Summer Soles

I love the summer for the sun and heat, yet there is also the common problem of sweaty feel. No matter if it’s sandals or heels, the feet sure do take a toll (and if you are in them all day – a not so pleasant smell either) Summer Soles is a lifesaver for the feet and shoes. Peel and stick inserts that go inside your shoes, and prevent the sticking and squishing that result from the fight between the foot and the shoe. Made to fit flip-flops to heels, this brand will suit most styles.

I got a pair of the Summer Soles ‘softness of suede’ kind in the Leopard print. It comes standard for sizes 5-11, so minor cutting may be necessary to have them fit your shoes. I put them in a pair of black heels. The back exterior and black interior make it pretty drab. But these add some softness, cut the sweat and slip and also make it stand out among an entryway full of similar black shoes. Best of all, they prolong the life of the shoes by decreasing the wear on them. (How many of my shoes has the liner coming out from friction and sweat?? I can’t even count!) One pair of the Suede Summer Soles should last months. My pair are still going strong, but the website says that when it does need replacing, just peel to see that it doesn’t leave residue on the shoe. Then, stick on another.

I also got to try the Fragrant Footings, smaller insoles to place at the ball of the foot. They come 4 to a pack (good for 2 pairs of shoes) and mine release Mint fragrance as you step. Ideal for the smelliest of feet, put a stop to the embarrassment! These are said to last for ‘several weeks’ as well.

Limited Time offer: Buy any two pairs/packs of Summer Soles at regular price and receive a black absorbent pair FREE!
Once you have placed your order, look for the link ‘onefree’


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