Sunday Prep Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Sailing Week

We’re now a month into the school year, has the craziness set in yet? Between school, homework, activities, sports schedules and extracurricular activities – you’re most likely running around each day like mad as well. Your children are busy but parents are too, and we need to figure out how to make everything work for the school year!

One simple tricks is to prepare for the weeks chaos on Sunday, it makes life a little easier and gets you in the right mindset to take on the next 5 days like a boss. 

sunday prep tips and tricks for a smooth sailing week


Here are Sunday Prep Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Sailing Week


Meal Plan | Grocery Shopping

When school is in, you’re probably like a whirlwind every day trying to get dinner made and ready when the family is hungry. Meal planning takes some getting used to but it makes your days so much easier and sure lessens a lot of the stress each day. Designate Sundays for planning the meals for the next 5-7 days, and grocery shop to suit. This will ensure that you know what you are eating for every meal each day, and there won’t be un-necessary trips back to the grocery store. It will also save you a nice bit of money than making quick stops at a convenience store or paying for those unplanned stops at the drive-thru. 

To Do Lists | Do’s and Don’ts

Every week you should know what needs to be done. Things like paperwork, errands to run, and tasks that need to be done around the house. Keep an ongoing list master to-do list on one sheet, and on another write down what you should actually get done for each day. The key to good to-do lists that actually get items crossed off, is to make them manageable and attainable. Don’t write 20 things on your to do list when you only have three hours to get it done. Do write just a few things that are top priority that you know you can get done in the time frame that you have available that day. Trying not to put too many of them off, to avoid a massive list for one day down the road. This leads into our next topic, planning.

Use A Planner!

Planners aren’t just for office workers, everyone can use one. Sundays should be your day to plan! Start your week off on the right foot and get the ball rolling in the right direction by planning out your week day by day. Purchase a planner at any store that sells office supplies and make sure that it has enough writing space for you for each day of the week. Every Sunday sit down and write down on each day your meals as well as any appointments. Then continue on to write down your to do list items spreading them out over the course of the week. There is an entire planner community out there and they all live and swear by planning to make life work to your liking.

Start enforcing these tasks on Sundays and you will be happily surprised at how much easier you can make your daily routine.


Are there any other Sunday planning tips that are proven winners with you?



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  1. I also make one meal (i.e. chili, spaghetti sauce, soups or stews, etc.) and freeze it in individual servings. Its a good way to prep for emergencies and to also plan for my own lunches.

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