. I would get the Nantucket Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer $25 &
    the Multi-Pack of 3 Scentsy bars in these 3 choices of scents: Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Baked Apple Pie, & Inner Peace $14

  79. I would get the Jadestone Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer,Go-Go-Goji Scentsy Bar and the Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scentsy Bar


  80. I follow on google friend connect


  81. I would buy either the full size or midsize warmer and the scentsy bar in clove cinnamon or cider cinnamon

  82. I would get the Blynken Scentsy Warmer with Plumeria and Tangerine Tango scents. Thanks.

  83. I’d get a couple Twilight hanging fresheners, a couple Ocean travel tins, a Seaside Sand Dollar plug in warmer and Sugar bricks.

  84. I’d get the Raven Mid-Size warmer and scentsy bars in Cherry Limeade, Toasted Caramel Sugar, Mochadoodle and Perfectly Pomegranate

  85. I would choose the Greenwich Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer,the Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scentsy Bar and the Sweet Clementine Scentsy Bar!

  86. I would get the Limestone Warmer, Scentsy bars and travel tins in Cranberry Spice, Green Tea Smoothie and Olive Wood & Cypress.

  87. i would love the “beach” scent and pineapple…anything to pretend there’s sunshine out there SOMEWHERE!! i’d love to have a warmer or two and some of the car candles in the same scents.


  88. i follow this blog publicly through GFC.


  89. I’d get the Milano Scentsy Warmer, Round Scentsy Warmer Stand, and Inner Peace Scentsy Bar.

  90. I would like the Hope warmer, coconut lemongrass scent, inner peace, cutiepie cupcake.

  91. I like the Blynken Scentsy Warmer with Black Raspberry Vanilla and Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scentsy Bars

  92. I would get their great looking Faith Scentsy Warmer with Clean Breeze, Vanilla Suede and Thunderstorm Scentsy Bars.

  93. Faith Scentsy Warmer, French Lavender, Coconut Palm, Sweet Pea Vanilla Scentsy Bars.

  94. I would start with the Greenwich Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer and the bricks in baked apple and sticky cinnamon roll – yummy!!

  95. I’d get the Scentsy Plum Scentsy Warmer with Sticky Cinnamon Bun scent.

  96. id love the Lodge Scentsy Warmer $30.00 ,Go-Go-Goji Scentsy Bar ,Cherry Limeade Scentsy Bar,Casablanca Scentsy Bar and the Cinnamint Scentsy Bar πŸ™‚

  97. I would get the Faith Warmer (LOVE it!!) and the Mayflower brick. Thanks.

  98. I would get

    Multi-Pack of 6 Scentsy Bars
    and some hanging freshers in the clove cinnamon, lucky in love, and the coconut lemongrass scents

  99. I am one of your fans on Facebook! πŸ™‚
    If I had $50.00 to spend at Scentsy, I would start by buying the Torino Warmer (Full Size Warmer ), and then I would buy cherry limeade, tangerine tango, rainforest and black raspberry vanilla scents to go with it.

    Thanks so much,
    Jennifer Minder

  100. Oooohhh so much to choose from!
    I am a purple-a-holic so the Plum Warmer is right up my alley but I also like the Milano warmer.
    As for scents: Sweet Clementine, Black Raspberry Vanilla (OMG!), Mochadoodle (just ’cause I love the name) and Inner Peace.

    I am loving this idea. I am such a candle person but don’t light many anymore because of the little monster.

  101. I would buy the full size warmer “Torino” and Tangerin Tango scents

  102. I’d buy a green, full size warmer, and grotto plug-in. Mad about Mint, Pretty in Pink just sound delicious.

  103. I would get a full size system with a green scentsy warmer (classic) and 3 bars (coconut lemongrass, enchanted mist, sweet clementine)

  104. Blue Snowflake Scentsy Warmer, Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar and Orange Dreamsicle Scentsy Bar πŸ™‚

  105. I would choose the Nantucket Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer with the French Lavender scent.

  106. I would get the Acadia Mid-Size Warmer I’d also get the following bars, “Caramel Spice”, “Vanilla Suede” and “Honey Pear Cider”.

  107. I would use the $50.00 to get the Scentsy Full-Size System and the scents I would choose would be Skinny Dippin, Orange Dreamsicle, and Sunkissed Citrus. I love citrus scents.

  108. I would get a Weave Green Plug-in Warmer and a Vanilla Suede Scented Bar.

  109. I love the Riviera Scentsy Warmer and the Angora Scentsy Warmer

    clenna at aol dot com

  110. I really like the Torino warmer. I would try the Mad About Mint brick. Thanks!


  111. I follow through Google Friend Connect. (rlgrady)


  112. I would get travel tins in Sunkissed Citrus and Sweet Pea Vanilla, and the Green Tea Smoothie Room Spray!

    northssclub at yahoo dot com

  113. Facebook fan of My Organized Chaos (Alli Tsao)

    northssclub at yahoo dot com

  114. I’ve always wanted to try out Scentsy. I would pick Scentsy Full-Size System (Poseidon Scentsy Warmer, Autumn Sunset Scentsy Bar, Beach Scentsy Bar, and Casablanca Scentsy Bar), and Lucky in Love Scentsy Bar, and Twilight Scentsy Bar. πŸ™‚

  115. I would get the Roma Scentsy Warmer and the Enchanted Mist Scentsy Brick.

  116. I would likely get plug in warmers….perhaps Dandy Cherry or Dandy Tangerine. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  117. What I would get with a $50 Scentsy GC, including which scents I would pick: Nod Scentsy Warmer, Cutiepie Cupcake Scentsy Bar, Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scentsy Bar, and Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar.

  118. I like the Sunshine Kids Scentsy Warmer – full room size. And I would like to try the red candy apple cent.

  119. I would get the Scentsy Green warmer and the Multi-Pack of 6 Scentsy Bars (because I can’t choose just one)! LOVE IT!

  120. I would get the Riviera Scentsy Warmer along with the Tropical Twist Scentsy Brick with the gift card.

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