Sunscreen – Simply Protect with no Excuses

The following is a conversation that I recently had with a friend the day after our families had some fun in the summer sun:

It’s likely you’ve had this same discussion, yet be honest: which side of the conversation have you been on?

When it comes to the kids, I am a sunscreen-pusher through and through. For myself? I make it an importance yet there was a time that I wasn’t so diligent, and sadly learned the lesson the hard way. Usually there’s only one thing that comes between yourself and sunscreen protection – and that’s excuses!

Fact is, not wearing sunscreen when exposed to the sun causes harmful skin damage. While sunscreen should be worn throughout the year {and yes, even when it’s cloudy}, we’re into the bliss that is summer break. So now is a good time to pick apart common sunscreen excuses. Some of which are just lame and the somewhat valid ones, well, there’s a solution besides non-application altogether.

Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Review


Sunscreen – Simply Protect with no Excuses


The Excuse: “I forgot”

  • Chaos gets the better of the brain sometimes, so one trick is to do what airlines do with the oxygen mask – put yourself first. Apply your own sunscreen before the kids, so that it’s not forgotten.

The Excuse: “It’s Cloudy Out”

  • Since clouds only block 20% of UV rays, this is one of those lame excuses, and certainly one that shouldn’t stop you.

The Excuse: “I don’t get a lot of sun anyway”

  • You don’t have to be intently laying on a lounger soaking in rays to get sun exposure. Casual exposure most certainly counts and does add up, more than you think in fact. Short-exposure is still exposure and should be treated as such.

The Excuse: “I’d like a little colour anyway”

  • This is a very common excuse indeed, yet just a risky game best to avoid altogether.

The Excuse:  “I don’t like the way sunscreen smells”

  • Now you’re just hunting for excuses. Sunscreens come in all sorts of scents or even non-scented, but when it comes down to it, this shouldn’t be an issue. Can you imagine not wearing a seatbelt because of the way it smells?

The Excuse: “My skin is naturally dark and/or already tanned. I don’t need it”

  • This misconception is an absurd excuse. Skin cancer is colour-blind, it has no preference on what colour your skin is.

The Excuse: “I don’t like the chemicals in sunscreen”

  • Try the new Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport sunscreen, that has active families in mind. It provides broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with 25% fewer chemicals including any added fragrances and oils. To take it one step further, this sunscreen has a gentle tear-free formula {for those that use the excuse of sensitive skin}, and is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes {for those that use the excuse of being sweaty or in water}.

The Excuse: “Sunscreen is greasy/sticky and leaves my skin shiny/tacky”

  • If you are deterred by the sticky, weighted feeling of sunscreen, the good news is that Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport is lightweight and dries very quickly. How do I know? Because I’ve been using it and have used this excuse myself. I’ve debunked this excuse by my own experience.

Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Review

Summer is a time when we’re outdoors the most. From day trips to playing in the sun – the kids and I are so active. From yard-work to sprinkler runs, sunscreen application is a safety measure which shouldn’t be overlooked.

While myself and my athletic kids have applied Banana Boat products for years – I’m very much liking this new Simply Protect Sport variety. It covers all our bases when it comes to fewer ingredients, easy and lightweight coverage, water resistance and more. This product supports our outdoor adventures, and doesn’t aide to hinder them.

The important thing is to put those excuses aside and choose a sun safety routine that works for you. Enjoying the summer sun shouldn’t come at a cost to your health. Put an end to sunscreen excuses!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



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